Monday, January 26, 2009

Свободный Английский T- shirt and new friends...

Hey Everyone,

Wow! This week went by way too fast. I am not even sure if I remember everything that happened. Monday - we went bowling and then subway for p-day, which was a lot of fun. Later that night we had a meeting with some awesome members, it was more like a family night. Tuesday - Elders Campbell, Brown and I got a lot of work done and then picked up our companions at the bus station. Elder Abel from Texas is my new companion and Elder Anderson is Campbell's. After the bus station we went back and did a little grocery shopping. Wednesday - we had our first district meeting, did some English contacting, and then subway again! Thursday - more English contacting. I love English contacting because people don’t shut you down so hard. Friday - we just had a regular day, as far as I can remember. We did a lot of tracting and we actually were let in! Tracting here is a challenge, people normally won’t even open the door, they just like to talk through the door. It’s awkward, but we were let in and taught the first lesson to a way cool guy. When his wife returned home she started yelling at him and at us, it was pretty nuts and scary! Wow! I look back at the situation and just have to laugh. We are going to stop by again when his wife is not home so we can actually teach another lesson. Saturday - we had English! Elder Abel and I teach the beginning group, which consists of a bunch of girls. It was a lot of fun though. I love English class, they all tried to put me on the spot and spoke all in Russian, but hey, the laugh was on them, because I did it all (translated everything perfectly)! Good thing Kangaroo is the same in Russian as it is in English! Later Saturday evening we had a planning session with Campbell and Anderson and we came up with "Operation Falcon"
in order to get home teaching going here in Chelly. Sunday - went great as usual. So, that is about it for this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thank you all for your love and support. I love you all!
I am going to send a picture of me doing some English contacting with my "Free English" t-shirt. I am with some new friends I met on the way!


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