Monday, February 1, 2010

Transfer to Tyumen...back to Siberia!!

This is how we shovel snow...

winter olympics in perm-  canada vrs Usa and usa got owned. I am from az... what can I say?

some ping pong skills...

youth at fireside at the Nehrings  - my last time translating for them I am going to miss them.

me and elder anderson a year ago in subway...haha - he is my new comp.

Hello Everyone,

Well, while I am waiting for all my pictures to load to the computer I am going to write a very short email because thats how the cookie crumbles this week. If you want pictures that means the email is going to have to be a bit shorter than usual. We had a great week, which included some really good meetings with investigators. We also had an awesome Sunday, we had an investigator come to church and attend all three meetings.
I found out about transfers on Friday night. I will being going to the Siberian Zone to Tyumen! I am so excited. And I will be with Elder Anderson from Idaho. He is a pretty cool kid, we have known each other since the beggining of my journey because he was my zone leader in the MTC! I am really excited to spend hopefully my last two transfers in Tyumen! I love Siberia it has a very special place in my heart... haha! (It seriously does)  Kurgon being my second area. However, I really am going to miss Perm though. There are so many great people here and amazing youth. It seems like the Youth in Russia have so much potential and the members who are youth use that to their advantage and they are amazing! I really am going to miss Russia when I leave, but i still have some time to take it all in and enjoy it while I can.
Well, untill next week. I love you all and have a good week. I will be back to my old way of writing next week and have a better prewritten email.
Thanks for the support and hope you like the pictures.
Elder Dewey

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The Bellyakers... said...

He is the most darling missionary ever!! You should be so proud...

We love you guys...