Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hi Everyone,

I got the package and flight plans today! It was like Christmas! WOW…I LOVED IT! It came at the perfect time, I really needed it! Thank you so much for all the great stuff…you are all the BEST EVER!!

Well, travel plans are now in hand. It’s like the end of school and we’re now expected to perform all we’ve learned…we’ll see how much actually sunk in once we arrive at our new destination. Leaving the MTC is now only a few days away... WHEW!!! It’s been a great (almost) three months and crazy to think I now only have 21 months left, and I’m not even in the field yet. I really wish we had a little longer than two years. The two year count down should begin once you leave the MTC and enter the field. These past few months flew by, it must’ve been all the Rooskie! This past week was 100% Rooskie or BUST! We’ve all quickly learned sign language and head gestures. (haha) Honestly, it’s the ONLY and BEST way to learn this awesome language. I actually feel pretty comfortable with how I’m coming along. I work my butt off and give it my best, and then rely on the Lord for the rest.

If at all possible, I really want you all to come to Russia to pick me up at the end of my mission. I wish someone in our family spoke Russian. I’m going to write BJ and ask him to learn it before I get back. Speaking of BJ, how is he doing? I’m looking forward to after our missions. I miss him.

I saw Chase yesterday in the book store. It’s crazy he had to wait so long for his visa, but he will finally BUST out of these bars and into the field on Friday. He looks happy and excited to finally leave. It boggles my mind that we will be on opposite sides of the world. Every time I see Chase, I always say to him, “Hey are we going to hang out later?” It’s so funny to see him get all confused. I’m so grateful for the changes that occurred in my life a few months before my mission. It gave me the opportunity to hang out with Chase more than my norm.(before I was always preoccupied with something else.) I now realize I needed these changes to occur so I could experience growth and have all the great moments I had right before I left that helped me spiritually prepare for these next two years. Chase, Colten, Daniel and I had some good times before we bolted to the unknown (MTC). I truly believe the Lord is watching over all of us and knows what is needed and intercedes when necessary. He knew what I needed during a difficult period right before my mission (even though I didn’t agree of the outcome… at the time) I felt His love and strength as I tried to find the light in the heavy darkness…the light did shine!

One last SHOUT OUT to…Sister Watt is the best teacher. She is not only the nicest person ever, but she is also the most patient. She loved us even with all the crap we gave her. Then there is Brother Bradford, also the best teacher…He is the nicest guy around and so patient!! I know he had times where he asked himself… how the heck am I EVER going to teach Russian grammar to this mentally challenged group of missionaries. But with perseverance he continued on ...pushing, cramming, shoving, stuffing and squeezing as much Russian grammar as he possibly could into our small little brains, all the while hoping we would soon catch on. I’m sure after a while he resorted to prayer, pleading for a miracle to occur. Believe me, when I say there were plenty of miracles during these three months…prayers are answered!! Now, its up to us to put into action what we’ve learned from these awesome teachers. I hope to make them proud!! I will CRY LIKE A BABY when I leave, knowing I most likely will never see them again. They have changed and influenced my life for the better and I am forever grateful.

I have a story I was debating if I should share, but since it is the best lesson I’ve learned yet…here goes. Last Saturday, Sister Watt shared a lesson with us on the Sacrament. Sister Watt asked us to write out our baptismal covenants on a 3x5 note card and then she asked, if any of us had ever broken any of our covenants by not keeping all the commandments we needed to rip the 3x5 card. When she said that my heart sank, because I had to rip mine along with all the other elders. She went on to explain how the Sacrament is our opportunity to renew our baptismal covenants and we need to always remember the importance of partaking of the Sacrament. So, I put my ripped up note card in my white hand book holder and I plan on taking it every week to remind me. The more we remember the covenants we make the closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we will be. The next day when I attended Sacrament Meeting I took it out and read it and the feelings I had overwhelmed me. At that moment I understood more than ever before that when I take the sacrament I am putting my covenants back together. I am grateful for all the spiritual moments I’ve experienced here at the MTC. I will miss it here!!!

A BIG THANKS to EVERY ONE for all the letters and packages. It’s a great feeling to know friends and family are thinking of me enough to take the time to write a letter or send a package.

I'm not sure what's up with a few of my friends that I thought for sure would write me, especially since I've written them faithfully as promised. All I can say is,..."the ball is in your court".

ONE MORE SHOUT OUT... to my dad. Father’s Day was last Sunday and I want you to know you’re the BEST! Thanks for putting up with all my crap. I’m sorry I wasn’t the best kid, but I hope I can be a good dad like you’ve been to me. Thanks for being a good example. AND…to my GRANDPA’S, thank you for every thing you’ve done. You mean a lot to me and I really look up to both of you. AND…to Dillon,...become a DAD ALREADY!!! What’s up??
a blurb to my mom...***...when ever I hear the sound of Chad's voice ... or the sound of the wind as it rushes by...I think to myself...what a wonderful world Heavenly Father created for me... haha! (I remember a primary song going something like that ) Happy Birthday Mom...I get to call you Monday, your B-DAY!! (I'll speak some Rooskie for you)

Elder Dewey

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