Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WhooHoo..Loopdeelou..What a Ride...

Hey Everyone,

I have a lot of NEW news today! Our branch was dissolved and we were all split up. The Older Elders left along with two other Elders that came in with us and we are now down to only two Russian speaking branches. Also, our Branch President informed us that the church is sending fewer Elders to Russia because of the expense of renewing visas every three months. The new visa laws are requiring the visas be renewed every three months instead of every six. This is a problem due to the extensive travel and expense. Also, Our Branch President told us since there are fewer Elders serving in Russia we will need to do the work of ten people. The priesthood needs to be strengthened in the branches and wards in Russia so they can stand on their own. I’m all about hard work…it’s just too bad the number of missionaries are being cut back. Learning this news kind of bummed us out. I was already kind of bummed being Mother’s Day.
Yesterday, we were forced to switch class rooms to some small ghetto one in the corner. Usually that kind of stuff wouldn’t matter, but when you are in a small class room for 12 hours a day you begin to feel like a sardine! After switching class rooms we were then informed we had to hang our heads somewhere else as well! I guess they switched us because my comp and Elder S (Jersey ) comp both left…we are now roomies and have one other Russian speaking elder ( going to the Baltic) coming next week…It’s all good. It will be great to have someone that speaks Russian, so I am looking at it as a blessing in disguise. The Lord isn’t going to give us treats unless we work hard for them. I love the MTC. The language is the best ever. I know exactly why I am going to Russia. I can already feel the love for the people and I have only talked to three native Russians.

We go to the RC (the call center) on Friday nights at seven pm. At first, I thought this would be the worst possible time as no one would be home, but after I thought about it I realized it will challenge us to work harder trying to talk with someone about the church.

A Big everyone who has either written, sent packages, or even read my blog. I love the support, it really helps on the days when I struggle with the language or just the ROLLER COASTER of emotions. The MTC really is an emotional ROLLER COASTER at times...WHAT A RIDE it can be, but you grow so much here. Last night I couldn’t sleep and I laid awake thinking about how wierd it is that I’m actually on my mission and not feeling like I would like to be at home (only sometimes)anymore (no offense mom & dad). It’s amazing to be on a mission and serve the lord 24/7. Even when I'm sleeping I’m always dreaming about Russia or the language.

So yeah, this week... a little emotionally tough, with mothers day, the zone getting dissolved, switching residencies, changing to the ghetto classroom, and the older elders leaving, but I know that everything happens for a reason and have faith it's all for my own good. I love you all very much.

Oh yeah, I’m now called "the leader of secret combinations" in 4 square, becasue of my sneaking ways of making friends and then using them to get to the king square. It’s all good, it’s just a game. Just a little competitve.
Keep the letters , pictures and packages coming everyone. Oh, I was able to sit by Chase at the movie on Sunday night! That was so fun, it felt like old times. He is the same old goofy Chase. We were talking about our languages and other stuff. His Spanish is great!! I love that kid.

Well, I’m off ...gotta do the laundry and clean up my old room. I love you all and thanks for the support. Remember... when faced with challenges keep a positive attitude having faith in the Lord and something good will always come out of it. Hmmm ...let’s see, I’m trying to think of a funny story to leave you with. Oh , okay… here you go, this one is funny and happened yesterday. So, everyone in my district was complaining about the changes and stuff (including me) and then I just sat there and thought about it and I said, "I just miss my mom" and everyone got quiet and said "yeah me too" and then we got all depressed until Sis. Watt talked to us and shared her encouraging words. She really is the coolest teacher. But yeah, it was pretty funny seeing us pathetic elders missing our mom’s…but it was true!!
Well I love everyone and good luck with everything going on in your lives.
Bye... Love,
Elder Chad Myrl Dewey
p.s. slova (word)

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Worthens said...

I think Chad needs to copyright the phrase, "The Lord won't give us treats unless we work for them..." :) Hilarious.