Monday, February 22, 2010

Freezing Siberian winds, Great youth activity with a great turn out, and last visa trip next week...

Well, It's been a while since I have had the chance to write my letter home before I actually sit down to email so I took a little extra time today to write down a few thoughts beforehand. I will start with the beginning of last week when we spent most of last Monday with the Elders in Kurgon. It was fun to see Elder Campbell one last time before he heads for home.  Although I know that I will see him again someday, I am really going to miss the kid.  We went to a really cool mexican cafe.  It was pretty funny because it tasted like mexican food but had some weird things in it.  Who the heck would think to put broccoli in a burrito?  I know they don't do that at Filliberto's…haha!  We had a crazy bus ride home to Tyumen that evening.  The bus driver might have had a bit too much of that really strong juice if ya know what I am saying…haha!  He sure looked like it anyway, but maybe that's just his normal look... who knows. 
The rest of the week was really good, although most of our appointments that we had scheduled decided not to show up which was disappointing. It was just one of those weeks. I am sure the freezing weather had something to do with it because it's been pretty fierce lately and the good ole Siberian winds makes it even tougher. When the wind hits my face it just feels like someone is taking a pressure washer and spraying my face with ice.  Thank goodness for my fur hood.
Saturday was my birthday…the big ole 21!!  To be completely honest, I was feeling a bit homesick and missing my family and friends in the morning but was able to snap out of it during English. We had my birthday lunch at McDonalds…hahaha…pretty pathetic huh?  But it was good all the same, just not the healthiest so I didn't feel too great afterwards. 
We had an amazing English with a great turn out.  After English we had a youth night for all those who wanted to come.  We had about twenty people which included four missionaries and four members so that means we had about twelve nonmembers attend.  We played "Do you love your neighbor" and "Mafia".  It was a great time and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. We were really happy with the results because the members who came were a great help with making everyone feel welcomed.  The youth showed a lot of interest and started to ask questions about the church.  Hopefully we can work with some of them soon. I know I have mentioned many times how I love working with the youth here in Russia, but I have to say it once again…they are the best and truly have so much potential.
Sunday was also a great day. The Palmers invited us over for dinner.  It was really great as usual. We had a great discussion about parents. It made me really appreciate all the stuff my parents put up with through the years and how they always had a lot of patience with me.  
Well, time is up. I was hoping I had a little more time but I need to get going. I hope you all have a great week.  I will be on my last visa trip this next week. I look forward to seeing everyone in my group, it will be great to catch up with them.
Thanks for all your love and support.
Take Care,
Elder Dewey

Monday, February 15, 2010

Great missionary experiences in Kurgon

Hey Everyone,

Once again I have been traveling so I didn’t get the chance to write a pre-written email home so this will have to suffice. This week was filled with the best adventures and great missionary experiences.
Last Monday we had a regular p-day and later that evening we had a family home evening at the Palmers house with a cool member lady. It was great because she knew English so I didn’t have to translate. Don’t get me wrong, I love translating it just wears me out a little.
Tuesday we had a really busy day with just a lot of crazy things to do with finally being back in our area. We also had a really cool English club. I really enjoy the English club here because they are all younger and remind me a lot of my friends back at home. They are a pretty cool group of kids that come on a regular basis.
Wednesday we had two really great meetings, one with two investigators and another with two new recent converts. Also, we had to pick up the sisters from the train station because they were coming in from a Visa trip.
Thursday we had an awesome district meeting. Sister Palmer made some really good spaghetti! It was really spicy and so good!! We had a meeting with a cool African member living here in Tyumen. He promised he would come to church on Sunday but he didn’t show….hopefully next week.
Friday we left Tyumen to go to Kurgon for splits with the elders here.
Saturday I was with elder Campbell and we had a really good day. It was amazing to see the members here. The coolest part of all though was that they actually remembered me and were really happy to see me! I really really felt so much love coming back to Kurgon, it was one of the coolest missionary experience… I really loved it.
Sunday I was with Elder Elmer. He is a really cool elder. We went to some meetings with people I used to work with. It was so awesome to see them again and see the progress they have made since over a year ago!
Well, that was basically my week. Right now I am just on fire from seeing all these really cool people that I love so much. We go back to Tyumen today so I need to get going. Thank you all for your love, support and the emails…keep it up!


Elder Chad M Dewey area

Hello Everyone,
This week was a pretty crazy and eventfull week.   Monday we had a guy from our English club who took us out to dinner to a really cool Georgian(as the country) place and it was really really great food!! It was the first time on my mission where I kind of felt like an American Elder because he paid for our dinner and was so extremely kind. 
Tuesday we prepared for the transfer to Tyumen.
Wednsday morning I traveled to Ekat and had a quick lunch at Subway with Elder Holden and Zhenya, a member from Ekat. It was really cool to have a few minutes to visit with both of them. After lunch I left Ekat to my new area in Tyumen!!! It's about ten degrees cooler here in Tyumen then it was in Perm... haha! Yeah, just pressed the rewind button on Russian winter for Elder Dewey!!! NO worries though...I love Siberia. I unpacked all my stuff and we got to work. I really like Tyumen its a very very clean city and the branch members all seem really nice.
Sunday was really fun to talk to a bunch of the members and get to know them a little bit better. This next week I am  looking forward to meeting with a lot of the members to get a little more aquainted and learn how they came into the church. I always hear the coolest stories. Also. I am excited to be around the Palmers, a really cool Senior Couple here in Tyumen. They fed us Sunday night because we didn't have to time to go home inbetween church and a meeting with an investigator. Sister Palmer is a terrific cook and makes the best dang  food.
Today I woke up a little early around 5:30 to clean up our apartment and get it in living conditions a bit and didn't take time to prewrite my email so I apologize for the shortness of this letter home.
I hope everyone is doing well back home. I'm loving it here in Tyumen.

Until next week,
Elder Dewey

Love Elder Dewey

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last Zone Conference in Perm...

Dear Missionary Families,

We love our missionaries! Our last zone conference in Perm Zone (1/18) focused on Christ's atonement and also on planning. We enjoyed a great musical number by Elders Brown, Mathews, Pearson and Heuer with Sister Rogers accompanying. Thanks for all you do to support your missionary.


Sister Allcott

Monday, February 1, 2010

Transfer to Tyumen...back to Siberia!!

This is how we shovel snow...

winter olympics in perm-  canada vrs Usa and usa got owned. I am from az... what can I say?

some ping pong skills...

youth at fireside at the Nehrings  - my last time translating for them I am going to miss them.

me and elder anderson a year ago in subway...haha - he is my new comp.

Hello Everyone,

Well, while I am waiting for all my pictures to load to the computer I am going to write a very short email because thats how the cookie crumbles this week. If you want pictures that means the email is going to have to be a bit shorter than usual. We had a great week, which included some really good meetings with investigators. We also had an awesome Sunday, we had an investigator come to church and attend all three meetings.
I found out about transfers on Friday night. I will being going to the Siberian Zone to Tyumen! I am so excited. And I will be with Elder Anderson from Idaho. He is a pretty cool kid, we have known each other since the beggining of my journey because he was my zone leader in the MTC! I am really excited to spend hopefully my last two transfers in Tyumen! I love Siberia it has a very special place in my heart... haha! (It seriously does)  Kurgon being my second area. However, I really am going to miss Perm though. There are so many great people here and amazing youth. It seems like the Youth in Russia have so much potential and the members who are youth use that to their advantage and they are amazing! I really am going to miss Russia when I leave, but i still have some time to take it all in and enjoy it while I can.
Well, untill next week. I love you all and have a good week. I will be back to my old way of writing next week and have a better prewritten email.
Thanks for the support and hope you like the pictures.
Elder Dewey