Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Another week in the MTC. Here are the happenings for this week…
I got a new companion on Wednesday, his name is Elder R from Sacramento Ca. He seems pretty cool. He knows some Russian (meaning exactly that). He learned from Rosetta Stone, (the program that doesn't teach the grammar principles) and some guy he knew who spoke Russian. He is catching on quickly to the grammar, so that’s great. I have made a lot of new friends with the weee younger elders who just came in. There are three elders from Finland who are WAY cool that I love to hang out with when we have time ( haha ). We are planning a party back in Finland when the mish is all said and done. They said, "we are going to sit in the sauna and then do snow angles naked in the freezing cold snow." Sounds rejuvenating...right??? After surviving in Russia for two years I'm sure I can handle it. ...something to look forward to!!(haha) Their names are Elder Huttenen, Koivisto, and Jotiunos…not too sure about their correct spelling. Then there is elder Traasdall from Gilbert in our zone. The thing that sucks is none of the younger elders in my zone are going to Ekat. Oh well. I have the new task of teaching these weee younger elders the ways of four square etiquette. Yes, there is such a thing of four square etiquette. They need to be taught a little class and a few principles when they play. They are coming along but need much improvement... I’m just the guy to teach them. (haha)

A funny situation happened with a sister missionary the other day. She asked me how my mother was, it was way awkward, and I’m not sure why she asked me that. I’m still wondering…huh??? That’s a sister missionary for ya. (JK) Sister missionaries are cool.... they are very strict sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I keep every little rule in the book, but there is a point where some go over board and make up their own little rules. There is still room to have fun while you’re on the mish.

I am going to tell you about an experience I had yesterday, or I should say…ANOTHER LEARNING EXPERIENCE...a particular elder and I were notified about five minutes before we were to teach a lesson. This was frustrating, because it’s important you go into these lessons extremely prepared. Our lesson still needed work because Elder (no mention of names) wanted more time for his personal study. I got somewhat frustrated because we made a goal to have our lesson done by Saturday evening and it wasn't finished until Monday morning. So, here I go again!! I made the choice of letting my frustrations and impatience’s take over and get to me, instead of turning to the Lord for help and relying on the spirit for direction and guidance I let the situation get to me. Later that evening my teacher took me out of the room to apologize for scheduling us to teach and not telling us. I explained I wasn't frustrated at him just at this particular elder. I felt he didn't take the instructions and goals I discussed with him serious enough and he wasn't prepared going into the lesson. My instructor said, I need to me more firm with him. After my one on one with my instructor I was feeling like you know what________!!! I was feeling like doing something to take my mind off it all, like maybe going to see a movie, or maybe playing a video game or two, or going out with some my friends and grabbing some good grub and just hanging out for a few hours…OH WAIT!!!...I forgot where I was for a minute! Okay…since I couldn't do any of the above, I resorted to my residency on bended knee, in prayer, having a conversation with the one who cared, who would listen and understand, the one who would give me direction if I go to Him humbly and ask, I just hoped I could still my mind long enough to listen. I prayed for what seemed to be a long time, asking for help with the frustration and anger I was feeling because I knew I needed to let it go in order to feel the spirit. It’s somewhat tricking to constantly live and think the way you need to in order to have the spirit as a constant companion. Although I prayed for what seemed to be forever, pleading with the Lord for a change of heart and to let my anger and frustration go I still went to bed with my head in the wrong place, but I know my prayer was answered because when I woke this morning my mind was clear and I felt at peace. I didn't care anymore and I was back to my positive attitude. I spoke to this particular elder and explained the importance of striving to keep the goals we set. He agreed and it’s been a great day. I think this all happened because I prayed that we could work together and have the spirit. Having the spirit is crucial on a mission and every second you don’t is... a waste of time. I didn't have the spirit last night until I prayed and asked for help and talked things over with this particular elder…ANOTHER LESSON WELL LEARNED. (I know the Lord is testing my patients by giving me different situations, because He knows I really need it in order to become a better missionary…kind of like going through a refinery process. Not fun, but necessary.)

I just want everyone to know I love them and to make good choices. And for those serving missions or preparing to serve...REMEMBER it’s important to have the spirit with you at all times, it will make your time more productive and worthwhile. I love you all. Take care and be safe. Sorry my story was kind long and boring.

CT Dewey.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I owe more than these two years.
I give up my useless life,
I say "Bye" to those I love,
But He deserves more than that.

My Lord, who gave me a chance
for happiness throughout eternity.
He gave me His message and my purpose,
to share with our brothers and sisters.

We have a chance to return to God,
Our father in Heaven, who loves us.
Even if I can help one soul,
My life will be worthwhile.

I will give all I have
to share His message with all I can.
It wont be easy, but it shouldn't be.
My faith should be tested, to gain strength,

I owe Him all I have
I wish I could give more.
All He wants is our return to God.
I owe Him, to live my life worthy.

I will owe more than I will ever have,
to my Father in Heaven and to His Son,
Jesus Christ, who paid for my sins.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When Dressed In a Tie...Speak ONLY Russian...

Hey Everyone,

MTC life continues. I've been getting into the jist of the new zone changes. It's cool though, because I know when I am in Russia there will be a lot of changes and it’s just part of being a missionary. There are some cool kids in our new zone. One is from Gilbert and another from Cali. They know some kids who went to Mountain View.

Last Wednesday we taught the first lesson in Russian, and it went pretty well, but I felt some frustration when I found myself reading most of the lesson. This week I am leaving the note cards and other material behind and going to teach the lesson relying on what I have learned and pray mighty hard for the spirit to guide me through... It’s crazy how you feel the spirit guide you when you’re in different situations. I believe I mentioned this before, I NOW SPEAK ONLY RUSSIAN ...WHEN WEARING MY TIE . (which is most of the time.) It really helps. My teacher only interviews me in Russian as well. It’s so crazy! I love the language. The more I get into it, the more I’m feelin Russian… It’s pretty cool.

Well, they have been refinishing the floors in the gym this past week, and we’ve been playing 4-square outside…kind of ghetto like…but I played anyway!! It was fun, but I miss my home court in the gym.

The letters from everyone have been (for the most part) really great at times, but not so great other times. Its funny, I will have like a week or so of drought (or no mail) and then it will rain on me. Lately, I have to say ... I've been pretty thirsty AND my box is coming up dry!! What's going on...my friends of mine and certain family members... you seem to have forgotten about me?? I love those of you who write me faithfully. (Channel you are the BEST!!!) And… for those of you who just write once in a while…that’s okay too, I will take what I can get. Please keep writing, even if you have no time, because I promise you will gain blessings if you write a missionary. BAM…there you go... there’s your reason to write me!!! Everyone is in need of blessings…right??? It's as easy as that… write a hard working and lonely missionary…such as myself, and the Lord will see that you are helping His cause…and the blessings will start to flow your way. So, if your motive for writing me is just for the blessings, I can accept that as long as you all keep my box full. As the 12 whole weeks here at the MTC drags on ever so slowly, the letters are really starting to drizzle out…I feel a little unloved and forgotten about…okay, by now your throat should be starting to choke and your eyes starting to tear...have I made you feel sorry for me... enough to get the pen and paper out and take a measly 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to jot a few lines ?? I hope so!!! I'm still trying to stay competitive with those “love struck…homesick” elders who seem to get letters from their girlfriends at least every other day, if not every day. (Ha-ha) Yes, okay I admit it, I'm feeling a little jealous. (now I'm sounding like a girl. Oh...what the mtc can do to you.) Even if you can’t think of anything to write about…just a simple “hi, how are you” will suffice…as long as I get an envelope in the box and it looks like I’m loved, and I can stay in some what of the lead around here. I’m counting on you peeps…I know you can do it!!! Remember dear elder.com? Easy, fast and free!

Last night for family home evening we were asked to write in our study journals about what we would want to say on the last day of our missions, we were to write what we accomplished and the type of missionary/person we became. It was so cool and spiritual. It’s an exercise that everyone should do …reflect and ponder on what you would like to accomplish in this life and what type of person you want to become, and how do you want others to remember you. It gives you something to think about.

Everything is good here in the mtc. Wish me luck with my entire Russian thing! Although, it is really tough, it’s the coolest language ever. Well, I love you all and keep up the good work. Make sure your not slacking on any aspect of your lives, because life is easy if you really think about it, you just need to keep everything in perspective, have faith, work hard and develop a good attitude. Oh, and practice A LOT of PATIENTS with yourself and others.

One last note, we get three Fins (elders from Finland today) and three more districts of elders and then my new comp. He will be going to Ekat with us. .. way cool. I love the elders in my district we work really hard. Well, I gotta go do some laundry. Hooray for pday. Oh and two elders in my district get to go to Wal-Mart today. That’s so lame I wish I could go. (I ‘m sounding like a little kid.) just to see what the outside world, I’ve forgotten what it looks like. I can’t believe I actually want to go to WAL- MART of all places. What is wrong with me??? I am sounding desperate.

I better go, because I've got things to do, places NOT to go, and the same old people to see. Peace out fam and friends. Sorry my emails are lame now. Mtc life makes you go crazy. ..Can you tell my mind is starting to go!! Any English or Spanish elder, who whines, has no idea about the troubles us 12 weekers go through. PEACE. Love, Elder Dewey
Elder Dewey and Elder Hansen
(taken on his last day-went home due to
medical reasons. A great Elder!)
Elder Campbel, Elder Dewey and Elder Clouse

Elder Dewey and Elder from Russia

Sunday, May 18, 2008

POEM...Chad sent with Mother's Day Card.

Who Are You Boy?
(Poem to a Missionary from a Russian Convert)

Who are you boy? You journeyed to this land of ours.
This land where I have endured my days
And felt oppression kill my soul
And forced me into some tight mold
And teach me that I should not hope
Unless I care to smell the smoke
Of dreams that the Red Army tamed.

Who are you boy? From this land of plenty.
Teaching of God if there is any.
You have all, we have none.
Do you know what that feels like son?
And yet, you ask me to believe
In something that I cannot see,
Some force you say will bring me joy.
Do you know what that feels like boy?

Where you are from, faith is free.
But it has a price for me.
When I have pain, I have my bottle.
Hurt dies quick when you drown it in vodka.
That's enough to warm my soul.
I work, I sleep, the days go by -
I am waiting for the day I die.
You don't understand this place.
You say believe, obey, have faith.
Live life well, serve and give.
Here in Russia we just live.

Who are you boy? Why did you come
To save a soul who once was numb?
To teach a wretched, hateful man
Who cursed your help, refused your hand.
I thought that we were worlds apart.
So how is it you knew my heart?
A fraction my age, you calmed my rage.
Mercy paid my generous wage.
I should have been left behind
It is hard to love my kind.
Hope in your heart, power in your hands
Why did you come to this distant land

I know now, it was for me
The Red Curtain fell, but I was not free
Until a boy from nations away,
Brought me my Lord. I bless the day
He led me to weep at my Master's feet,
The American boy I met on the street.
New and naive, still in his teens
With a message to bring the world to its knees.
I thought that the truth would come from another -
I did not know this boy was my brother.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WhooHoo..Loopdeelou..What a Ride...

Hey Everyone,

I have a lot of NEW news today! Our branch was dissolved and we were all split up. The Older Elders left along with two other Elders that came in with us and we are now down to only two Russian speaking branches. Also, our Branch President informed us that the church is sending fewer Elders to Russia because of the expense of renewing visas every three months. The new visa laws are requiring the visas be renewed every three months instead of every six. This is a problem due to the extensive travel and expense. Also, Our Branch President told us since there are fewer Elders serving in Russia we will need to do the work of ten people. The priesthood needs to be strengthened in the branches and wards in Russia so they can stand on their own. I’m all about hard work…it’s just too bad the number of missionaries are being cut back. Learning this news kind of bummed us out. I was already kind of bummed being Mother’s Day.
Yesterday, we were forced to switch class rooms to some small ghetto one in the corner. Usually that kind of stuff wouldn’t matter, but when you are in a small class room for 12 hours a day you begin to feel like a sardine! After switching class rooms we were then informed we had to hang our heads somewhere else as well! I guess they switched us because my comp and Elder S (Jersey ) comp both left…we are now roomies and have one other Russian speaking elder ( going to the Baltic) coming next week…It’s all good. It will be great to have someone that speaks Russian, so I am looking at it as a blessing in disguise. The Lord isn’t going to give us treats unless we work hard for them. I love the MTC. The language is the best ever. I know exactly why I am going to Russia. I can already feel the love for the people and I have only talked to three native Russians.

We go to the RC (the call center) on Friday nights at seven pm. At first, I thought this would be the worst possible time as no one would be home, but after I thought about it I realized it will challenge us to work harder trying to talk with someone about the church.

A Big THANKS...to everyone who has either written, sent packages, or even read my blog. I love the support, it really helps on the days when I struggle with the language or just the ROLLER COASTER of emotions. The MTC really is an emotional ROLLER COASTER at times...WHAT A RIDE it can be, but you grow so much here. Last night I couldn’t sleep and I laid awake thinking about how wierd it is that I’m actually on my mission and not feeling like I would like to be at home (only sometimes)anymore (no offense mom & dad). It’s amazing to be on a mission and serve the lord 24/7. Even when I'm sleeping I’m always dreaming about Russia or the language.

So yeah, this week... a little emotionally tough, with mothers day, the zone getting dissolved, switching residencies, changing to the ghetto classroom, and the older elders leaving, but I know that everything happens for a reason and have faith it's all for my own good. I love you all very much.

Oh yeah, I’m now called "the leader of secret combinations" in 4 square, becasue of my sneaking ways of making friends and then using them to get to the king square. It’s all good, it’s just a game. Just a little competitve.
Keep the letters , pictures and packages coming everyone. Oh, I was able to sit by Chase at the movie on Sunday night! That was so fun, it felt like old times. He is the same old goofy Chase. We were talking about our languages and other stuff. His Spanish is great!! I love that kid.

Well, I’m off ...gotta do the laundry and clean up my old room. I love you all and thanks for the support. Remember... when faced with challenges keep a positive attitude having faith in the Lord and something good will always come out of it. Hmmm ...let’s see, I’m trying to think of a funny story to leave you with. Oh , okay… here you go, this one is funny and happened yesterday. So, everyone in my district was complaining about the changes and stuff (including me) and then I just sat there and thought about it and I said, "I just miss my mom" and everyone got quiet and said "yeah me too" and then we got all depressed until Sis. Watt talked to us and shared her encouraging words. She really is the coolest teacher. But yeah, it was pretty funny seeing us pathetic elders missing our mom’s…but it was true!!
Well I love everyone and good luck with everything going on in your lives.
Bye... Love,
Elder Chad Myrl Dewey
p.s. slova (word)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Dear Everyone,

The grind goes on, but it's worth it as we continue to learn Russian. It's interesting because all we hear from other elders that are learning a different language is how glad they are not to have to learn Russian. To be honest, I am so excited and enjoying every minute learning this awesome language. My favorite songs in Russian are the following: "Nearer My God to Thee", "Love One Another"' and "What's With the Kid" (in English, "What Child Is This").

Wow!! A BIG SHOUT OUT... to all those who have sent packages...Mom, Wells Fam and the Judd Fam...thank you a TON!!!!! You have no idea how great it is to receive packages!!!!!!!! I am staying a head of the game!!!! I need to continue to stay above the competitive edge so keep the packages coming MY WAY!!!!!! YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST and I MISS YOU ALL. I'm grateful to have such great friends and fam. Also, please keep the letters coming. I really enjoy reading about the happenings at home.

Life here at the MTC keeps us busy, and working hard. Hard work does pay off and I love it. I feel the blessings of being here at the MTC everyday. I feel the Lords help continuously as I strive to give a 100%. I am so grateful for being a part of His great work!! I love being a missionary and can't wait to get out in the field!!!! I just want to get out and talk to anybody and everybody. I want to be able to share this great message and gift!! Not too much longer...NEXT MONTH!!! I still have so much more to learn...the days aren't long enough. I do have to say, I've never slept better. I am so dead tired at night...I sleep like a baby!! But always ready to start the next day. I look forward to everyday. Although, it's a tough language to learn with two sets of alphabets and so much memorization.

I found out what our flight plans will most likely be. We will fly from Salt Lake to Chicago then to Frankfurt Germany and on to EKAT!! Which reminds me to tell people to please write me before I leave because letter by pouch will take anywhere from 3-6 weeks and then they sit at the mission home until a zone conference. This is why I've been stressing to all of you to write me now while I am in the MTC!! Remember it is FREE and SO EASY...just go to Dear Elder.com. If you write before 11:00 am I will get it the letter the same day!! It's just so great to get a letter in your box. Just a small note would even be great!! Also, if you could please send me your email address so once I get to Russia I will be able to email. (it's allowed for Russian missionaries to email.) If you are reading this on my blog, you can leave your comments as well. My mom prints out my blog every few weeks and sends me a copy with the comments, so please feel free to leave any comments you like. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT SUPPORT!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Love, Elder Dewey

P.S. I will be sending home a tape so you can hear how my Russian is coming.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hey everyone,
Thanks for the Emails! Whew…..another week of life here at the MTC. It feels like we do the same thing over and over again but it’s all good and I still love it. I am trying really hard with the language, and our teachers are really great. Sister Watt and Brat(Russian for brother) Bradford really love our class and they teach us so much. We literally get PUNCHED in the face everyday with more Russian. But listening to the teachers speak is so cool and to know that one day I will be able to speak Russian like that is what keeps me going!! I can’t believe I will be in Russia NEXT MONTH! So if our flight plans are anything like the older Elders going to Ekat we will have a very long trip.
So here is the update from this past week: My companion, Elder E finds out tomorrow if he is switching and where he will be going, so that’s exciting but kind of sad at the same time.
My roomies Elders V and S got annoyed with me for being an earlier riser this morning. I just thought I would get a jump start on the day and woke up at 5:30 instead of 5:45. I thought we could all use extra prep time this morning for the awesome day that was ahead of us…no worries they’ll get over it. I like that saying “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”…they didn’t buy it!!
Thanks mom for another great goodie box!! We ate the bag of funyons in like 10 minutes because everyone in the zone wanted some haha. Please send more!! I am glad to here everyone is doing good back at home. Thanks for those who have written…I appreciate it. Mom, to answer your question regarding the videos for my blog, eto nilzea (unacceptable) because missionaries sometimes do stupid things with the videos and I need to keep all the rules…even the dumb ones if I expect help from the big guy on this very hard task at hand.
I know I don’t sing well and can’t carry a tune (thanks to family genes) but it doesn’t stop me from singing in Russian. I love how the songs sound in Russian it is way cool!! My favorite song keeps switching between "Be Still My Soul" and "What’s with the Kid?" (In English, What child is this?) But yeah singing in Russian is the best.
I love my zone they are the best group of guys ever. I’m telling you it takes some pretty gutsy kids to go to Russia and it shows with all the guys in my zone, we are all going there for a reason. Well the older elders leave on Monday. I am excited for them. The weeee younger elders will arrive in 2 weeks. It will be good not to be the new kids on the block.
The food is getting worse and worse. We never get hungry anymore, we have lost our appetites, we just eat because its 11:30 or 4:30. Four square is still good. Some people still get a little bitter at times, but I just let it go because there is no point. It’s just 4-square…how can you take this game serious! I will send home my sd card tomorrow so look for that in the mail.
Please text my friends and ask them to write me! Some of them are hard core weak at writing, but to all those who do write me thank you very much, you are loved! Its weird grandpa is now re-married. Well, I’m off for my weekly date with the Tide box…gotta get the laundry done. Tell everyone kak dela for me and pakoi(peace) I love everyone.
Bye ,
Love Elder Dewey

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Dear Everyone,
Waking up on the wrong side of the bed benefits no one. (In my case I only have one side to wake up on...I'll use this as my excuse.) Also, letting one get under your skin to the point where they start to really annoy you... benefits no one. Let me better explain so you can get an idea of the events that lead me to this point of aggravation. Yesterday was just one of those crazy days, a normal schedule, but for some reason there was an older elder that was annoying me more than usual. He kept doing really wried idiotic stuff like putting beef jerky in my comps pillow, kicking a box of cookies making a huge mess outside our front door, and always coming in our class to give his supposedly much needed "advice" that we all don't want or will ever need. Needless to say my annoyance with this particular elder was growing more and more intense through out the day and then... the hour of "Four Square" arrived!!! We went to the gym and I was in one square and this particular annoying elder's friend was in the other and I hit the ball at him and he hit the ball back at me but it hit the line, (lines are out...everyone remembers how to play this very elementary school game...right???) But guess who just so happens to be the line judge??? You got it...this annoying elder!! He calls it out on me! Everyone got upset at him because of his crazy wrong call. I kept my cool, although I was letting the earlier events of the day fester. A few minutes later when I got to class I vented my frustrations to Sister Watt, who certainly put me in my place. She expressed her disappointed in me for letting things get me aggravated. Sister Watt later went on to talk about how we need the spirit to teach that night at TRC. By now I was already racked with intolerance and annoyance for this particular elder and now I was racked with GUILT as well!! I was feeling pretty low. What a miserable person I became in a matter of a few short hours. I knew if I continued feeling frustrated there would be no way I would have the spirit with me to teach that evening. I had one hour left before we had to leave for TRC. I took the next hour and prayed, reflected on the events that took place that day. I realized I was the one that made the choice to let people and situations get to me. I read the scriptures and I apologized to my district and teacher for feeling so frustrated earlier. After I did all this I felt calm and at peace and was able to think and concentrate on what I was supposed to teach. The lesson we taught went AWESOME!! We were able to say what we wanted and the spirit was so strong! After the lesson we went back to the room where the teachers watch and listen to the lessons. I also found out the native Russians were listening to us as well. There is one paticular Russian who speaks a little English and he said he loved our lesson and he really felt the spirit as I explained our purpose on earth and the importance of baptism. This experience made my day and made the events earlier in the day seem so unimportant. Having the ability to remain focused, learning how to teach and having the Spirit as a constant companion is what it's all about!! I need to remain focused and not lose sight. I recognized how easy it is to get off track in a matter of a few short hours and how hard it is to regain balance. I understand more than ever that you can't have the spirit with you if your mind and heart are the least bitter. So, the lesson for me here is... I need to always have the spirit to be a good missionary. I also need to stay focused and not lose sight and... when I fail I need to turn it around and repent and seek forgiveness. ...LESSON WELL LEARNED.

Now, on to other matters of business...thank you for those who have written!!! Please keep the letters coming...and yes, even you that may be strangers your letters are also welcomed. Yes, it has come to the point of begging and pleading!! Letters is what keeps an elder sane (like not losing your mind during a game of 4-square...haha!). So, my friends that have already forgotten me, I would love to hear that you are still alive and breathing!! We even get a little competitive around here with who receives the most mail. I believe I am somewhere in the lead and need to keep my competitive edge so please keep the letters coming my way...PLEASE!!!

Also, Elder V and I came up with this MONSTER IDEA...we are starting a new tradition here in District D called "THE DISTRICT GIRLFRIEND". Here is how it works... If a girl wants to have this great opportunity and privilege to be a "DISTRICT GIRLFRIEND" she must write a letter addressed to me along with a picture of herself to be hung on "THE WALL OF THE DISTRICT GIRLFRIEND". We currently only have one and need many more!!! I am hoping by posting this to my blog we can get this moven...We don't have much time left to fill our wall!! Also, we enjoy tapes of people talking because it gives us a taste of our old lives. Please , don't get me wrong...I love being a missionary and love everything about Russia ( language and all) and can't wait to get there!! It's just this helps to keep us sane. By the way, my Russian language is coming along. I never knew how much I would love this language.
Love, Elder Dewey

P.S. Everyone calls me "HAPPY MEAL" in 4-square because I have two moves...move #1 - called the "SMALL FRY", this is when I tap the ball ever so lightly and I have just the right placement and...move #2 - called the "BIG MAC ATTACK", this is when I SMASH it and get someone OUT!!! (remember my serve in Tennis?...kind of like that...YEAH!!) I am trying not to be too competitive, after all it's just the game of 4-square...yes, that dumb elementary school game with the big red rubber ball!!! It has become THE fierce game here at the MTC! Yes, I know you are asking yourself...4- square??? Peace, Elder Dewey

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hello Everyone, Hey mom, sorry about the no email earlier. I’ve had a hectic day so far. My comp had to go to the pres. to talk about his situation and all that jazz and so I didn’t have time to email. I now have only fifteen minutes for this email. I am in the laundry room multi – tasking. (laundry and emailing) So, let me just RECAP this week… Last Tuesday night the Author, Gerald N. Lund of the Work and the Glory came and gave a great talk to all the missionaries. His talk was so good because he had all the facts about Joseph Smith. We’ve been working on our Russian none stop. Also, we had another LRC and TRC, where we talked to some people in Russian about their families and then taught a lesson. My District leader’s companion is going home because of some medical problems and we will now be in a Tri-comp which consists of Elder S, (Jersey) my comp, Elder E and me. Funny thing is if you remember right, Elder S (Jersery) wanted me to move in his room and take the top bunk but because his comp is leaving first he will end up in our room and will be the one on the top bunk. (haha) My comp will be switching missions very soon. So Elder S (Jersey) and I discussed a few things and worked a few things out like not taking over every lesson or conversation and giving others the opportunity to do their thing. It’s all good now. It’s weird how mature you get on a mission. Back in high school it would’ve caused a little drama. Tell everyone to write me. I suck at the mail game. I do love the letters and thank you for the support everyone!! I really appreciate those of you that remember me! If I have time to write letters so does everyone else! They keep you so busy in the MTC. I am having a great time!! Thanks for the packages mama! I AM THE KING OF PACKAGES! So yeah, send anything yall want. Also, thanks for keeping up on my blog and for printing it off and sending it with the box. I will send a SD card home soon. So yeah I have ten minutes left! Ugh… this is killing me I have so much to say. Tell everyone in the ward I say Kak Dela or whats up! Ugh… they give us no time to email here. Grandpa Dewey is getting married????? He’s just ploha (russian for bad or sucky or just whatever!!!) I strongly believe it’s too soon and just not a wise decision at all!! Sorry for the negativity today it’s just been a tough day so far. The day will get better because there is a devotional tonight and I am excited for that. I also wanted to say I love to sing in Russian it’s the best language ever. Oh, and yesterday the older Elders now started to speak ONLY in Russian until they leave. It’s cool, I can semi talk to them. Well, I wanted to say a lot more but I’m running very low on time. Just make sure everyone knows I love them. I’ve seen Chase a few times. He is doing really well. It bums me out when I see him though because I want to hang out but there is no such thing as hanging out. I just wanted to leave yall with a little spiritual note. I know a mission seems hard, with learning a new language (a tough one at that) and learning all that’s in Preach My Gospel in a short amount of time and then be prepared to go to a country you are unfamiliar with, but I know it’s all worth it and I am grateful for this great experience and wouldn’t trade it for anything. If you don’t take this opportunity you are giving up so much. You are giving up the best spiritual experience of a lifetime. It teaches you to work hard 24/7 and give it your best. I have done more on my mission in these past three weeks than I’ve done in a year. I go to bed dead tired but wake up with all the energy in the world, its because the Lord gives us a big boost and the energy needed to make it through. We just have to have a good attitude about it and remember to milk it for all its worth. Well I love everyone. Sorry this email was kind of boring I wish I had more time. Love Elder Chad Myrl Dewey