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16 April 08

Dear Everyone,
Well, today has been hard because I have a bad cold. Mom and Dad I need to know where my other SD card is? Dodge ball was intense today! The Ukraine’s and Russians went up against the Polskies and we killed them.!!! YEAH!!! Well, send the stuff on the list I sent you and I need letters from EVERYONE and ANYONE, PLEASE! It helps so much to get letters from friends and family and at this point I'll even take letters from strangers!! (HAHA) Am I getting any one's sympathy yet??? Seriously SEND LETTERS!!! Just go to, it's so easy and is free, no stamps or envelopes!! It's like an email, but it comes in a letter form and if sent by 11:00 am I get it the same day!! Come on PEEPS, I know you can do better....STEP UP TO THE PLATE. Don't forget those who are out working hard doing the Lord's work!! I guess now I'm begging...I never thought it would come to this!!! Oh well, I know the Lord is on my side. Here are some pictures, please scan them. Once I find the SD card I will send it with pictures. Love you all!! Мир, старейшина Дьюи(Peace Elder Dewey)
P.S. There was a bigger nuclear disaster in my mission than Chernobyl. If I come back bald, you will know why. Also, there is a larger problem with AIDS than in Africa, they just cover it up in Russia.
P.S.S. Don’t worry mom!!

17 April 08
Dear Everyone,
I wrote a letter last night, but wanted to write another one today. I think our mail service is extremely slow. Today, we learned more conversation words in Russian. We went to the RC where you call those that have requested a BOM or video and ask if missionaries can visit them. Well, the first two people I called yelled at me, so that brought me down a notch. (Angry people?? Someting I'm going to have to get used to I suppose.) However, I was able to speak to my teacher Сестра(Sister) Watt about it and she really helped me. I still have my killer cold and not feeling to0 great. The other elders have helped me out a lot today. I'll be just fine... no worries. I’m still loving it here, even though it’s hard. I just know I am hear to prepare myself to teach the people of Russia. I’m going to have a lot of fun once I get to Russia. On the brighter side, I really like all my teachers. I also, love the letters I've been receiving from everyone!!! Keep it up!!! Thank you for all your support. I also talked to some Russian elders and it was way funny. I wish I could understand a little more of what they say. The language is coming at a good pace. Oh, another funny story, the Ukrainian teacher was in her room as I passed by a while ago and I said to her, плохой(Bad) Ukrainian and she yelled at me but it was way funny because the Ukrainians wish they were Russians.
Я люблю всех вас, Старший Дьюи(I love you all, Elder Dewey)

19 April 08
Dear Family,
Today is Saturday, I’m getting over my cold. Today was the first day without receiving a letter. So, I guess this means MY letters to you will DECREASE as well. Today we learned a lot of Russian, we are starting to memorize twenty words a day. I love the language, it sounds so cool and unique.

Well, my comp is having a hard time, he is homesick and struggling with the language. He might switch missions, it bums me out. I wish I could write more but I am so busy. Tell everyone that I need news from the outside world! Anything! I feel so out of the loop.

My district is crazy, we all are good friends. Elder S is still semi bossy. I just need more sleep! The food is starting to suck. Having said that, I still love it here. We find stupid things to keep us sane, like chugging V8 juice to the Russian national anthem or shooting dingdongs at each other. Also, we are able to joke around with our teachers. My teacher Сестра(Sister) Watt, laughed for five minutes straight, because I sneezed and hit my head on the wall really hard. It was pretty funny. So Yeah, we might be in a trio companionship soon. That sucks. Elder D from Albania is so funny, he says the funniest words. Well, give me love and you will get more info. Writing in English is getting more difficult. Любовь старца Дьюи(Love Elder Dewey)

P.S. I need ugly ties and food.
P.S.S. “Whats with the child?”(Russian hymn)
“What child is this”(English hymn) kind of funny.

I want to add my testimony.

Я знаю, Господь любит нас и знает нашу борьбу и потребностей. Я знаю, что Бог любит нас и хочет нам вернуться к нему. Я знаю, что мы можем решить любые проблемы стоящей перед нами, если мы имеем веру в Евангелие. Я знаю, Евангелие благословляет нашу жизнь в более способов, чем мы никогда не знаем. Я знаю, что Джозеф Смит видел Небесный Отец и сын его. А через Джозефа Смита, Иисуса Христа, учрежденного его церкви. Я имею свидетельство веры, что через веру, мы сможем преодолеть противника и укрепить наши показания. Без борьбы, мы не можем набирать силу. Мы ничего не без Евангелие Иисуса Христа. Я знаю, эти вещи через молитвы, дух и мой опыт. Свидетельства, никогда не останавливаться растет.

I know the Lord loves us and knows our struggles and needs. I know that God loves us and wants us to return to him. I know we can overcome any problem we face, if we have faith in the gospel. I know the gospel blesses our lives in more ways than we will ever know. I know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and his Son. And through Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ established His church. I have a testimony of faith, that through faith, we can overcome the adversary and strengthen our testimonies. Without struggle, we can not gain strength. We are nothing without the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know these things through prayer, the spirit and my experiences. Testimonies never stop growing.

20 April 08,

I am just so bummed right now, my companion wants to go home, and I don’t want him to settle for that. He has so much potential, it just sucks. Read the Hymn “How Firm a Foundation”

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