Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Memories Made in Ufa...pictures say it all.

Elders Dewey and Stoops

Peeps in Ufa

Love the hats!!

Peace Out...

Monday, November 16, 2009

New area, Perm...New companion. Elder Gilming from Cali...

Hello Everyone,

I just arrived to Perm last Wednesday so there’s not a lot to write home about. Next weeks letter should have a little more detail. Today, however, will be another brief outline of last week’s happenings.
Last Monday was our final pday in Ufa. We didn’t do anything special except that Elder Shreeve and I went out to find boots and we ended up lost, and on a bus that took us all around the city. I have to admit, it was a good time and a fun experience to see the areas where we served one last time, and reflect back on the good memories we made, the great people we were fortunate enough to meet, get to know, and grow to love. I am a better person to have had the opportunity to serve among these terrific people.
When Tuesday rolled around we had all our stuff packed and ready to go. We left in the middle of the night for the train station where we met a ton of members, mostly the youth, who came to say good bye to us. Yeah…another very difficult good bye!! I love these people and grew so attached to them. They are all so amazing! I don’t know why these goodbyes have to be so dang hard for me to deal with, but they are. Often times I wish I could  serve my entire mission in just one area. But I realize that this is part of missionary life. If anyone reads this from Ufa, I hope they know how much I love them and miss them. I have loved all of the areas I have been in and honestly having to leave an area stinks.
We arrived to Ekat at around 3 and I left around 4 for Perm. The train ride wasn’t the best, there was a constant draft of cold air that blew in pretty fast, but I survived. The first thing on our agenda was to move to a different area right away. We actually ended up with a cool apartment that used to be the sisters, and they now have the piece of junk we were living in.
We met most of the members here on Sunday which was really cool. Shortly after meeting everyone and getting a grip on my new surroundings I soon find out that our area boundaries have changed, and now I’m not exactly sure who is in our area. Oh well.
Our apartment is very nice and in a cool location which is in the middle of the city. To make things even better, we have all the great sites with decent stores as well. The best part is that there is a Mexican food restaurant right outside our house!!! How cool is that???
My Comp is Elder Gilming from Cali and is way cool. He is pretty dang new, but it should be really fun to serve with him.
Again, sorry for the short email, like I said, not much to write about yet...next week should be more informative.
It’s difficult to get my mind off all the people back in Ufa. I found my prayer last night turned into a long list of names.I finally laid down I still couldn’t stop thinking about all of them.
I hope everyone has a great week.


Elder Dewey

Monday, November 9, 2009

Last week in Dyoma...transfer to Perm

The youth made these cool hats for all the departing missionaries.

Missionaries in UFA...Dewey, Shreeve, Thomas, Holden, Odair, (missing a few names)

Hello Everyone,
I decided to take the same approach as last week and send home more photos than write a lengthy email about a non eventful week, sorry, I just think that pictures are more interesting to look at.  I will share with you a few random happenings of the past week.
First off, this is my last week here in Dyoma. We received news about transfers on Friday. I knew my time here was coming to a close, but it's still difficult to have to move on. It's hard not to grow attached to these great people.
While we were out the other day we found a dead man lying by some tree! I believe he must’ve froze to death…it happens frequently here in Russia. The police were just standing around the poor guy acting like it was no big deal, I guess because to them he was just another frozen body.
I am happy to report that Elder Stoops finally arrived here to Dyoma last Wednesday, but unfortunately I will only be with him for a few days and then I am off to Perm. Although I am disappointed that I have to leave everyone behind here in Dyoma, I am excited to be going to Perm. It’s the only area of the mission that I have not served in yet and I can now say that I have been in every area of the mission…pretty cool.
Sunday was an awesome day. We all had a chance to speak and say our goodbyes, which was difficult. After church that evening we had a meeting that the youth put on for all of us missionaries who were leaving, they have never done that for any other group of missionaries...(we're the special ones...haha) I really love the youth here in Ufa they really are amazing. They gave each departing missionary these goofy little hats we wore. It was pretty fun. We also had a testimony meeting which was really cool, I tried not to get too emotional. It’s always so stinking hard to say goodbye, so I just don’t. I know I will see them all again someday, maybe in this life or maybe the next, so it’s not a goodbye it’s a “see ya later” in my book. Anyway, I really loved serving here in Dyoma it's hard to leave. It’s funny because I try not think about leaving and go on like it’s not happening and then about two weeks later it will hit me and I will get kind of bummed out, but this time I’m determined to stay strong and not get too sad, it will be tough though because I really love the branch and members here. It seems like just when I get feeling like an area is perfect and going well it's time to part ways and move on and that sucks sometimes, but that’s life as a missionary.  I will always remember all my people in Dyoma and how amazing they all are! Well gotta run, love you all and thanks for the support.


Elder Dewey
Goodbye Dyoma Peeps!

Monday, November 2, 2009


photos from Elder Dewey

Elder Dewey's Halloween (watermelon) pumpkin outside his apartment window.