Monday, January 26, 2009

Свободный Английский T- shirt and new friends...

Hey Everyone,

Wow! This week went by way too fast. I am not even sure if I remember everything that happened. Monday - we went bowling and then subway for p-day, which was a lot of fun. Later that night we had a meeting with some awesome members, it was more like a family night. Tuesday - Elders Campbell, Brown and I got a lot of work done and then picked up our companions at the bus station. Elder Abel from Texas is my new companion and Elder Anderson is Campbell's. After the bus station we went back and did a little grocery shopping. Wednesday - we had our first district meeting, did some English contacting, and then subway again! Thursday - more English contacting. I love English contacting because people don’t shut you down so hard. Friday - we just had a regular day, as far as I can remember. We did a lot of tracting and we actually were let in! Tracting here is a challenge, people normally won’t even open the door, they just like to talk through the door. It’s awkward, but we were let in and taught the first lesson to a way cool guy. When his wife returned home she started yelling at him and at us, it was pretty nuts and scary! Wow! I look back at the situation and just have to laugh. We are going to stop by again when his wife is not home so we can actually teach another lesson. Saturday - we had English! Elder Abel and I teach the beginning group, which consists of a bunch of girls. It was a lot of fun though. I love English class, they all tried to put me on the spot and spoke all in Russian, but hey, the laugh was on them, because I did it all (translated everything perfectly)! Good thing Kangaroo is the same in Russian as it is in English! Later Saturday evening we had a planning session with Campbell and Anderson and we came up with "Operation Falcon"
in order to get home teaching going here in Chelly. Sunday - went great as usual. So, that is about it for this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thank you all for your love and support. I love you all!
I am going to send a picture of me doing some English contacting with my "Free English" t-shirt. I am with some new friends I met on the way!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

We found Dr. Pepper!!!

We found Dr. Pepper!

last district picture Sunset in Chely

A big hello from Chelyabinsk,

This week was pretty crazy. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Ekat with Elder Sergeev, the ap. We made a joke that I was the new aap, the assistant to the assistant of the president. It was a fun few days. I was able to attend two of their branch activities, English and institute, which was great. But the whole time all I could think about and all I really wanted to do was just get to Chillyabinsk, my new area. We finally arrived on Thursday. I had flash backs of America, there is actually a Subway!
Amazing! Friday we had a few meetings with some of the members here, which seemed to be pretty cool. Saturday we had the most amazing meeting with the best investigator, Valentin, he is seriously the coolest kid I’ve met here. We also did some English club advertising, which brought me back to the old days having to wear big ole t-shirts that says “Free English”. Sunday I had the chance to get acquainted with a few more of the members at church. We meet in a office building. We actually have two branches here, and they are a nice size. We meet at 2:00…a perfect time. Later Sunday evening we had a fireside at the Moulton’s, the senior couple here in Chilly. A member gave the spiritual thought and I had to translate for the Moulton’s. It was somewhat difficult because she kept pausing waiting for me to translate, when it is actually easier if they just keep going so it flows better. It was a great evening. Today we are going bowling as a zone so it should be a pretty fun day.
I don’t have a lot of time today so I will have to cut this one a little short and I will try and make up for it next week by sending some additional pictures.
Elder Dewey

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Elder Dewey transferring to the most CONTAMINATED SPOT on the planet...can you picture Elder Dewey bald?

Missionaires traveling in Kazashkstan
(pictures from McEvoy's blog...thanks McEvoy's!)

Dear Family and Friends,
Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. New Year’s is Russia’s “Big” celebration.
Along with the beginnings of a new year comes new changes; one being that I am transferring to “Chely”, this is short for Chelyabinsk…it is easier just to say Chely. The little information I know is that it is the most highly contaminated place on earth…NO JOKE! Rumor has it that the missionaries that serve there go home BALD…not that I have much hair on my head anyway! BUT HEY, they have a McDONALD'S, so baldness doesn’t sound so bad...just give me that BIG MAC! The sacrifices that missionaries make! I’ve always said I will go and serve anywhere… I guess I am being put to the test! In all seriousness, I’ve heard great things about the area and I am looking forward to serving in ChelyMcDonald's here I come!

This past week has been a bit hectic. Here is a rundown;
Monday – (P-Day) we did our norm – emailed home, watched the movie “Finding Never Land”, it was a tearjerker, but I managed to hold it in. We made some GREAT BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA! We met with Roman, an awesome member here in Kurgon.
Tuesday – We had English and then got our area ready to be whitewashed…meaning – Elder Otis is going home and I am transferring to Chely, so there will be two brand new elders replacing us. It’s hard leaving, but I knew it was going to happen eventually because I’ve been here for a while and knew my time was drawing near. It’s hard to leave these great people and the sister missionaries who have been awesome to work with.
Wednesday – We had our last district meeting, which was hard, but we were able to enjoy a great salad that Sister K prepared for us. We had a branch party for New Years, which seemed to be more like an American Christmas party. It seems so strange that Russia’s Santa comes on New Year’s.
Thursday – I had my last English class, which was a small class, but still a lot of fun. Koyla and Kristina showed up. Koyla is a member here in Kurgon and is so cool! He gave me some great music that I am going to be sending home. Kristina has been coming out to English since the beginning of time.
Friday, we had a few meetings.
Saturday – we had a sport activity, where we rented a sports hall and played soccer, football, and basketball. Right before our sports activity we had gone to the train station to buy tickets and the dang atm ate my card! It bummed me out, but oh well…stuff happens.
Sunday – I bore my testimony, it was a great meeting. After I bore my testimony, I took a few moments and reflected back on when I first arrived here in Kurgon and all the amazing progress that the branch has made, it is cool to see progress happen! I’ve also made progress as well. Over the past few months I have progressed with the language, culture, visa trips, serving with different companions, and being a district leader. I will always look back on Kurgon with great memories and a great love for the people here. Later Sunday evening we took the train to Ekat and arrived around 1:00 am and slept for a couple of hours. We woke up around 3:00 am to take a nice brisk walk in negative 4ish weather to President’s to take Elder Otis and Elder Sheppard to the airport to send them HOME! We came home and slept until 9: oo and I am now in the office emailing you.
Well, that’s it for this week. I’m not sure exactly when I will be headed to Chely because Elder A, my new comp, is on his visa trip, so I will be here in Ekat until then.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Elder Chad M. Dewey

Monday, January 5, 2009

LAST WEEK IN KURGON...transfer destination...unknown

Last few pictures from visa trip in Kazakhstan... slippery steps
Elder Campbell and Elder Dewey
Elder Campbell and Elder Dewey
(this pic would've made a picture perfect Christmas

Last hello from Kurgon,

I don’t have a lot of time, so I will give a quick run down from this past week
Monday – we had our normal p-day and then had a meeting that evening.
Tuesday- the sister’s showed us up by their awesome planning skills for district meeting. I knew that would happen. After district meeting we needed to go home because Elder Otis had become sick.
Wednesday and Thursday we had “IN DAY’S” for safety issues we are not allowed to be out and have to stay in our apartments. Things become kind of crazy during this time and especially in the evenings. This gave us the opportunity to have a lot of reading and study time. We had some amazing fireworks that went off right outside our building that actually had the whole building shaking...I kid you not!!! So Cool!!
Friday- we had a meeting with the branch president and some less actives. They were a lot of fun to visit with. Friday night I received a call from the AP’s informing me that I will need to leave with all my stuff on a train next Monday! Meaning I am getting transferred! So who knows where I am going. I am hoping I will learn something soon. We were supposed to find out today, but the AP’s did not send out the mini transfer. Oh well I guess I have to wait.
Saturday- was filled with some great meetings. I was hoping that one great investigator would have been able to make it out, but he was a no show. It got down to four below…does that not send shivers down your spine ? I can't wait for the fifty below weather!!
We had an awesome meeting here last Sunday. We had 31 attend church. There were a few people there that I have not seen come out for a very long time. It was an amazing meeting. At the last minute, I was asked to teach the youth on the D&C. Since I was asked last minute and didn't have to time to prepare it probably wasn't the greatest lesson., but at least I did it and I gave it my best. The best part was giving the lesson all in Russian. My language skills are improving with time. I wonder if I ever will be able to master this language completely. I am just grateful that I am able to understand it when people speak to me, and I speak it clearly enough to be understood.
Anyway I need to run. Love yall and thanks for everything!!
Oh yeah, and I highly recommend the book “Jesus the Christ.” I read half of it this past week during our “IN DAY’S . " I learned more about Jesus Christ from that book than I ever thought possible.
Gotta run !
Elder Dewey