Monday, June 30, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Wow!! What a week!! It is hard to believe that it was a week ago I left the MTC. I am glad to finally be here in Ufa and in the field working. Ufa is a part of Bashkiria, if any of you are familiar with your geography. It is my understanding, that Ufa used to be their own country and they are still stuck in that mind set.
So, here is a breakdown of what has happened so far … On Friday we finished moving apartments. After moving, I was able to send a quick email to let everyone know that I made it here safe and sound. When I finished with the email, we quickly got on a bus, and just as the bus was pulling away...I found that, MY BACKPACK WAS STUCK IN THE DOOR!! So, I had to ride the bus with my backpack stuck in the door of the bus…Yeah…that was pretty scary!...BUT NOT AS SCARY as a devchuck! (girl) trying to touch me at FHE. Apparently, she’s not a member and always hits on all the missionaries (maybe, it's just her way of being friendly). It was extremely awkward, because they are not supposed to touch us. She came up behind me and tapped me on my shoulder, I thought it was another elder, so I turned around and to my TERROR… it was this devchuck! So, I mentioned it to Elder C and he took care of it for me. FHE was a lot of fun. It was great meeting and getting to know everyone!
All the Elders in my zone are way cool! My companion has been great. He has been extremely helpful in showing me a lot of the area and things I need to know. He took me tie shopping in Renok. The shopping was just straight crazy, hard to explain, but just so crazy!! I bought BJ a tie that he will really like. I think BJ would be a fan of Russian ties, but who’s not…the ties are just way cool.

We have an investigator named Vladimir, who should have been baptized already, but he has been pretty sick.

Last night we went to meet a new investigator named Kerel, but he was fixing a car and smoking so that was a little disappointing, but its okay, we are meeting him tonight.

The food is different, there is BAD, and there is GOOD. For breakfast we eat, “ гретчка “ and it taste like crap! I believe its buckwheat! BUT…there is this thing called “pillows”, which is like some type of cereal and it is WAY awesome…way way way way way way way way way TASTING, especially the strawberry kind! WOW!!!

Oh, the hot water is back on!! I only had to take a few cold showers...but no biggie!! But... It was COLD!!! Cold…a word I am going to have to get used to!! Haha!!

The buses are way different, but can be fun, if you don’t get your backpack caught in the doors, and if you don’t have to stand, which is what always happens to me.

When we went contacting for the first time I was shut down the first two times, but that’s normal. I’m going to have to get used to that too, because it’s going to happen a lot.

There is a lot of Muslim’s, which I did not expect. The two strongest religions here are the Muslim’s and the Orthodox, which will be challenging. In spite of this challenge, the church continues to grow here in Ufa, which is exciting. I hope while I am here I can do my part in helping it's growth and to help strengthen the members. It was amazing on Sunday when I attended church here for the first time. We had around fifty members that attended church yesterday. I enjoyed meeting them. They were so nice and very welcoming and seem to be strong members.

After church, we taught a girl named Gulnaz, who is a new member, but struggles with reading the scriptures. My companion taught and I testified. It was way cool, but she talked a mile a minute. She wants to serve a mission, which is WAY EXCITTING!!

It is so strange that it is 4:00 am in the morning in Arizona as I am emailing this to you and it is 5:00 in the afternoon here. I am still trying to get used to the the time difference. I am feeling pretty tired today, maybe everything is finally catching up with me. The first two day’s here in Russia seemed so crazy. People in general seemed to be very nice.

The stores are so weird, it is hard to explain. Walking around here is like playing the game “Frogger”…I love that game!! Haha! We dodge cars a lot…but yeah, no big deal. No worries mom…I am really SAFE AND SMART about everything!!…you know me!! Things are intense, but I wouldn't want it any other way!! I really love Russia!!

Please tell everyone and anyone to email me…PLEASE!!! President Allen said, we could receive email from anyone except the branch members here. So…PLEASE email me. It is always nice to receive email since we can only pick up our mail at zone conference and that's a pretty long wait to receive mail!!!

Well, I love you, take care everyone!
Elder Dewey


  • What are first impressions of Russia?
  • Did you have a place where you could sleep on the train?
  • Where is your companion from and how long has he been out?
  • What is the strangest food you have eaten?
  • Is your hot water working yet or you still taking cold showers? haha!
  • Does the Russian language sound like anything you were taught in the MTC? Can you understand people when they talk with you?
  • How many members are in your branch or ward?
  • Are you teaching any investigators?
  • What is the tracking like?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Is your apartment hot?
  • Have you used your mosquito net or used the repellent yet?
  • Are the Russian ties really as great and inexpensive as everyone says?
  • Do you have a washer and dryer?
  • What was it like attending church for the first time?
  • Have you gotten used to the 13 hour time differenc?
  • Do your feet hang over the couch? haha!

(These are just a few questions...we have a lot more, but we will wait until next week!)

Friday, June 27, 2008

LONG... FLIGHTS, LAY OVERS, and TRAIN RIDES...HE ARRIVES in RUSSIA...Elder Dewey's story begins here in UFA this very church (one of few)...

Hello Everyone,

I have ARRIVED…and… SURVIVED…and…ALL IN ONE PIECE!!! The journey was LONG and INTENSE, but it is so exciting to finally be here in Russia. I have waited such a long time for this and it now seems so surreal. Sometimes I have to say to myself that this is actually real and I am not dreaming.

So, here it is… a breakdown of the journey. We left the MTC 8:00 am Monday morning for the SLC airport. We had sometime before our plane was to take off so, I made a few short phone calls to family and friends and grabbed a bite to eat, which later I found was a HUGE mistake! We boarded the plane and most of us had middle seats, that way we are were able to strike up a conversation on both sides and have the opportunity to share the gospel. The flight to Chicago was a little rough and bumpy and as we were ready to land, I started getting airsick!! I held everything down pretty well until we got off the plane and had to walk through a tunnel with a bunch of RED FLASHING LIGHTS and THAT DID IT!! I had to make a mad dash to a bathroom and was lucky enough to have made it in time, but unfortunately, my tie got in the way. After hurdling up my breakfast, I let my stomach settle, while I called more family and friends. I was excited to talk to everyone and that helped me get over the nausea.

Once we arrived to Franfurt, I made more phone calls and then I had to pull my companion away from his phone to grab a quick sandwich. It was tricking, because he was on the phone with his girlfriend of three years and was getting all tearing eyed. The flight from Frankfurt to Yekaterinburg seemed long, I guess because of the long layovers and flights.
When we arrived to Yekaterinburg at 5:00 am Wednesday morning we had some trouble, because they wanted us to pay a lot more for our baggage, but the AP’s jumped in and handled it for us. President Allen and his AP’s drove us back to the Mission Home where we were able to shower, and Sister Allen had a great breakfast waiting for us. We had orientation and then out the door we went to our new areas. My trainer, Elder T and I were the first ones out the door. We went to the office and then to the store to get some food for our SIXTEEN-hour train ride to …OKAY…HERE IT ISUFA!!! SO... IRONIC, because it is one of the few areas that actually has a church building. When I received my call, I found a picture of this church building on the internet and I set it as my screensaver. It's living next to the same church in the picture that I had been staring at on my computer screen all these months!! How weird and bazaar is that!!

The train ride was an experience in it’s self. We passed through Chilibrinsk, which was way cool and I saw a lot the Russian countryside, which was beautiful this time around.

When we arrived to Ufa, we went to our apartment, After arriving to our apartment, I showered…AND… GUESS WHAT??? I had NO…can you GUESS??? You got it!! NO HOT WATER!!! So I had my first VERY COLD SHOWER!! It’s a great way to get over long flights and train rides!!! After the shower, we had to move apartments. After moving, we met up with some other Elders at MacDonald’s. I had to order on my own, but that was good. My old Zone Leader, Elder T from the MTC is here in UFA as well.
Anyway, it’s weird to finally be here in Russia, riding busses and trains and having girls check us out, (which is a little creepy). I even had a five year old boy try to put his hands in my pockets to try and still money so I had to swipe his hands away. Oh, and my bed that I sleep on is…CAN YOU GUESS??? You GOT IT!!! A COUCH!!! It’s all AWESOME…but no one back home can give me crap because the living conditions are crazy. I really don’t mind any of it, I’m just excited to finally be here. We actually have a nice apartment compared to other elders.
Anyway, I need to go because I only have another minute at this place.
I love you all!
Elder Dewey

Anyone can email me. We are the only one’s that can receive email from anyone, so please send me emails!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Elder Chad Dewey with President and Sister Allen - Yekaterinburg Russia 6-25-08 Elder Dewey's MTC Group arriving to the Mission Home in Yekaterinburg 6-25-08

From: Steve & Shauna Allen [mailto:Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 6:25 AMTo: Bart DeweySubject: Russia Yekaterinburg Mission
Dear Family,

We wanted to let you know that your missionary arrived early this morning. The missionaries showered, ate breakfast, received trainings, met their new companions, and set off to start their mission. Thank you for the support you give your missionary. We love and appreciate each one. Their P-day is on Monday.

Attached are a couple of pictures.

Our best,
President and Sister Allen


Elder Dewey... "Are You Out There"??? Mom... still trying to find a flight tracker that would track his flight from Frankfurt to Yekaterinburg, but... no such luck!! So, It finally happened...Elder Dewey is now out of her sight, but... not out of her mind. This missionary mom was up all last night checking Elder Dewey's flight status and trying to find a international flight tracker. Now tonight, she is at it again, up every few minutes checking her computer to see if that oh... so famous email from the Mission President has hit the screen yet. Yes... the one with the picture...evidence that he made it , alive, safe, and in one piece...tired, jet lagged and air sick...for sure, but SAFE. As of 2:12 am...NOTTA...NOTHIN...ZERO... zip!!! THE WAIT CONTINUES. Please, put my mind at ease, and ,,,JUST SHOW ME THE PICTURE!!! (this mom needs some sleep) smile:)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LAST AND FINAL CALL TO MOM...until Christmas..that sounds like forever!

After staying up all night ..."WIDE EYED" tracking Chad's flight across the Atlantic, the phone rings this morning around 6:30, I answer and hear on the other end...the sound of a very tired young man, who still has another few hours until he boards his next flight to Yekaterinburg Russia. He sounded great, a little exhausted, but determined to remain excited and enthusiastic for what awaits. I knew he wasn't at the point of breaking yet... a few more hours at the Frankfurt airport and another four hours in the air, he would soon arrive at his final destination...stained tie and all! On this last flight to Frankfurt, Elder Dewey was able to keep from there was no need for the vomit bag and he still had a happy companion nearby. We talked for about 30 minutes. I brought him up to date on the happenings of home, and he shared a few interesting facts about the MTC. He mentioned that the last few days at the MTC the BYU security was in full force because the first Presidency happened to be conducting a seminar for all the new Mission Presidents. A few of the Quorum of the twelve was scheduled to speak Monday evening, and he was disappointed he was going to miss it. He was hoping to see a glimpse of one of them before leaving, but no such luck. Well, it's almost time for his FINAL FLIGHT to take off...he will soon be airborne and that much closer to his new and unfamiliar home that he will grow to love over the next 21 months. СТАРШИЙ УДАЧИ DEWEY! (GOOD LUCK ELDER DEWEY!) *** I no longer have Chad in sight...The Lord will take over from here...He is in GOOD HANDS..
***miss you, love you, hug

Elder you have barf bag in hand?? (father like son) Prepare to LAND...

Mom still ...WATCHING you...prepare to land...tuck tie in, barf bag in hand, turn air pointed in your direction, don't look out the window, keep head positioned straight and concentrate by saying to yourself..."I will not barf', "I will not barf", "I will not barf"...repeat to yourself several times until you land, and you should be just fine. (the reason I'm knowledgeable on the subject is from flying with your dad all these years, what joy!) But PLEASE more barfing on the tie! Oh, if you do barf again...turn in the opposite direction of your companion to avoid him becoming disgruntled...and...chew on lot's of strong breath mints...please!! I'll be waiting by the phone...

Elder Dewey...Over Water...Don't Look Down!!

Lufthansa flight 433 almost to Frankfurt Germany...Dry Ground almost in sight...Whew!

Mom ... continues to track Elder Dewey.'s...flight still in SIGHT!!!...(did he pay close attention to the Emergency instructions?...In case his seat cushion doesn't float, I hope he remembers how to swim?... I know he knows how to doggie paddle for sure)...She hasn't lost sight of him yet!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


MOM STILL KEEPING HER EYE IN THE SKY for her son. ELDER DEWEY... back IN THE AIR...FRANKFURT GERMANY BOUND. Arrives at 1:31 (she even has his arrival time down to the very minute!) Will he ever be able to escape her watch!

ANOTHER CALL FOR MOM...what we learned...

The Russian word for "Belly Button" is pronounced "Poop".

The One Thing He Will Miss Most about the MTC is his BED. He heard that Elders sleep on sofa' they make sofa's longer than Six Four?...

The One Thing He IS Most Excited To Try when he arrives in Russia is ...BORSCH soup. (isn't that made out of red beets...EWWWW!) He hears from all the natives that it is delicious...okay, whatever you say.

His favorite MTC devotional was when he heard President Monson's daughter, Sister Dibb's speak.

What he Misses Most about Home is his...Mom. (I've paid him well for that answer!)

He speaks a language that none of us can understand, but...SOUNDS SO COOL!!!

He gets air sick...ruined his favorite tie know what!!! (He did make it to the restroom, but his tie got in the line of fire...ewww again! Poor people who have to sit next to him!!)

He is going to have a difficult time pulling his companion away from the phone long enough to grab something to eat before catching their next flight..his companion was talking with his girlfriend of three years and was in tears.

Still worrying...How he was going to get his newly stained tie ( know what!) dry cleaned.

Flip flops are a shower must...with out, unusual looking warts will start growing from your feet...another ewww!!
Here are a few more Russian words;
priyanniki - small sweet breads
volksal - train
stationrenick - market
babushka - older women
limondad - cream soda
Dom – small apartment
Elder Dewey is ...ready for Russia! Russia ready for Elder Dewey??? Stay Tuned.. for the rest of the story...

UNITED FLIGHT 1234...will land in Chiacgo in approximately EIGHT minutes...


Flight 1234 ready to LAND... Mom with a LIST of questions in hand is now... GLUED to the phone waiting for it to ... RING -A-LING-LING!!


In the AIR and ALMOST there...or NOT...with long lay overs and endless hours in the air...Elder Dewey will FINALLY arrive in Yekaterinburg Russia around 5:00 am Wednesday morning.
My heart jumped when I heard the phone ring around 9:00 this morning...I then heard a voice on the other end ( a bit stuffy because of a cold) say to me... С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ (Happy Birthday). What a great B-day gift. After almost three months to finally talk with Chad was exciting. We talked for about 15-20 minutes, and said he would call during his layover in Chicago. It was wonderful to hear how well his Russian was coming along, sounded like he had it down pretty well, but how would I know...I've no idea what Russian sounds like...SOUNDED good to me!
I'm now keeping track of him in the air as we that modern technology stuff!! escaping!! haha.
I could really hear the excitement in Chad's voice this morning...he is READY to get to Ekat and GET to work!!
I hope Chad will remember to do the following: ...write home often, brush/floss teeth, write home often, be careful of the drunks, write home often, make bed, write home often, be careful of the packs of wild dogs, write home often, don't wash darks with whites, write home often, don't smile (inside joke), write home often, where mosquito repellent, write home often, wash hands before eating, write home often, where sunblock, write home often, don't eat the meat, write home often, wash and bleach the vegetables to get all the radiation off before boiling, write home often, be careful of the strong tea and did I mention...WRITE HOME OFTEN!!! Oh, and...SEND LOT'S OF PICTURE'S, PLEASE!!!
(I'm grateful for Chad's hard work and dedication...the Russian people will love him.)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hi Everyone,

I got the package and flight plans today! It was like Christmas! WOW…I LOVED IT! It came at the perfect time, I really needed it! Thank you so much for all the great stuff…you are all the BEST EVER!!

Well, travel plans are now in hand. It’s like the end of school and we’re now expected to perform all we’ve learned…we’ll see how much actually sunk in once we arrive at our new destination. Leaving the MTC is now only a few days away... WHEW!!! It’s been a great (almost) three months and crazy to think I now only have 21 months left, and I’m not even in the field yet. I really wish we had a little longer than two years. The two year count down should begin once you leave the MTC and enter the field. These past few months flew by, it must’ve been all the Rooskie! This past week was 100% Rooskie or BUST! We’ve all quickly learned sign language and head gestures. (haha) Honestly, it’s the ONLY and BEST way to learn this awesome language. I actually feel pretty comfortable with how I’m coming along. I work my butt off and give it my best, and then rely on the Lord for the rest.

If at all possible, I really want you all to come to Russia to pick me up at the end of my mission. I wish someone in our family spoke Russian. I’m going to write BJ and ask him to learn it before I get back. Speaking of BJ, how is he doing? I’m looking forward to after our missions. I miss him.

I saw Chase yesterday in the book store. It’s crazy he had to wait so long for his visa, but he will finally BUST out of these bars and into the field on Friday. He looks happy and excited to finally leave. It boggles my mind that we will be on opposite sides of the world. Every time I see Chase, I always say to him, “Hey are we going to hang out later?” It’s so funny to see him get all confused. I’m so grateful for the changes that occurred in my life a few months before my mission. It gave me the opportunity to hang out with Chase more than my norm.(before I was always preoccupied with something else.) I now realize I needed these changes to occur so I could experience growth and have all the great moments I had right before I left that helped me spiritually prepare for these next two years. Chase, Colten, Daniel and I had some good times before we bolted to the unknown (MTC). I truly believe the Lord is watching over all of us and knows what is needed and intercedes when necessary. He knew what I needed during a difficult period right before my mission (even though I didn’t agree of the outcome… at the time) I felt His love and strength as I tried to find the light in the heavy darkness…the light did shine!

One last SHOUT OUT to…Sister Watt is the best teacher. She is not only the nicest person ever, but she is also the most patient. She loved us even with all the crap we gave her. Then there is Brother Bradford, also the best teacher…He is the nicest guy around and so patient!! I know he had times where he asked himself… how the heck am I EVER going to teach Russian grammar to this mentally challenged group of missionaries. But with perseverance he continued on ...pushing, cramming, shoving, stuffing and squeezing as much Russian grammar as he possibly could into our small little brains, all the while hoping we would soon catch on. I’m sure after a while he resorted to prayer, pleading for a miracle to occur. Believe me, when I say there were plenty of miracles during these three months…prayers are answered!! Now, its up to us to put into action what we’ve learned from these awesome teachers. I hope to make them proud!! I will CRY LIKE A BABY when I leave, knowing I most likely will never see them again. They have changed and influenced my life for the better and I am forever grateful.

I have a story I was debating if I should share, but since it is the best lesson I’ve learned yet…here goes. Last Saturday, Sister Watt shared a lesson with us on the Sacrament. Sister Watt asked us to write out our baptismal covenants on a 3x5 note card and then she asked, if any of us had ever broken any of our covenants by not keeping all the commandments we needed to rip the 3x5 card. When she said that my heart sank, because I had to rip mine along with all the other elders. She went on to explain how the Sacrament is our opportunity to renew our baptismal covenants and we need to always remember the importance of partaking of the Sacrament. So, I put my ripped up note card in my white hand book holder and I plan on taking it every week to remind me. The more we remember the covenants we make the closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we will be. The next day when I attended Sacrament Meeting I took it out and read it and the feelings I had overwhelmed me. At that moment I understood more than ever before that when I take the sacrament I am putting my covenants back together. I am grateful for all the spiritual moments I’ve experienced here at the MTC. I will miss it here!!!

A BIG THANKS to EVERY ONE for all the letters and packages. It’s a great feeling to know friends and family are thinking of me enough to take the time to write a letter or send a package.

I'm not sure what's up with a few of my friends that I thought for sure would write me, especially since I've written them faithfully as promised. All I can say is,..."the ball is in your court".

ONE MORE SHOUT OUT... to my dad. Father’s Day was last Sunday and I want you to know you’re the BEST! Thanks for putting up with all my crap. I’m sorry I wasn’t the best kid, but I hope I can be a good dad like you’ve been to me. Thanks for being a good example. AND…to my GRANDPA’S, thank you for every thing you’ve done. You mean a lot to me and I really look up to both of you. AND…to Dillon,...become a DAD ALREADY!!! What’s up??
a blurb to my mom...***...when ever I hear the sound of Chad's voice ... or the sound of the wind as it rushes by...I think to myself...what a wonderful world Heavenly Father created for me... haha! (I remember a primary song going something like that ) Happy Birthday Mom...I get to call you Monday, your B-DAY!! (I'll speak some Rooskie for you)

Elder Dewey

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

COUNT DOWN...Five, Four, Three, Two, One, And...TAKE OFF!!!...GOOD BYE USA and HELLO RUSSIA!!! ...Elder Dewey's adventures begin...

THE DAY IS SOON HERE...hard to believe that by this time next week I'll be in Russia and out in the field...I'm ready...LET'S GOOO!!! LAST PICS FROM THE MTC...
Chase can finally say's about time!! He leaves Friday...after waiting for weeks for his visa to arrive.

Elder Lindsay, Elder Dewey, Elder Hepler...practicing our "Serious Russian Look"...The Legend and Champion at the Russian language. (older district) Elder Dewey, Elder Vernon and Elder Veirig...we are just so serious, it's scary. We are just hanging at the dorm.

"Germany" and I doing the " Presidential Pose" Elder V and I doing the "Russian Squat".

Elder Anderson , Elder Dewey, and Elder Thompson (Zone Leaders - older ones) both Elders going to Ekat.

Elder Clark from Vegas (younger elder) and I...we party and drink chocolate milk. He is way cool. Elder Dewey, my good friend, Elder "Germany",(he is going to Czech ) and my companion Elder Dewey, my friend Elder Lindsay, (he is going to Czech) and my companion. FOUR SQUARE BUDDIES!
Elder Dewey and Elder Clark (older one) He is so cool...we are going to PARTY after our mission. He is a cool guy. He wants to be our pool boy. lol
Elder Dishnica from Albania. He is our CRAZY ONE...Ya gotta love him!!
Two good friends from another zone, (older ones) now in the Baltic. Elder Udy (the big guy) any relation?
Hey Everyone,

Thanks for everything!!! The box you all sent me was really awesome!!! Everyone was jealous. Anyway, I only have six days left here in the MTC. The bars will finally be unlocked!!! Wow… it’s pretty crazy how fast the days are going now. I wish I could slow them down a little. I really am going to miss all the new friends I’ve made here, including my awesome teachers.

I saw Chase yesterday and he looked like he was doing really good while eating a delicious looking otter pop. I can't believe he hasn't left this place yet!! I might beat him out of here...that's just crazy!!! I guess a lot of elders that are going to Mexico are waiting on their visas. I'm glad I still get to see him every so often.

The exciting news for the week is that we received our flight plans!!! We leave the MTC at 8 AM on Monday morning. We have a five hour lay over in Chicago and a six and a half hour lay over in Frankfurt Germany. I am so excited!!! Wow… I have so many mixed emotions right now.

Tell Daniel to love the MTC because it is the greatest thing ever to prepare him for his mission.

I went to the outside world yesterday because my companion has a cavity. It was crazy, the video, Beauty and the Beast was playing in the waiting room and I didn’t know if I was allowed to watch it so I tried to study, but never in my life have I ever been so excited to see that Beauty and the Beast was playing ten feet away from me! I think I was more excited to see it than the little girl sitting a foot away from it. We get to go back on Thursday…I wonder what Disney movie will be playing…maybe I’ll bring popcorn…JK!!

I’m going to send home a tape and letter today. It has some good stuff on it, so no worries….mom. It has my exact flight plans. (Don't get any crazy ideas flying to Chicago just to see me. I know it's your birthday on Monday and you would really like to see me but... NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! - I know you haven't said anything, but I know you and I know your thinkin it! Just know I love ya and all is well!!)

It was awesome to hear from a lot of my friends on the tape you sent and hear that everyone is doing really well. I am way happy that Logan is going back out so soon. I love that kid! I am excited for Daniel to get here on Wednesday.

I’ve made some awesome friends here. A lot of the younger Elders are really cool and nice. A couple of nights ago, Elder H, and Elder J two finish elders and I were making some crazy music with a can of nuts, two hangers, an alarm clock, and the bed post. It was pretty fun I think I recorded it on the tape I sent home so you might get the privilege of hearing some great tunes being made from inside the walls of the MTC. haha!!

I don’t really need anything else. We are limited on what we can take because of the weight restrictions. They say each elder has to pay like $300-350 extra for their luggage. Dang those airlines, they are already ghetto enough.

One last story regarding four square. Well, Elders Vernon, Soffe, Gruver, Clark and I rule the square!!! We have a MAD CRAZY STRATEGY!!! We get in and we just set each other up and kill the people we don’t like in the square. It makes people get crazy upset, but hey…It’s just a game of what??? Yep…a game of FOUR SQUARE!!! Ya gotta love that red rubber ball!!! Some of these elders need to learn it’s just a game. This last week is NO MERCY week.

Hmmm… what else. Oh, Sister Watt pulled a fast one on us, she made us teach with different people on Wednesday, it was like exchanges. It was a lot fun, I taught with CT Campbell and Vierig. It was challenging, but extremely helpful. I really love my teachers. They honestly have made my MTC experience the best with their funny stories, very spiritual lessons, and with a little bit of learning Russian on the side. Haha… just kidding we learned a TON of Russian!!!

Thanks for every one's support, it really has helped get me through these past three months here at the MTC. Mom and dad please get my email address out to everyone, and let everyone know that I can receive emails from anyone and everyone…people need to learn this especially because I will be in Russia and I will really want to hear from people! Oh yeah…and make sure everyone knows I love them.... just in case..... JUST KIDDING! I will be fine mom, no worries. I really do want everyone to know I love them a lot and I do appreciate their letters and packages. It means a lot that people still think about me and care enough to send me packages and letters. Make sure they keep coming in some form… emails, letters, or whatever and however!!! Peace.

I love you all. CT Dewey

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev speaks during the Victory Day military parade in Red Square in front of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow May 9th, 2008. War planes screamed over Red Square and missile launchers rumbled past ranks of soldiers when Russia celebrated victory on this day over Nazi Germany with a show of military the Russian's might not seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey Everyone,

Well, things in the MTC are great as usual. We started 100% SYL (speak your language) yesterday which will be really hard, but I’m determined. Our teachers speak only Russian in class, which makes my brain hurt and want to explode, but I know it will help. A lot of the Elders in my district are getting upset about it, but they just need to relax, it’s in our best interest and will help prepare us for what’s ahead. It’s funny how quiet it's gotten around here now, because we all have a very limited vocabulary. It's interesting having to be silent, especially for someone like myself.

Nothing much is new, just a lot of studying. I can’t wait to get to Russia. We get our flight plans on Friday! I am so excited just to look at the flight plans and know I’m actually leaving here soon!!

Thanks for the letters and packages everyone. It really helps.

Yesterday was kind of a hard day with starting SYL and we taught the first lesson in Russian to my teacher, and my comp talked a lot, which isn’t bad, but he likes to talk really slow. Not a big deal it just drove me nuts, especially because I had to go to the bathroom. After the lesson he kept asking me, " Chto C Bami" meaning what’s with you? So …I got right back at him in my new limited Russian vocabulary, but I guess it was okay because I knew the right words to say and the spirit didn’t constrain me. Haha!! It was all good, I think he was just trying to get to me and he didn’t expect me to respond like I did in Russian. It was pretty funny.

Our district is excited to get to Ekat and Elder R to the Baltic. We all tease Elder R that he is the only one going to the Baltic and too bad it’s not Russia. Our teacher joined in on it a little and he got really upset, so we are going to need to stop and not tease him as much.

I’m a little bummed that I can’t talk to the younger elders anymore. I’ve made some really good friends with some of them. Whenever I try to talk to them in Russian it’s hard because they don’t know what I am saying, ( half the time... I don’t know what I’m saying) but the more I speak Russian the better my speaking skills will become.

The native Russians practiced contacting with our district and one of the sisters told me I had a dog and then complimented me on how cute my dog was, it was funny. Two of the native sisters were talking extremely fast just to confuse me and their teacher (Sister G the Ukrainian who now loves me for some reason) got mad at them and told them it wasn’t nice. It’s funny because Sister G hated me for a while for saying "Ukraine Ploha", ( remember back in one of my letters) but she loves me now because she’s gotten to know me and understands how I like to joke around and have a little fun.. I always talk to her in Russian, even though she corrects me all the time…it’s totally cool!! A lot of missionaries get upset when people correct their Russian, I think it’s great, it's the way you learn and the grammar will stick.

So, for your four square update- it’s useless...the new English elders don’t have any class when they play. (meaning smash on the first hit)

Thanks for all your support. I love everyone and I hope everyone is having a good time back in AZ or wherever you are.

Love Elder Dewey

Saturday, June 7, 2008


One of the most important things I've ever learned is to WORK AS HARD AS POSSIBLE EVERYDAY. I understand more why dad always wanted us to work hard. I have been tired everyday of my mission so far. It makes the mission worth it. I plan on being tired for the rest of my life. It brings a sense of accomplishment...AND it pleases our Father in Heaven. Without hard work we wouldn't get any where. Not just work/school/families, but also in the gospel...we need to read the scriptures, pray constantly, be grateful. I am grateful for my parents, siblings, family, friends and people I have associated with. If it wasn't for them I would not be who I am today. I would not have the strive to reach my full potential. Thank you. I love you all.

My new companion, Elder R is going to the Baltic state mission.

Have a great week. I love you all!
Elder Dewey


Hello Everyone,

Greetings from the MTC. Just another day. It seems like life is going by way too fast. Only a few more weeks and then it's Russia or Bust! So I just found out some super good info. Russia requires that everyone returns to their own country to renew their visas, but Estonia doesn't acknowledge that law. So how awesome is that!! I think the big guy knows Russia needs us. He makes openings for us like!! Plus it's right next to Russia. Also, one of the top Russian attorneys is a friend of the church and has great influence in the government...How cool is that??

I want to take a moment and tell everyone that I have THE GREATEST TEACHERS in the MTC. Epat (Brother) Bradford, and Sister Watt. I have learned a great deal from each of them and will always be grateful for their patience and hard work. They help us so's crazy!! They are two of the nicest people around!! It sucks, because in three weeks it will be goodbye. It will be hard because I won't see them again. It's crazy how close you get to people on your mission. Don't get me wrong, I have awesome friends back home, but I will see them again. I try to not think of coming home. I really don't want my mission to ever end.

I love you all. thanks for being an influence in my life, if your reading this you've been an influence in my life even if I've never meet you and you're reading my stories and experiences and thought about me, that makes you an influence. I truly do love everyone. It's so much better to love everyone than to have an ounce of dislike for anyone at all...think about that. Thanks for your love and support.

your son, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, relative, random encounter...whatever it be I love you.

P.S. My companion talks in his sleep... that's awkward!
P.S.S. A lot of the new native Russians are going to Ekat...I am way excited!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hey Everyone.

TWENTY DAYS AND COUNTING…HURRAY, HURRAY!!! I AM READY TO BREAK DOWN THE BARS IN THIS PLACE!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love it here and have learned so much and greatly appreciate this opportunity, BUT…I am most definitely ready to see the outside world again!!! I am anxious to get out in the field and start working hard. There hasn't been anything special happening so I don’t have a lot to report this week. Once I get to Russia I’m sure the letters home will be a little more interesting, but for now I will keep this week entry short and sweet. The highlight of my week was when Sister Dibbs talked. (President Monson’s daughter) It was VERY good and interesting to here about President Monson’s personal life. We learned more Russian and worked with our new Companion Elder Roderick. It’s been fun and hard at the same time. There are new Native Russians here in the MTC and there are three or four going to Ekat, so I’m very excited. They are very nice. I find it interesting when ever I’ve heard other’s speak about Russians I always had the impression most people consider them to be some what mean spirited, but the Russians I have talked to and have gotten to know thus far have been extremely nice.

Anyways, I have been studying my butt off. I think I’ve finally found a way I like to study that is helpful. I purchased a journal and I write fifteen words a day and memorize them. It works like a charm, because it’s small organized and easy to review. I can’t believe I only have 20 more day’s until Ekat! . I am so excited I love the Russian people. We teach the 2nd lesson in Russian for the second time tomorrow and I’m not taking in any notes, I’m so excited just to let it free flow. My teacher let us practice on her and she asked me such a hard question to answer in Russian, she asked, "What blessings have you received from living the law of tithing" haha… TRY ANSWERING THAT in Russian haha… it’s not easy AT ALL!! But I’m happy to report that I managed to answer it!! Anyway, I have made a lot of new friends with the new elders who just came a few weeks ago. They are way cool. The Elders from Finland really want me to go visit them sometime after the mission, so I guess Finland it is. It’s weird, because we feel so much older than the new elders and sisters who just came into our zone, but we’re not. haha…of course the sisters are all older than us because they have to be 21, but it just feels weird. You grow so much on a mission. Even in the MTC.

So people keep spreading rumors and junk about the Russian missionaries, but just to clear it up MISSIONARIES ARE NOT GETTING KICKED OUT OF RUSSIA! So far the understanding is that fewer missionaries are being sent because the expense of renewing visas every three months.

Well, I love you all. It would be amazing if I could get a letter from anyone...anyone at all. Well I’ve got a lot to do and a lot of studying to get done today. If I studied like this in school I would have been the smartest kid around, but I wouldn’t had as much FUN!!! But yeah… we study so hard here and it’s great!! I hope everyone has a good week!
Love,Elder Dewey