Thursday, May 8, 2008


Dear Everyone,

The grind goes on, but it's worth it as we continue to learn Russian. It's interesting because all we hear from other elders that are learning a different language is how glad they are not to have to learn Russian. To be honest, I am so excited and enjoying every minute learning this awesome language. My favorite songs in Russian are the following: "Nearer My God to Thee", "Love One Another"' and "What's With the Kid" (in English, "What Child Is This").

Wow!! A BIG SHOUT OUT... to all those who have sent packages...Mom, Wells Fam and the Judd Fam...thank you a TON!!!!! You have no idea how great it is to receive packages!!!!!!!! I am staying a head of the game!!!! I need to continue to stay above the competitive edge so keep the packages coming MY WAY!!!!!! YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST and I MISS YOU ALL. I'm grateful to have such great friends and fam. Also, please keep the letters coming. I really enjoy reading about the happenings at home.

Life here at the MTC keeps us busy, and working hard. Hard work does pay off and I love it. I feel the blessings of being here at the MTC everyday. I feel the Lords help continuously as I strive to give a 100%. I am so grateful for being a part of His great work!! I love being a missionary and can't wait to get out in the field!!!! I just want to get out and talk to anybody and everybody. I want to be able to share this great message and gift!! Not too much longer...NEXT MONTH!!! I still have so much more to learn...the days aren't long enough. I do have to say, I've never slept better. I am so dead tired at night...I sleep like a baby!! But always ready to start the next day. I look forward to everyday. Although, it's a tough language to learn with two sets of alphabets and so much memorization.

I found out what our flight plans will most likely be. We will fly from Salt Lake to Chicago then to Frankfurt Germany and on to EKAT!! Which reminds me to tell people to please write me before I leave because letter by pouch will take anywhere from 3-6 weeks and then they sit at the mission home until a zone conference. This is why I've been stressing to all of you to write me now while I am in the MTC!! Remember it is FREE and SO EASY...just go to Dear If you write before 11:00 am I will get it the letter the same day!! It's just so great to get a letter in your box. Just a small note would even be great!! Also, if you could please send me your email address so once I get to Russia I will be able to email. (it's allowed for Russian missionaries to email.) If you are reading this on my blog, you can leave your comments as well. My mom prints out my blog every few weeks and sends me a copy with the comments, so please feel free to leave any comments you like. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT SUPPORT!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Love, Elder Dewey

P.S. I will be sending home a tape so you can hear how my Russian is coming.


The Wells Family said...

Oh, I am always so excited to hear Chad's life in the MTC. I am glad he got the box! What a awesome letter writer! Kudos Elder Dewey! Ok, next week Dena we are on for lunch, maybe the temple? I love getting the tapes from Logan, it sure makes my day.. I wish you were gettig a Mom's Day call from Chad, oh but you get one from BJ! I am excited to get mine. Have a great eve.

Worthens said...

Happy Mother's Day Dena... thought about you on Sunday. Hope your day was awesome and filled with missionary chats!! I am sure it made your day. We sure love Elder Chad's letters.... does BJ have a blog too?