Monday, November 9, 2009

Last week in Dyoma...transfer to Perm

The youth made these cool hats for all the departing missionaries.

Missionaries in UFA...Dewey, Shreeve, Thomas, Holden, Odair, (missing a few names)

Hello Everyone,
I decided to take the same approach as last week and send home more photos than write a lengthy email about a non eventful week, sorry, I just think that pictures are more interesting to look at.  I will share with you a few random happenings of the past week.
First off, this is my last week here in Dyoma. We received news about transfers on Friday. I knew my time here was coming to a close, but it's still difficult to have to move on. It's hard not to grow attached to these great people.
While we were out the other day we found a dead man lying by some tree! I believe he must’ve froze to death…it happens frequently here in Russia. The police were just standing around the poor guy acting like it was no big deal, I guess because to them he was just another frozen body.
I am happy to report that Elder Stoops finally arrived here to Dyoma last Wednesday, but unfortunately I will only be with him for a few days and then I am off to Perm. Although I am disappointed that I have to leave everyone behind here in Dyoma, I am excited to be going to Perm. It’s the only area of the mission that I have not served in yet and I can now say that I have been in every area of the mission…pretty cool.
Sunday was an awesome day. We all had a chance to speak and say our goodbyes, which was difficult. After church that evening we had a meeting that the youth put on for all of us missionaries who were leaving, they have never done that for any other group of missionaries...(we're the special ones...haha) I really love the youth here in Ufa they really are amazing. They gave each departing missionary these goofy little hats we wore. It was pretty fun. We also had a testimony meeting which was really cool, I tried not to get too emotional. It’s always so stinking hard to say goodbye, so I just don’t. I know I will see them all again someday, maybe in this life or maybe the next, so it’s not a goodbye it’s a “see ya later” in my book. Anyway, I really loved serving here in Dyoma it's hard to leave. It’s funny because I try not think about leaving and go on like it’s not happening and then about two weeks later it will hit me and I will get kind of bummed out, but this time I’m determined to stay strong and not get too sad, it will be tough though because I really love the branch and members here. It seems like just when I get feeling like an area is perfect and going well it's time to part ways and move on and that sucks sometimes, but that’s life as a missionary.  I will always remember all my people in Dyoma and how amazing they all are! Well gotta run, love you all and thanks for the support.


Elder Dewey
Goodbye Dyoma Peeps!

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