Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Drink The Orange Juice.....

Today is Tuesday April 15th and it’s my first P-day. Everything is really good here. The first day we just got our rooms organized and went to meetings. The food really is not that bad. Colten is just a baby and misses his mom’s good cooking.
My district is really cool. We have eight elders, all going to YEKAT and we all get a long really well. There are no weird odd balls in our district so that’s cool. Our zone is cool too. The older elders held a "party" (zone meeting) for us. They sang the Russian national anthem and gave us advice. Some of the advice consisted of "wear sandals in the shower or else you will get some nasty mutant wart like things on your feet" and "Don’t drink the orange juice" (by the way, I had "bathroom" problems so one of the older elders prescribed me some orange juice... ha-ha). The second day was good we just had class and we had Russian lessons and I was pretty sure my head was going to blow up because of all the info. It was crazy because about two hours later I had the whole Russian alphabet down. The Lord really does work miracles!
We hung my USSR flag and elder V's Russian Federation flag and we now have the coolest room around. By the way, I hope you send cushions soon! My bum hurts after the first 6 hours of class and then its just pure numb for the second 6 hours. We finally had gym on Saturday and that was fun. I played four square and when I say the Polski elders have no soul...I mean they have NO SOUL and NO Mercy, not even on the sisters.
If I throw in a word on an email that’s funky it might be a Russian word. We are trying to forget English so we use Rooskie as much as possible. I can bear my testimony and pray in Russian. I am slow at it, but at least I can do it. I think everyone in our district is coming along at a good speed on the lingo. My comp, Elder Eaton thinks I’m a genius but he couldn’t be more wrong. Ha-ha.
There was a devotional on Sunday and Elder Stewart and I ushered for this guy everyone calls Rex who is in charge of ushering. He is so scary because he is tall, bald and has a hunched back. He was a little crazy. The devotional was really good.
My email time runs out so fast, I type as fast as I can, but it’s crazy. So tell everyone I say hi and I love them. Tell dad and Britt my email address. I got the shoes and they are the coolest thing in this place. It’s really not that bad here. I like it. I am just a little scared for Russia, but that’s 10 weeks away or something. So bratt (Russian for brother) Zahijko was our teacher for like 3 days, but now he is leaving to Yekat. He shared some awesome stories. He knew Tim too so that’s pretty awesome. He said he loved it so I am excited.
I heard that some of my friends came over the other night. That’s very cool. Keep them around. I need friends in two years. Well, its almost time for me to go so what else is there to say? I want to share some funny stories but I am running out of time! Well let’s see. Read this scripture - Jeremiah 4:19-20. That is a foretelling of food here in the MTC. Ugh! I have so many stories that I can’t think of and it’s driving me nuts. I haven’t seen Chase since the first day and I saw Colton a lot because we are in the same building. So I love everyone tell everyone ztratvutsye for me! (that’s hi) My comp is done and I should be done soon. So yeah, I will have better stories next time… no worries. Oh here’s a funny one today. So we're walking up to the temple and Elder V. started singing the song "Forever Young" it was way funny, you really had to be there. We only sing one hymn as of right now in our district, which is our district theme song "love one another" and we sing it in Russian! By the way, Russian is the coolest sounding language ever!
Hmm....... Oh yeah my bed is long enough so no worries. I got the best bed, on the bottom by the window. Tyler lied about the top being the best. I guess because he’s short and giant people like me fall off because I move in my sleep. Oh yeah, I am beginning to dream in Russian too, that’s what 12 hours of Russian class will do. Well I love everyone. Everyone have fun and I will bring my notes of funny stories next time to share with you, so until next time…….have a great week and peace.Dasvadanya(bye) Love Elder(starayshena) Dewey


The Wells Family said...

Aww...He sounds so great! I am glad him and Colten got to spend some time together at the MTC. See ya Thursday.

Brittney Burton said...

He really likes it there so mom don't worry.