Sunday, April 27, 2008

WHAT??....NO ALARM???...NO SHOWER???...

22 April 08,

Well, MTC life is not always pretty, but we are here to prepare to teach and share the Gospel to others. I am staying focused and on track. Our district had a few problems, but in all I think we are doing pretty good. My companion, Elder E is changing missions. It's too bad, because I know we were all called to Russia for a reason. I wish he had more faith, I know he can do it. This past week we have just been learning none stop about the Russian Language and the Gospel. There is not an hour that goes by that we're not hitting up books or scriptures. I love it though. I love the language and the way it sounds, its almost poetic because you can switch the words around to make your point come across stronger.and more meaningful. Tell everyone Hello and thanks for the mail. A lot of my friends have been semi SLACKING and I could use more letters from them. Mom, thanks for the American Idol update. Everyone makes fun of me but I could careless. American Idol is cool. and I miss watching it. Also, thanks for the Eli Stone update that show is the best!!! To answer some of your questions, my favorite teachers would have to be a tie between them all!! Really, they are all so awesome and I am learning so much from each of them. Sister Watt is cool, she's very little and funny and not too serious which makes the class relaxed. Bratt(brother in Russian) Bradford is cool. He looks like the guy who will be playing Speed Racer in the new movie. Look it up! He is very serious and teaches us hardcore. Sister Baird is also very cool and a little more serious, but knows when we need a break. At times the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days here at the MTC. It's a bit of a daily grind and there are days my head starts pounding and feels like it's going to explode. I know its necessary and worth the hard work and effort. I need to learn as much as I can and take it all in while I am here. Mom and dad, I am glad to here you guys now realize rockband is fun, instead of some irritating noise. I miss everyone a lot, but not too much. We party here like crazy. We have cereal Sundays, where we only eat cereal for breakfast and lunch, weekend Rice Cake nights where right before bed we have a rice cake. (SEND RICE CAKES!) Also, I have lost some weight. I am down a belt loop. So that’s good I guess. My companion has been so negative lately that it is hard to stay positive, but I'm doing it and won't let anything or anyone bring me down. Attitude is EVERYTHING!!!!!. I am also pretty sure Elder V and S will be my new companions. They are both very cool. It was funny, the other day Elder S got mad because my alarm went off 5 minutes early, so I said, okay I'll turn mine off and you set yours to go off and he agreed. Well, he forgot to set his alarm and needless to say we didn't get to shower today!!!! No worries... I am not bitter. I'll just get even with him. (haha..JK) Wow!! This emailing gives me no time, I only have 12 minutes left and I need to Email BJ. (THE OTHER ELDER DEWEY) Well, four square is getting old, so many people play and the line is so long, it's like waiting in the lunch line, but that’s where my roots are so I always return. The cushions have yet to come!! We need them, so I pray every day that I'll get that package that will give my butt some relief!! (JK, but not really) Also, I need more letters from girls because everyone in my district has a girlfriend and when I get letters from lots of girls the other elders get upset! ha-ha! oh well, I know how to do it. Well , times almost up. I love y-all and hope everyone is keepin it real. I miss AZ but looking forward to Russia!! It's going to be so awesome!! Tell my friends to keep going over to our house and hanging out with you guys. Sorry my emails are a tad bit boring, that’s just how the MTC is, but oh well!! I have to go Email my BRO in IDAHO now. By the way, I am okay and doing great, so never worry about me.
I love you a lot. Tell everyone to write WAY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Chad M. Dewey

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