Thursday, April 10, 2008

Final Goodbye to Family & Friends...

On the way to Provo...Chad get's a little...well, let's just say his nerves got to him a little as he was turning a ghostly shade of white...and no, that's not road kill on the side of the road.
A few of Chad's friends, Daniel, Chanel and Leslie join us for a little "Rock Band" a few nights before Chad leaves
We all wait quietly and patiently in the family room while Chad is being interviewed one last time before he get's set apart as a Full Time Missionary.

Dad, Brittney and Dillon join in for a little "Rock Band" ...please everyone plug your ears while your dad takes the stage!!!
Chad and Tim (Tim returned from the Yekaterinburg Russia mission two years ago and has been a huge help with a lot of great advice of what to expect.)

Chad and mom as he was walking out the door for the last time

The whole family over his setting apart as a full-time missionary and to say their last goodbyes the evening before Chad left.

Mother's day May 5th 2008 - I've wanted to share my thoughts to this post before now, but my feelings have been right at the surface and a little difficult to put into words. I first want to begin by saying I have never doubted Chad's desire to serve a mission. From the moment Chad knew what a missionary was all about(around age of 3 or 4) he would tell everyone he was going on a mission to China, I have no idea where he got China from, but it was always China!(haha). Growing up, Chad was always obedient, had a kind heart and never gave us any reason to worry. Chad was known to be a little annoying at times but everyone knew he had a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody at anytime. Chad could hardly wait to turn in his mission papers. When the day arrived he had his papers filled out and an appointment made to meet with the stake president. After completing the interview process it was now just a matter of waiting for his call to arrive...just as Chad was feeling a little relieved, he received a call from the Bishop informing him he had to fill out another set of papers because the stake center had burnt down with his papers inside. We always teased him that he was the cause. On December 6th, Chad's mission call finally arrived and He was called to serve in Yekaterinburg, Russia...not China (haha) Chad was thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to learn Russian and to be serving in a Country that is soooo foreign. I have to admit, I was nervous and a little fearful having him go somewhere so far, so cold and yes, soooo foreign. Chad would not be leaving until April 9th, this gave him four months to prepare, which is a lengthy wait. During these four months, Chad had his tonsils removed, finished a semester of school, had a few situations occur that tugged at his heart strings,(but made him grow and opened him up for new opportunities) enjoyed his last Christmas at home with family and friends, attended his grandma Dewey's funeral, gathered material to study up on the Russian culture and language and squeezed in as much time possible for a few video games with friends. However, the one event in these past few months that really seemed to take a hold of Chad was when he had the opportunity to go through the Temple for the first time. He had completed all the Temple preparation classes and was excited to go and didn't want to put it off, knowing he wouldn't have the opportunity to attend the temple once he arrived in Russia, he wanted to to go as much as possible before he left. I watched with amazement, Chad and his friend, Colten wake up early, what seemed to be almost every day to attend the temple before they both left. Chad's love for the Temple was apparent. Chad, Colten and Daniel also took a trip to California to go through the San Diego, Newport Temples and on the trip to the MTC, took in the Salt Lake Temple as well. During these four months I watched Chad's testimony flourish, and he seemed to beam from the inside out. I truly have never seen someone so prepared and excited as Chad. As I watched him grow and bear his testimony in sacrament meeting and to others it strengthened me and gave me comfort knowing that he is in the Lord's hands and he will be watched over and protected. I know that Chad has a work to perform in Russia and with his great faith and testimony he will be able to perform the work he is sent there to do. Now, having two son's serving missions I feel the blessings of my Heavenly Father more than ever and feel his sweet comfort ease the tender feelings of missing my boys. It diffidently is a bitter/sweet mix of emotions, but I know there is not a better place for them to be. Although, I miss them with every inch of my being, I know they are growing spiritually in ways they wouldn't otherwise, and they will be able to take this experience with them for the rest of their lives. I am deeply grateful for my two son's and their decisions to serve and feel humbled at their example of dedication, desire, obedience and sacrifice. On this mother's day I couldn't ask for a better gift than to have two faithful and dedicated missionary son's serving the Lord and performing His work and for a daughter who has set a great example for her two brother's to follow. I am feeling extremely grateful, humbled and lucky on this Mother's Day of 2008.

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