Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, I am in a LGM and since I am great at multi-tasking, I am writing you a letter. Thank you for sending the shoes, they are AWESOME and the coolest thing here! Thank you so much!
The Russian CTAPENWNHA'S (elders) come next week. It's going to be crazy. CTAPENWNHA Clouse (pres. Clouse's nephew) made a deal with me, if I give him a pan of mom's cinnamon rolls, he will give me his special desk when he leaves for Russia in a few weeks. His desk has a bunch of taped on note cards, a Russian dictionary and special "compartments" for note cards. Mom, I also need two more pans of cinnamon rolls, one for the district and one for the other elders in my zone. I also need the seat cushions ASAP!! Our Bums are MMXG (bad)!! Remember to send eight.
My Four Square skills need work, but I am pretty good (not to be cocky). The Polski (Polish) elders have NO SOUL! IT'S TRUE. They show NO MERCY, NO ETIQUETTE and absolutely NO EMOTION!! But....... the Russian elders and Ukraine Elders are improving and together we're AWESOME when ganging up on the SOULLESS Polskis. BUT WAIT...... . We'll they really need to WATCH OUT...I now have my own, one of a kind, slick and fast "Elder Dewey" shoes . We'll GET'EM NOW! What a game it will be!!! Stay tuned next week for who will be crowned the champs of Four Square. (remeber the game we played in grade school, the one when your not looking the big red ball hits you in the head, at least that's how I remeber it.) haha!! What a gotta love it!!
My Russian is coming long pretty good. We study around 12 hours a day. I actually love it. You can really feel the Lord helping us. The spirit is so strong here, it's crazy.
The MTC grub (food) is so weird, it has a crazy affect on our...bodies. The best way to explain it is through a scripture - Jeremiah 4:19-20 Read it! ASAP! "MY BOWELS, MY BOWELS!! (haha)...just read it.

19 ¶ My bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my very heart; my heart maketh a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war.

20 Destruction upon destruction is cried; for the whole land is spoiled: suddenly are my tents spoiled, and my curtains in a moment.

My companion is Elder Eaton, he is from Shelly Idaho. He is cool. For some reason he thinks I am a lot smarter than he is. (It must be the glasses) Elder V and Elder S are our roommates. Elder V is from Salt Lake City, he is a convert of about a year and a half. He is very funny and cool. Elder XM3T - (S) is from Nampa Idaho, he is funny and cool as well but semi-shy. Elder S, C, H, and D are the other elders in my district. Elder S is cool and from Jersey, he is the DL, but the power went straight to his head with in the first three hours. I had to tell him to chill and not be so bossy ( In a very nice way ). Elder H is a hickish kid from Buckeye and is very goofy in a very cool way. Elder C is from East Las Vegas. I told him that's the most useless state of the Nation. (haha) He is a very great and cool elder. Elder D is cool and is from Albania and has a great sense of humor and is way cool! We have the BEST district here at the MTC, no doubt!!
The next letter I write , I will write my testimony Rooskie style! Just a reminder...send cushions, cinnamon rolls and Russian swag. Please remind everyone to write me!! Well, keep up everything and tell everyone I love them and hope all is well.
Until next time....Peace
Love, CTAPENWNHA AYE (Elder Dewey)
P.S. Everyone from my district is going to Yekaterinburg! (Best group of Elders the mission will ever have...100% dedicated in doing the Lord's work and ready to make a difference in the MOTHERLAND!)


The Wells Family said...

Awww.. I love seeing them grow in the gospel thru these awesome letters. I miss them all so much! My house is too dang quiet, well except those noisey dogs! Hum, those cinnamon rolls sound yummy. See you when I get back from Colorado.

Aunt Dixie said...

Hey, Elder Dewey, this is your Aunt Dixie. I'm glad to hear your doing so well. Your mom told me about this blog so for now I'll just say Hi and keep up that go gettem attitude. Thinking of you,
Love, Aunt Dixie