Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today is the 16th and by far has been the hardest day. Some elders here are a little more difficult than others to get along with...a little power hungry, but what can you do?
We played the "Name Tag/ Tie Game". All the elders in the zone put their ties in a bag and name tags in another bag. Then an elder pulls a name tag and that elder who's name was pulled draws from the bag of ties. Mom can you please go to the DI and buy some really ugly ties (the uglier the better) so I don't give away my nice ties? We also need really good soft cushions. Also, if you can send a Pokeman poster that would be great. And one more request, can you please send Russian hammer and sickle shirts? I have included the sizes of all the elders in our zone and they will pay me. We need these shirts for four square. It has become a war between the Russian, Ukraine, Polish and Bulgarian Elders! It's a bit crazy! We march to our service projects and I lead the line in my shoes, it was way funny. (you would've had to have been there) I have been elected TSAR of room 109. haha. My companion is way cool, but a little shy. I am the only one in our zone with out a girlfriend.
Well, I am so tired. Thanks for the letters everyone! Make sure everyone knows I love them.
The Russian language is going well.
I love everyone...Ugh! To be honest, I am feeling semi-homesick for the first time. It's crazy, in one day I accomplished more than I could in one week. Tonight we taught the first lesson in English. The spirit was so strong. For some reason I started to get myself down. It sucks! I just wish I was doing better. I am trying so hard. I go to bed extremely tired. I'm sure I will be fine. If I just let the spirit guide. Honestly, I wish everyone could feel the ups and downs of a mission. This is way harder than anything I've ever done. The Presiding Bishop Edgely said, "We need to stay in deep water." It's a struggle, but it helps us so much and strengthens us. I need to stay in deep water and continue using all my mental, spiritual and emotional strength. I am giving this mission my all.
I want to write my testimony in Russian.
Я знаю, что Бог любит нас. Я знаю, что Иисус Христос живет. Я знаю, что Джозеф Смит был пророком. Я знаю, что Книга Мормона это правда. Я знаю, что Томас Монсон является настоящим пророком.
I know that God loves us. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Thomas Monson is a true prophet.
I love everyone and I hope everyone keeps strong. I miss everyone so much. Sorry this letter is semi- depressing. Today's just been a roller coaster of emotions. Just please keep the letters coming. UGH! Stuff is just so emotionally hard today. I just hope no one forgets about me. Just everyone stay solid, and STAY IN DEEP WATER. I need your support and letters.
P.s. Testimonies never stop growing.

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Awesome Blog Deweys! Chad's letters are hilarious. Such a neat kid. We are thrilled to be able to stay in touch with him through this...

Thanks for coming out last night. It's all about family... love you guys. Lins

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