Saturday, June 7, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Greetings from the MTC. Just another day. It seems like life is going by way too fast. Only a few more weeks and then it's Russia or Bust! So I just found out some super good info. Russia requires that everyone returns to their own country to renew their visas, but Estonia doesn't acknowledge that law. So how awesome is that!! I think the big guy knows Russia needs us. He makes openings for us like!! Plus it's right next to Russia. Also, one of the top Russian attorneys is a friend of the church and has great influence in the government...How cool is that??

I want to take a moment and tell everyone that I have THE GREATEST TEACHERS in the MTC. Epat (Brother) Bradford, and Sister Watt. I have learned a great deal from each of them and will always be grateful for their patience and hard work. They help us so's crazy!! They are two of the nicest people around!! It sucks, because in three weeks it will be goodbye. It will be hard because I won't see them again. It's crazy how close you get to people on your mission. Don't get me wrong, I have awesome friends back home, but I will see them again. I try to not think of coming home. I really don't want my mission to ever end.

I love you all. thanks for being an influence in my life, if your reading this you've been an influence in my life even if I've never meet you and you're reading my stories and experiences and thought about me, that makes you an influence. I truly do love everyone. It's so much better to love everyone than to have an ounce of dislike for anyone at all...think about that. Thanks for your love and support.

your son, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, relative, random encounter...whatever it be I love you.

P.S. My companion talks in his sleep... that's awkward!
P.S.S. A lot of the new native Russians are going to Ekat...I am way excited!!

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