Sunday, April 27, 2008


23 April, 08

Dear Everyone,

Well, today is our service day so we have a mini - pday. We do our service projects on Sunday and Tuesday evenings. As you all know, my comp has been struggling with the language and will most likely be switched to a different mission. I support him, I just wished he would give it more time because I know he can do it. Also, another elder is going home due to medical issues and that bummed me out because he is a very cool kid. I will most likely end up with elder S from Jersey and what a nightmare that will be. (haha) I am fine with it and know everything happens for a reason. He just has no manners. When we were talking about it, he said to me “you have to move into my room and have to sleep on the top bunk” Well, that’s a big problem, because I love my roommates and I am too big to get up on the top bunk. Then, last night I taught a lesson to a fake investigator with elder S and he never let me talk and finish the part I came prepared for. After the lesson I expressed to him, he needed to chill and let me finish what I have prepared to teach and not try and control every conversation. and lesson. It just sucked. Sorry for sounding negative, it's just that there are a few people who are annoying, but I know I need to learn to get along with those that are more difficult and practice a little more patients. I really do love it here! I love the lessons, devotionals and I really love the language!! Now when I read the BOM, I find so much more to mark up. The scriptures have a much deeper meaning to me, It all comes together and makes sense. I love reading the scriptures, it strengthens my testimony. Today, we have the RC where we call people who ordered a free BOM or movie. If you remember, last time I got yelled at by some old man. (Ha Ha) I am hoping today I get those who are a little nicer to talk to. I want everyone to know that I am very happy and love being here at the MTC, it's an amazing place. The older elders in our zone have a great sense of humor and I enjoy being around them. My favorites are elder C(he looks like a caveman) and the other elder C, we call him Santa because in Russian his name means Santa clause. (HA HA.) We played the tie game again and I got one that looks like something dead. It was pretty funny. By the way mom, everyone says thanks for our butt cushions and all the food. I only have 10 more weeks before Russia I am so excited for Yekaterinberg. And... just so everyone knows (ALL THE GOSSIPING MOMS) my mission is still opened, and I will be the first to know if it closes, so they can all "CHILL” (JK) And... for those who have said my mission will be hard and baptizing will be a rare occasion, they could not be more wrong, I strongly believe that it is what you make it!! I am going to make it awesome and baptize and teach as many people as I can. I can do it. I was scared at first because everyone said baptizing people in Russia is hard, but if we work our butts off, we can baptize a ton and get the church growing there. The people of Russia really need it. I am PUMPED and going to try hard and give it all I have. I know the Lord will be with me and give me the strength I need to be able to perform His work. It feels weird that I am actually really on a mission, I've waited so long and I'm finally here! It's great!! I love it!! I just want everyone to know that it is worth it !! (even the part of putting your life on hold, giving up American food and yes, even girls!) My goal on my mission is to give it all I have and then some. If I get a lazy comp, that Elder will be in for a big shock, I'm not wasting a minute. Well, I love everyone and hope to hear from everyone soon!!!!! Make sure everyone knows my address. I have got to go and get ready for class. I love you all!!Elder Dewey

P.S. I’m starting to forget my first name.
P.S.S. People better write me now because in Russia it takes 3-6 weeks to receive a letter.

WHAT??....NO ALARM???...NO SHOWER???...

22 April 08,

Well, MTC life is not always pretty, but we are here to prepare to teach and share the Gospel to others. I am staying focused and on track. Our district had a few problems, but in all I think we are doing pretty good. My companion, Elder E is changing missions. It's too bad, because I know we were all called to Russia for a reason. I wish he had more faith, I know he can do it. This past week we have just been learning none stop about the Russian Language and the Gospel. There is not an hour that goes by that we're not hitting up books or scriptures. I love it though. I love the language and the way it sounds, its almost poetic because you can switch the words around to make your point come across stronger.and more meaningful. Tell everyone Hello and thanks for the mail. A lot of my friends have been semi SLACKING and I could use more letters from them. Mom, thanks for the American Idol update. Everyone makes fun of me but I could careless. American Idol is cool. and I miss watching it. Also, thanks for the Eli Stone update that show is the best!!! To answer some of your questions, my favorite teachers would have to be a tie between them all!! Really, they are all so awesome and I am learning so much from each of them. Sister Watt is cool, she's very little and funny and not too serious which makes the class relaxed. Bratt(brother in Russian) Bradford is cool. He looks like the guy who will be playing Speed Racer in the new movie. Look it up! He is very serious and teaches us hardcore. Sister Baird is also very cool and a little more serious, but knows when we need a break. At times the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days here at the MTC. It's a bit of a daily grind and there are days my head starts pounding and feels like it's going to explode. I know its necessary and worth the hard work and effort. I need to learn as much as I can and take it all in while I am here. Mom and dad, I am glad to here you guys now realize rockband is fun, instead of some irritating noise. I miss everyone a lot, but not too much. We party here like crazy. We have cereal Sundays, where we only eat cereal for breakfast and lunch, weekend Rice Cake nights where right before bed we have a rice cake. (SEND RICE CAKES!) Also, I have lost some weight. I am down a belt loop. So that’s good I guess. My companion has been so negative lately that it is hard to stay positive, but I'm doing it and won't let anything or anyone bring me down. Attitude is EVERYTHING!!!!!. I am also pretty sure Elder V and S will be my new companions. They are both very cool. It was funny, the other day Elder S got mad because my alarm went off 5 minutes early, so I said, okay I'll turn mine off and you set yours to go off and he agreed. Well, he forgot to set his alarm and needless to say we didn't get to shower today!!!! No worries... I am not bitter. I'll just get even with him. (haha..JK) Wow!! This emailing gives me no time, I only have 12 minutes left and I need to Email BJ. (THE OTHER ELDER DEWEY) Well, four square is getting old, so many people play and the line is so long, it's like waiting in the lunch line, but that’s where my roots are so I always return. The cushions have yet to come!! We need them, so I pray every day that I'll get that package that will give my butt some relief!! (JK, but not really) Also, I need more letters from girls because everyone in my district has a girlfriend and when I get letters from lots of girls the other elders get upset! ha-ha! oh well, I know how to do it. Well , times almost up. I love y-all and hope everyone is keepin it real. I miss AZ but looking forward to Russia!! It's going to be so awesome!! Tell my friends to keep going over to our house and hanging out with you guys. Sorry my emails are a tad bit boring, that’s just how the MTC is, but oh well!! I have to go Email my BRO in IDAHO now. By the way, I am okay and doing great, so never worry about me.
I love you a lot. Tell everyone to write WAY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Chad M. Dewey


16 April 08

Dear Everyone,
Well, today has been hard because I have a bad cold. Mom and Dad I need to know where my other SD card is? Dodge ball was intense today! The Ukraine’s and Russians went up against the Polskies and we killed them.!!! YEAH!!! Well, send the stuff on the list I sent you and I need letters from EVERYONE and ANYONE, PLEASE! It helps so much to get letters from friends and family and at this point I'll even take letters from strangers!! (HAHA) Am I getting any one's sympathy yet??? Seriously SEND LETTERS!!! Just go to, it's so easy and is free, no stamps or envelopes!! It's like an email, but it comes in a letter form and if sent by 11:00 am I get it the same day!! Come on PEEPS, I know you can do better....STEP UP TO THE PLATE. Don't forget those who are out working hard doing the Lord's work!! I guess now I'm begging...I never thought it would come to this!!! Oh well, I know the Lord is on my side. Here are some pictures, please scan them. Once I find the SD card I will send it with pictures. Love you all!! Мир, старейшина Дьюи(Peace Elder Dewey)
P.S. There was a bigger nuclear disaster in my mission than Chernobyl. If I come back bald, you will know why. Also, there is a larger problem with AIDS than in Africa, they just cover it up in Russia.
P.S.S. Don’t worry mom!!

17 April 08
Dear Everyone,
I wrote a letter last night, but wanted to write another one today. I think our mail service is extremely slow. Today, we learned more conversation words in Russian. We went to the RC where you call those that have requested a BOM or video and ask if missionaries can visit them. Well, the first two people I called yelled at me, so that brought me down a notch. (Angry people?? Someting I'm going to have to get used to I suppose.) However, I was able to speak to my teacher Сестра(Sister) Watt about it and she really helped me. I still have my killer cold and not feeling to0 great. The other elders have helped me out a lot today. I'll be just fine... no worries. I’m still loving it here, even though it’s hard. I just know I am hear to prepare myself to teach the people of Russia. I’m going to have a lot of fun once I get to Russia. On the brighter side, I really like all my teachers. I also, love the letters I've been receiving from everyone!!! Keep it up!!! Thank you for all your support. I also talked to some Russian elders and it was way funny. I wish I could understand a little more of what they say. The language is coming at a good pace. Oh, another funny story, the Ukrainian teacher was in her room as I passed by a while ago and I said to her, плохой(Bad) Ukrainian and she yelled at me but it was way funny because the Ukrainians wish they were Russians.
Я люблю всех вас, Старший Дьюи(I love you all, Elder Dewey)

19 April 08
Dear Family,
Today is Saturday, I’m getting over my cold. Today was the first day without receiving a letter. So, I guess this means MY letters to you will DECREASE as well. Today we learned a lot of Russian, we are starting to memorize twenty words a day. I love the language, it sounds so cool and unique.

Well, my comp is having a hard time, he is homesick and struggling with the language. He might switch missions, it bums me out. I wish I could write more but I am so busy. Tell everyone that I need news from the outside world! Anything! I feel so out of the loop.

My district is crazy, we all are good friends. Elder S is still semi bossy. I just need more sleep! The food is starting to suck. Having said that, I still love it here. We find stupid things to keep us sane, like chugging V8 juice to the Russian national anthem or shooting dingdongs at each other. Also, we are able to joke around with our teachers. My teacher Сестра(Sister) Watt, laughed for five minutes straight, because I sneezed and hit my head on the wall really hard. It was pretty funny. So Yeah, we might be in a trio companionship soon. That sucks. Elder D from Albania is so funny, he says the funniest words. Well, give me love and you will get more info. Writing in English is getting more difficult. Любовь старца Дьюи(Love Elder Dewey)

P.S. I need ugly ties and food.
P.S.S. “Whats with the child?”(Russian hymn)
“What child is this”(English hymn) kind of funny.

I want to add my testimony.

Я знаю, Господь любит нас и знает нашу борьбу и потребностей. Я знаю, что Бог любит нас и хочет нам вернуться к нему. Я знаю, что мы можем решить любые проблемы стоящей перед нами, если мы имеем веру в Евангелие. Я знаю, Евангелие благословляет нашу жизнь в более способов, чем мы никогда не знаем. Я знаю, что Джозеф Смит видел Небесный Отец и сын его. А через Джозефа Смита, Иисуса Христа, учрежденного его церкви. Я имею свидетельство веры, что через веру, мы сможем преодолеть противника и укрепить наши показания. Без борьбы, мы не можем набирать силу. Мы ничего не без Евангелие Иисуса Христа. Я знаю, эти вещи через молитвы, дух и мой опыт. Свидетельства, никогда не останавливаться растет.

I know the Lord loves us and knows our struggles and needs. I know that God loves us and wants us to return to him. I know we can overcome any problem we face, if we have faith in the gospel. I know the gospel blesses our lives in more ways than we will ever know. I know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and his Son. And through Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ established His church. I have a testimony of faith, that through faith, we can overcome the adversary and strengthen our testimonies. Without struggle, we can not gain strength. We are nothing without the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know these things through prayer, the spirit and my experiences. Testimonies never stop growing.

20 April 08,

I am just so bummed right now, my companion wants to go home, and I don’t want him to settle for that. He has so much potential, it just sucks. Read the Hymn “How Firm a Foundation”

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today is the 16th and by far has been the hardest day. Some elders here are a little more difficult than others to get along with...a little power hungry, but what can you do?
We played the "Name Tag/ Tie Game". All the elders in the zone put their ties in a bag and name tags in another bag. Then an elder pulls a name tag and that elder who's name was pulled draws from the bag of ties. Mom can you please go to the DI and buy some really ugly ties (the uglier the better) so I don't give away my nice ties? We also need really good soft cushions. Also, if you can send a Pokeman poster that would be great. And one more request, can you please send Russian hammer and sickle shirts? I have included the sizes of all the elders in our zone and they will pay me. We need these shirts for four square. It has become a war between the Russian, Ukraine, Polish and Bulgarian Elders! It's a bit crazy! We march to our service projects and I lead the line in my shoes, it was way funny. (you would've had to have been there) I have been elected TSAR of room 109. haha. My companion is way cool, but a little shy. I am the only one in our zone with out a girlfriend.
Well, I am so tired. Thanks for the letters everyone! Make sure everyone knows I love them.
The Russian language is going well.
I love everyone...Ugh! To be honest, I am feeling semi-homesick for the first time. It's crazy, in one day I accomplished more than I could in one week. Tonight we taught the first lesson in English. The spirit was so strong. For some reason I started to get myself down. It sucks! I just wish I was doing better. I am trying so hard. I go to bed extremely tired. I'm sure I will be fine. If I just let the spirit guide. Honestly, I wish everyone could feel the ups and downs of a mission. This is way harder than anything I've ever done. The Presiding Bishop Edgely said, "We need to stay in deep water." It's a struggle, but it helps us so much and strengthens us. I need to stay in deep water and continue using all my mental, spiritual and emotional strength. I am giving this mission my all.
I want to write my testimony in Russian.
Я знаю, что Бог любит нас. Я знаю, что Иисус Христос живет. Я знаю, что Джозеф Смит был пророком. Я знаю, что Книга Мормона это правда. Я знаю, что Томас Монсон является настоящим пророком.
I know that God loves us. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Thomas Monson is a true prophet.
I love everyone and I hope everyone keeps strong. I miss everyone so much. Sorry this letter is semi- depressing. Today's just been a roller coaster of emotions. Just please keep the letters coming. UGH! Stuff is just so emotionally hard today. I just hope no one forgets about me. Just everyone stay solid, and STAY IN DEEP WATER. I need your support and letters.
P.s. Testimonies never stop growing.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, I am in a LGM and since I am great at multi-tasking, I am writing you a letter. Thank you for sending the shoes, they are AWESOME and the coolest thing here! Thank you so much!
The Russian CTAPENWNHA'S (elders) come next week. It's going to be crazy. CTAPENWNHA Clouse (pres. Clouse's nephew) made a deal with me, if I give him a pan of mom's cinnamon rolls, he will give me his special desk when he leaves for Russia in a few weeks. His desk has a bunch of taped on note cards, a Russian dictionary and special "compartments" for note cards. Mom, I also need two more pans of cinnamon rolls, one for the district and one for the other elders in my zone. I also need the seat cushions ASAP!! Our Bums are MMXG (bad)!! Remember to send eight.
My Four Square skills need work, but I am pretty good (not to be cocky). The Polski (Polish) elders have NO SOUL! IT'S TRUE. They show NO MERCY, NO ETIQUETTE and absolutely NO EMOTION!! But....... the Russian elders and Ukraine Elders are improving and together we're AWESOME when ganging up on the SOULLESS Polskis. BUT WAIT...... . We'll they really need to WATCH OUT...I now have my own, one of a kind, slick and fast "Elder Dewey" shoes . We'll GET'EM NOW! What a game it will be!!! Stay tuned next week for who will be crowned the champs of Four Square. (remeber the game we played in grade school, the one when your not looking the big red ball hits you in the head, at least that's how I remeber it.) haha!! What a gotta love it!!
My Russian is coming long pretty good. We study around 12 hours a day. I actually love it. You can really feel the Lord helping us. The spirit is so strong here, it's crazy.
The MTC grub (food) is so weird, it has a crazy affect on our...bodies. The best way to explain it is through a scripture - Jeremiah 4:19-20 Read it! ASAP! "MY BOWELS, MY BOWELS!! (haha)...just read it.

19 ¶ My bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my very heart; my heart maketh a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war.

20 Destruction upon destruction is cried; for the whole land is spoiled: suddenly are my tents spoiled, and my curtains in a moment.

My companion is Elder Eaton, he is from Shelly Idaho. He is cool. For some reason he thinks I am a lot smarter than he is. (It must be the glasses) Elder V and Elder S are our roommates. Elder V is from Salt Lake City, he is a convert of about a year and a half. He is very funny and cool. Elder XM3T - (S) is from Nampa Idaho, he is funny and cool as well but semi-shy. Elder S, C, H, and D are the other elders in my district. Elder S is cool and from Jersey, he is the DL, but the power went straight to his head with in the first three hours. I had to tell him to chill and not be so bossy ( In a very nice way ). Elder H is a hickish kid from Buckeye and is very goofy in a very cool way. Elder C is from East Las Vegas. I told him that's the most useless state of the Nation. (haha) He is a very great and cool elder. Elder D is cool and is from Albania and has a great sense of humor and is way cool! We have the BEST district here at the MTC, no doubt!!
The next letter I write , I will write my testimony Rooskie style! Just a reminder...send cushions, cinnamon rolls and Russian swag. Please remind everyone to write me!! Well, keep up everything and tell everyone I love them and hope all is well.
Until next time....Peace
Love, CTAPENWNHA AYE (Elder Dewey)
P.S. Everyone from my district is going to Yekaterinburg! (Best group of Elders the mission will ever have...100% dedicated in doing the Lord's work and ready to make a difference in the MOTHERLAND!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Drink The Orange Juice.....

Today is Tuesday April 15th and it’s my first P-day. Everything is really good here. The first day we just got our rooms organized and went to meetings. The food really is not that bad. Colten is just a baby and misses his mom’s good cooking.
My district is really cool. We have eight elders, all going to YEKAT and we all get a long really well. There are no weird odd balls in our district so that’s cool. Our zone is cool too. The older elders held a "party" (zone meeting) for us. They sang the Russian national anthem and gave us advice. Some of the advice consisted of "wear sandals in the shower or else you will get some nasty mutant wart like things on your feet" and "Don’t drink the orange juice" (by the way, I had "bathroom" problems so one of the older elders prescribed me some orange juice... ha-ha). The second day was good we just had class and we had Russian lessons and I was pretty sure my head was going to blow up because of all the info. It was crazy because about two hours later I had the whole Russian alphabet down. The Lord really does work miracles!
We hung my USSR flag and elder V's Russian Federation flag and we now have the coolest room around. By the way, I hope you send cushions soon! My bum hurts after the first 6 hours of class and then its just pure numb for the second 6 hours. We finally had gym on Saturday and that was fun. I played four square and when I say the Polski elders have no soul...I mean they have NO SOUL and NO Mercy, not even on the sisters.
If I throw in a word on an email that’s funky it might be a Russian word. We are trying to forget English so we use Rooskie as much as possible. I can bear my testimony and pray in Russian. I am slow at it, but at least I can do it. I think everyone in our district is coming along at a good speed on the lingo. My comp, Elder Eaton thinks I’m a genius but he couldn’t be more wrong. Ha-ha.
There was a devotional on Sunday and Elder Stewart and I ushered for this guy everyone calls Rex who is in charge of ushering. He is so scary because he is tall, bald and has a hunched back. He was a little crazy. The devotional was really good.
My email time runs out so fast, I type as fast as I can, but it’s crazy. So tell everyone I say hi and I love them. Tell dad and Britt my email address. I got the shoes and they are the coolest thing in this place. It’s really not that bad here. I like it. I am just a little scared for Russia, but that’s 10 weeks away or something. So bratt (Russian for brother) Zahijko was our teacher for like 3 days, but now he is leaving to Yekat. He shared some awesome stories. He knew Tim too so that’s pretty awesome. He said he loved it so I am excited.
I heard that some of my friends came over the other night. That’s very cool. Keep them around. I need friends in two years. Well, its almost time for me to go so what else is there to say? I want to share some funny stories but I am running out of time! Well let’s see. Read this scripture - Jeremiah 4:19-20. That is a foretelling of food here in the MTC. Ugh! I have so many stories that I can’t think of and it’s driving me nuts. I haven’t seen Chase since the first day and I saw Colton a lot because we are in the same building. So I love everyone tell everyone ztratvutsye for me! (that’s hi) My comp is done and I should be done soon. So yeah, I will have better stories next time… no worries. Oh here’s a funny one today. So we're walking up to the temple and Elder V. started singing the song "Forever Young" it was way funny, you really had to be there. We only sing one hymn as of right now in our district, which is our district theme song "love one another" and we sing it in Russian! By the way, Russian is the coolest sounding language ever!
Hmm....... Oh yeah my bed is long enough so no worries. I got the best bed, on the bottom by the window. Tyler lied about the top being the best. I guess because he’s short and giant people like me fall off because I move in my sleep. Oh yeah, I am beginning to dream in Russian too, that’s what 12 hours of Russian class will do. Well I love everyone. Everyone have fun and I will bring my notes of funny stories next time to share with you, so until next time…….have a great week and peace.Dasvadanya(bye) Love Elder(starayshena) Dewey

Saturday, April 12, 2008


The MTC is intense. It is weird how ATTITUDE can change the whole thing. To be honest, I'm having an awesome time. It’s bizarre to feel this way. It’s fun here! It’s the first night and the elders in my room are normal, thank heavens! Elder Eaton (streshna Eaton - in prooskie) is my companion.
The food was tasty but maybe it’s because my body has gone into shock! The older streshnas (Elders) had a “party” for us which was cool. They gave us some great advice. I am so excited to finally be here. The old streshnas (Elders) have only been here for six weeks and sound awesome at Russian. All I know is that I just need to JUMP IN HEAD FIRST!
By the way, Elder Eaton is my companion and is from Shelly Idaho. The other two Elders in our room are Elder Smith and Elder Vierig. We have a Russian and USSR Flag hanging up in our room. WE REPRESENT THE MOTHERLAND!
Well it's past bed time. I love you all and hope everything is well on the home front.
Streshna (Elder) Dewey

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Arriving at the MTC.

Chad and Chase Judd

Chad enters the doors at the MTC

Chad receives his name tag.

MOM'S COMMENTS: I will now admit, saying goodbye at the Phoenix Airport, (although still hard) is less intense than having to say your final goodbye at the MTC. Luckily, BJ (our first missionary son) insisted that we let him fly by HIMSELF to Salt Lake to avoid the whole "parent thing" at the MTC. I believe he was too afraid that I would embarrass him, actually... he knew I would. this time around I was determined to have the "Drop Off At The MTC " experience with Chad no matter what!! It took a lot of coaking that finally lead to bribing, and... a few hundred dollars later (actually it was the "Elder Dewey" Nike tennis shoes) I won out.
I admit, when Chad walked out the front door of our home for the last time it was pretty hard, but nothing compared to leaving him at the MTC. When we arrived, and during the orientation we were instructed,... "when it comes to saying your final goodbye we encourage you to... "RIP IT LIKE A BAND AID" and not hang around and prolong the goodbye. After a few brief talks and the song "Called To Serve" the band aid action...RIPPED!!!! You ask...did it hurt...Yep!!! But I am proud to report, Bart and I were the second family out the door. Chad went in one direction with all the other, (trying to act brave, all the while trying to hold back the tears, some successful and some not) excited new Elders, and we went the other direction, out the door, into our car, and on our journey back home with out him. You ask...did it hurt?...The answer is...Yep!!! You ask...was the ride home a pleasant one for Bart...the answer is... Nope!!! Later that evening we arrived home. We walked in our front door and found a home that is now only occupied by two middle aged adults staring at each other like strangers and wondering to themselves what's next. What do we do with a home that is no longer filled with commotion or noise, tv or music blaring or kids over playing rock band, what do we do with the dead silence? I walked into the family room, where only a few days ago was filled with Chad's friends talking, laughing and playing noisy video games. Now, all that is staring at me is a big empty room and this middle aged man that I'm not sure I recognize. I walked into Chad's room to notice the unmade bed and a few clothes he most likely wont wear again. I noticed his shoes lying in the same spot he took them off in (which I still haven't moved and...BJ's shoes are in his same spot too!!)..and so you ask...did it hurt, coming home to the empty nest...and my answer to you is... it HURT BAD, the hardest of all a VERY, VERY, VERY, STICKY, STICKY, STICKY BAND AID, like the one you can't get off and you have to soak in hot soaping water and then it still wont come off!!! Hearing the silence, seeing the few reminders and realizing how lonely it will be rips at the heart. Not only did the baby leave, but I am now wondering who this middle aged man is living in my home ..he actually kind of looks like ...could it be?.., the man I married so long ago. (like 26 years ago) I guess it just might be. I am grateful to be in this together with him. I am grateful to be married to a husband who is willing to wipe up my puddle of tears without humiliating me, who doesn't make me feel completely foolish for falling a part at what is supposedly to be one of the most "happy moments" in our lives and who doesn't bust out laughing or...screaming when I am in one of my insecure and intense moments, rambling on not making any sense, instead he... will sit and listen patiently, nodding his head, all the while wondering if I've completely lost it and will his real wife ever return. I am grateful for a husband who has been the best role model for our boys.(even in times I thought he might be crossing the line) Although, I miss both my missionary sons immensely, I wouldn't want them anywhere else than serving missions. I look forward with excitement and anticipation for letters and emails home. I know these next two years will be a wonderful spiritual growing experience for Chad, one he has looked forward to all his life. He is going to make a wonderful missionary. I am looking forward to BJ 's return seven months from now.

Chad at the Salt Lake Temple 4-8-08

Final Goodbye to Family & Friends...

On the way to Provo...Chad get's a little...well, let's just say his nerves got to him a little as he was turning a ghostly shade of white...and no, that's not road kill on the side of the road.
A few of Chad's friends, Daniel, Chanel and Leslie join us for a little "Rock Band" a few nights before Chad leaves
We all wait quietly and patiently in the family room while Chad is being interviewed one last time before he get's set apart as a Full Time Missionary.

Dad, Brittney and Dillon join in for a little "Rock Band" ...please everyone plug your ears while your dad takes the stage!!!
Chad and Tim (Tim returned from the Yekaterinburg Russia mission two years ago and has been a huge help with a lot of great advice of what to expect.)

Chad and mom as he was walking out the door for the last time

The whole family over his setting apart as a full-time missionary and to say their last goodbyes the evening before Chad left.

Mother's day May 5th 2008 - I've wanted to share my thoughts to this post before now, but my feelings have been right at the surface and a little difficult to put into words. I first want to begin by saying I have never doubted Chad's desire to serve a mission. From the moment Chad knew what a missionary was all about(around age of 3 or 4) he would tell everyone he was going on a mission to China, I have no idea where he got China from, but it was always China!(haha). Growing up, Chad was always obedient, had a kind heart and never gave us any reason to worry. Chad was known to be a little annoying at times but everyone knew he had a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody at anytime. Chad could hardly wait to turn in his mission papers. When the day arrived he had his papers filled out and an appointment made to meet with the stake president. After completing the interview process it was now just a matter of waiting for his call to arrive...just as Chad was feeling a little relieved, he received a call from the Bishop informing him he had to fill out another set of papers because the stake center had burnt down with his papers inside. We always teased him that he was the cause. On December 6th, Chad's mission call finally arrived and He was called to serve in Yekaterinburg, Russia...not China (haha) Chad was thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to learn Russian and to be serving in a Country that is soooo foreign. I have to admit, I was nervous and a little fearful having him go somewhere so far, so cold and yes, soooo foreign. Chad would not be leaving until April 9th, this gave him four months to prepare, which is a lengthy wait. During these four months, Chad had his tonsils removed, finished a semester of school, had a few situations occur that tugged at his heart strings,(but made him grow and opened him up for new opportunities) enjoyed his last Christmas at home with family and friends, attended his grandma Dewey's funeral, gathered material to study up on the Russian culture and language and squeezed in as much time possible for a few video games with friends. However, the one event in these past few months that really seemed to take a hold of Chad was when he had the opportunity to go through the Temple for the first time. He had completed all the Temple preparation classes and was excited to go and didn't want to put it off, knowing he wouldn't have the opportunity to attend the temple once he arrived in Russia, he wanted to to go as much as possible before he left. I watched with amazement, Chad and his friend, Colten wake up early, what seemed to be almost every day to attend the temple before they both left. Chad's love for the Temple was apparent. Chad, Colten and Daniel also took a trip to California to go through the San Diego, Newport Temples and on the trip to the MTC, took in the Salt Lake Temple as well. During these four months I watched Chad's testimony flourish, and he seemed to beam from the inside out. I truly have never seen someone so prepared and excited as Chad. As I watched him grow and bear his testimony in sacrament meeting and to others it strengthened me and gave me comfort knowing that he is in the Lord's hands and he will be watched over and protected. I know that Chad has a work to perform in Russia and with his great faith and testimony he will be able to perform the work he is sent there to do. Now, having two son's serving missions I feel the blessings of my Heavenly Father more than ever and feel his sweet comfort ease the tender feelings of missing my boys. It diffidently is a bitter/sweet mix of emotions, but I know there is not a better place for them to be. Although, I miss them with every inch of my being, I know they are growing spiritually in ways they wouldn't otherwise, and they will be able to take this experience with them for the rest of their lives. I am deeply grateful for my two son's and their decisions to serve and feel humbled at their example of dedication, desire, obedience and sacrifice. On this mother's day I couldn't ask for a better gift than to have two faithful and dedicated missionary son's serving the Lord and performing His work and for a daughter who has set a great example for her two brother's to follow. I am feeling extremely grateful, humbled and lucky on this Mother's Day of 2008.