Monday, April 19, 2010

My Russian Journey Ends Here...My Final Good bye...

Well, this will be my concluding letter of my mission. I will be leaving from here in Tyumen early Monday morning and I won't have another opportunity to email again. It sure is a strange feeling that my mission experience here in Russia is coming to an end. 
This week has been a good week, but it has been a pretty hard struggle as well, just realizing I will be going home so soon. It blows my mind that it's already been more than two years from the day I left. Honestly, Russia has just become my life... the culture, food, people, apartments, and just the Russian everyday life feels so normal to me,  I cant imagine waking up and not looking out my window and seeing the big cement apartment buildings. I love Russia so much and I am going to really miss it. I will miss the people the most.  I have so many mixed feelings going on right now.  There are so many amazing Russian people, and I found it so unfortunate that they have so many difficult challenges in life.  They fight so hard against the temptations of drinking, smoking and moral standards. However, once you get passed all the problems they face and truly get to know them for who they really are, you  find that that they are the most amazing and loving people. I know that I have made some friendships that will last forever. 
While on my mission during these last two years, I have learned some extremely valuable lessons. I don't feel like I am a master of the scriptures or the most fluent Russian speaker in the world, but I have realized a little bit more of what life is all about. I can't really decide which lesson I've learned is the most valuable one, but one of the most important is that I have learned that everything ETERNAL starts with LOVE.  I understand now what love really is. I have realized that God really does love me, even though I have many, many faults that I struggle with often.  However, all the struggles and hardships I go through always seem to turn out for my benefit and a much needed lesson is always to be learned. I guess we call it the "refining process" that all of us have to endure. I have also realized that Jesus Christ loves me and that only through His Atonement can I progress and apply His love. I also have felt the love I have for my Heavenly Father and Christ grow as I have had the chance to rearrange my priorities and my whole outlook on life.  I know now why I do what I do and why I am who I am. God is a God of LOVE ETERNAL and there is proof of it everywhere... especially in the Atonement. I may not fully understand the Atonement, but I can be grateful and try to apply it and continue learning from it. On my mission, I have had the greatest chance to feel that love of God flow thru meMy love for the people here in Russia and those back at home has grown more than I ever expected.  Most importantly,  I have grown to love My Heavenly Father and because of that I have experienced an increase in my love for my parents, siblings, extended family and all those who surround me. I have also experienced an increase in my willingness to do service,  to make people happy, and live right. Some people think that if we just shut off our hearts and just stop loving then maybe life might be easier and they wouldn't have as many problems in their lives to contend with.  Those that think this way couldn't be more wrong. To me, LIFE is LOVE... truly living with a purpose.
I know that these past two years have been filled with more love than I can comprehend. I know God and Jesus Christ love us and we just need to love back. We need to show love one to another.
I know that these two years have been put to good use in preaching the only true Gospel and in the only true way to apply that love from our Heavenly Father. I wouldn't trade these past two years for anything in the world because I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to be true.  I know Joseph Smith to be a true prophet who restored the Gospel to the earth. I know Christ died and Atoned for each of us and He lives today. I am grateful for the plan of salvation, for eternal families and to know that God's love is Eternal.  These past two years have been the best years of my life and everyday I spent here in Russia was worth it!!
As I prepare to leave Russia and return home, I will leave a part of my heart with the beautiful Russian people and their culture.  I will reflect back often on these last two years with fond memories and I will carry a prayer in my heart that the church will continue to grow strong, the people of Russia need the Gospel in their lives. I am grateful for such an amazing experience.

До свидания России (Good bye Russia...)

Elder Chad M. Dewey 

To my friends and family who have supported me through these last two years I thank you and I will see you soon!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long Train Rides, Great Meetings, General Conference...and only one more email home...

Well, it's hard to believe this is my second to last email home! In two weeks I will be in Ekaterinburg to begin my journey back home. Has it really been two years?
This week has been a great one.  After P-day on Monday we left for our 16 hour train ride to Surgut! It was a good time, but it also seemed long. We had a really nice cabin which seemed to be pretty new, but it was so stinkin hot. We arrived in Surgut early that morning and spent the day there. It's still really cold in Surgut about negative 16 degrees... My ears were frozen.  We got on the train early Wednesday morning and got back home to Tyumen at 2am.  We were pretty wiped out. Thursday, we spent some time in a little city to visit a member who can't really walk and unable to make it out to church.  We went with the Palmers.  it was funny because it felt like we had gone back in time to about the 1930s, everything was really old school. We had a good meeting with her as we talked about doing temple work for our relatives. By the way, that seems to be the Palmer's favorite topic this week. They talked about it on almost every meeting it was pretty funny! The Palmer's are the greatest, they help us out a lot.  We had district meeting on Friday because we were in the city on Wednesday to watch some of General Conference which was really good. Friday and Sunday we met with our awesome investigator and her member daughter. They are both doing great and progressing a ton. On Sudnay, we watched General Conference with our investigator and she loved it! Elder Ellsworth and I made some amazing mexican food for Sunday and we had a dinner at the Palmers with our investigator and her daughter. They were amazed that two guys could actually cook. We also had rootbeer, they had never tried it before ... pretty funny. Then after dinner we talked for a bit and our investigator said she is getting baptized the 24th! This is the best way to fnish a mission!  Well, I'm out of time.  I hope you all have a good week.  Next week will be my concluding email.  Take it easy and I will see you in a few weeks.

Elder Dewey

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Roller Coaster Week...

Surgut Forest
Favorite pastime
good thing I only have a few weeks clothes are falling apart
(Elder Ellsworth and Elder Dewey)

Elder Dewey and Elder Stewart. (MTC Companions)

Hello Everyone,

Well, this week was a complete roller coaster! It was pretty crazy. Monday-Thursday were pretty good days. We had a good show up at English club and some really good meetings with actives, less actives, and investigators. Friday is where things get really interesting. We had a really good meeting with one of our investigators and we watched the film "The Testament" which is about the Book of Mormon and Bible around the time when Christ lived. It is a really great video, but it does have a few parts in it that make you stop to think or maybe even worry just a bit what the investigator is thinking.  But in the end she loved the movie. It was a really good lesson and the spirit was really strong when we were able to testify at the end. So we went home and I felt like I was just floating on clouds, I was so happy and everything felt so good and so right. Then I received some bad news about something (don't really want to go into any details) that left me feeling pretty down. On Saturday we had a really good day, but I was still bothered by what I had heard. We had a Easter Party which was pretty fun.
Sunday ended up being the best day of the entire week.  We had a great sacrament meeting followed by a couple of other great meetings. We also were able to fast to help our investigators except baptism and receive answers to her prayers.  It was a great Sunday.  Later Sunday night we met with our investigator and her daughter who is a member. We talked about commandments and a few other things. It was a great meeting and it felt like a huge miracle was put right in front of our face. There are so many other details, but I can't really explain and I know I don't need to.  It's good enough to say that I know that the Lord lifts us to new heights after we have gone through the hardest trials unwavering. I really am grateful for this oppurtinutity I have to serve here in Tyumen.  The time I've had here has been amazing and I couldn't imagine a better way of ending my mission. Well, 2 more weeks!!
 love you all!!
Elder Dewey

Friday, April 2, 2010

Elder Dewey Is Coming Home...

Elder Dewey will arrive in Phoenix on Tuesday, April 27 around 8:00pm.


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