Sunday, April 27, 2008


23 April, 08

Dear Everyone,

Well, today is our service day so we have a mini - pday. We do our service projects on Sunday and Tuesday evenings. As you all know, my comp has been struggling with the language and will most likely be switched to a different mission. I support him, I just wished he would give it more time because I know he can do it. Also, another elder is going home due to medical issues and that bummed me out because he is a very cool kid. I will most likely end up with elder S from Jersey and what a nightmare that will be. (haha) I am fine with it and know everything happens for a reason. He just has no manners. When we were talking about it, he said to me “you have to move into my room and have to sleep on the top bunk” Well, that’s a big problem, because I love my roommates and I am too big to get up on the top bunk. Then, last night I taught a lesson to a fake investigator with elder S and he never let me talk and finish the part I came prepared for. After the lesson I expressed to him, he needed to chill and let me finish what I have prepared to teach and not try and control every conversation. and lesson. It just sucked. Sorry for sounding negative, it's just that there are a few people who are annoying, but I know I need to learn to get along with those that are more difficult and practice a little more patients. I really do love it here! I love the lessons, devotionals and I really love the language!! Now when I read the BOM, I find so much more to mark up. The scriptures have a much deeper meaning to me, It all comes together and makes sense. I love reading the scriptures, it strengthens my testimony. Today, we have the RC where we call people who ordered a free BOM or movie. If you remember, last time I got yelled at by some old man. (Ha Ha) I am hoping today I get those who are a little nicer to talk to. I want everyone to know that I am very happy and love being here at the MTC, it's an amazing place. The older elders in our zone have a great sense of humor and I enjoy being around them. My favorites are elder C(he looks like a caveman) and the other elder C, we call him Santa because in Russian his name means Santa clause. (HA HA.) We played the tie game again and I got one that looks like something dead. It was pretty funny. By the way mom, everyone says thanks for our butt cushions and all the food. I only have 10 more weeks before Russia I am so excited for Yekaterinberg. And... just so everyone knows (ALL THE GOSSIPING MOMS) my mission is still opened, and I will be the first to know if it closes, so they can all "CHILL” (JK) And... for those who have said my mission will be hard and baptizing will be a rare occasion, they could not be more wrong, I strongly believe that it is what you make it!! I am going to make it awesome and baptize and teach as many people as I can. I can do it. I was scared at first because everyone said baptizing people in Russia is hard, but if we work our butts off, we can baptize a ton and get the church growing there. The people of Russia really need it. I am PUMPED and going to try hard and give it all I have. I know the Lord will be with me and give me the strength I need to be able to perform His work. It feels weird that I am actually really on a mission, I've waited so long and I'm finally here! It's great!! I love it!! I just want everyone to know that it is worth it !! (even the part of putting your life on hold, giving up American food and yes, even girls!) My goal on my mission is to give it all I have and then some. If I get a lazy comp, that Elder will be in for a big shock, I'm not wasting a minute. Well, I love everyone and hope to hear from everyone soon!!!!! Make sure everyone knows my address. I have got to go and get ready for class. I love you all!!Elder Dewey

P.S. I’m starting to forget my first name.
P.S.S. People better write me now because in Russia it takes 3-6 weeks to receive a letter.

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Worthens said...

This missionary has got to have the funniest letters I've ever read! I'm snail mailing a letter this week-- I want to be the first letter there Elder Dewey!!!