Wednesday, June 18, 2008

COUNT DOWN...Five, Four, Three, Two, One, And...TAKE OFF!!!...GOOD BYE USA and HELLO RUSSIA!!! ...Elder Dewey's adventures begin...

THE DAY IS SOON HERE...hard to believe that by this time next week I'll be in Russia and out in the field...I'm ready...LET'S GOOO!!! LAST PICS FROM THE MTC...
Chase can finally say's about time!! He leaves Friday...after waiting for weeks for his visa to arrive.

Elder Lindsay, Elder Dewey, Elder Hepler...practicing our "Serious Russian Look"...The Legend and Champion at the Russian language. (older district) Elder Dewey, Elder Vernon and Elder Veirig...we are just so serious, it's scary. We are just hanging at the dorm.

"Germany" and I doing the " Presidential Pose" Elder V and I doing the "Russian Squat".

Elder Anderson , Elder Dewey, and Elder Thompson (Zone Leaders - older ones) both Elders going to Ekat.

Elder Clark from Vegas (younger elder) and I...we party and drink chocolate milk. He is way cool. Elder Dewey, my good friend, Elder "Germany",(he is going to Czech ) and my companion Elder Dewey, my friend Elder Lindsay, (he is going to Czech) and my companion. FOUR SQUARE BUDDIES!
Elder Dewey and Elder Clark (older one) He is so cool...we are going to PARTY after our mission. He is a cool guy. He wants to be our pool boy. lol
Elder Dishnica from Albania. He is our CRAZY ONE...Ya gotta love him!!
Two good friends from another zone, (older ones) now in the Baltic. Elder Udy (the big guy) any relation?
Hey Everyone,

Thanks for everything!!! The box you all sent me was really awesome!!! Everyone was jealous. Anyway, I only have six days left here in the MTC. The bars will finally be unlocked!!! Wow… it’s pretty crazy how fast the days are going now. I wish I could slow them down a little. I really am going to miss all the new friends I’ve made here, including my awesome teachers.

I saw Chase yesterday and he looked like he was doing really good while eating a delicious looking otter pop. I can't believe he hasn't left this place yet!! I might beat him out of here...that's just crazy!!! I guess a lot of elders that are going to Mexico are waiting on their visas. I'm glad I still get to see him every so often.

The exciting news for the week is that we received our flight plans!!! We leave the MTC at 8 AM on Monday morning. We have a five hour lay over in Chicago and a six and a half hour lay over in Frankfurt Germany. I am so excited!!! Wow… I have so many mixed emotions right now.

Tell Daniel to love the MTC because it is the greatest thing ever to prepare him for his mission.

I went to the outside world yesterday because my companion has a cavity. It was crazy, the video, Beauty and the Beast was playing in the waiting room and I didn’t know if I was allowed to watch it so I tried to study, but never in my life have I ever been so excited to see that Beauty and the Beast was playing ten feet away from me! I think I was more excited to see it than the little girl sitting a foot away from it. We get to go back on Thursday…I wonder what Disney movie will be playing…maybe I’ll bring popcorn…JK!!

I’m going to send home a tape and letter today. It has some good stuff on it, so no worries….mom. It has my exact flight plans. (Don't get any crazy ideas flying to Chicago just to see me. I know it's your birthday on Monday and you would really like to see me but... NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! - I know you haven't said anything, but I know you and I know your thinkin it! Just know I love ya and all is well!!)

It was awesome to hear from a lot of my friends on the tape you sent and hear that everyone is doing really well. I am way happy that Logan is going back out so soon. I love that kid! I am excited for Daniel to get here on Wednesday.

I’ve made some awesome friends here. A lot of the younger Elders are really cool and nice. A couple of nights ago, Elder H, and Elder J two finish elders and I were making some crazy music with a can of nuts, two hangers, an alarm clock, and the bed post. It was pretty fun I think I recorded it on the tape I sent home so you might get the privilege of hearing some great tunes being made from inside the walls of the MTC. haha!!

I don’t really need anything else. We are limited on what we can take because of the weight restrictions. They say each elder has to pay like $300-350 extra for their luggage. Dang those airlines, they are already ghetto enough.

One last story regarding four square. Well, Elders Vernon, Soffe, Gruver, Clark and I rule the square!!! We have a MAD CRAZY STRATEGY!!! We get in and we just set each other up and kill the people we don’t like in the square. It makes people get crazy upset, but hey…It’s just a game of what??? Yep…a game of FOUR SQUARE!!! Ya gotta love that red rubber ball!!! Some of these elders need to learn it’s just a game. This last week is NO MERCY week.

Hmmm… what else. Oh, Sister Watt pulled a fast one on us, she made us teach with different people on Wednesday, it was like exchanges. It was a lot fun, I taught with CT Campbell and Vierig. It was challenging, but extremely helpful. I really love my teachers. They honestly have made my MTC experience the best with their funny stories, very spiritual lessons, and with a little bit of learning Russian on the side. Haha… just kidding we learned a TON of Russian!!!

Thanks for every one's support, it really has helped get me through these past three months here at the MTC. Mom and dad please get my email address out to everyone, and let everyone know that I can receive emails from anyone and everyone…people need to learn this especially because I will be in Russia and I will really want to hear from people! Oh yeah…and make sure everyone knows I love them.... just in case..... JUST KIDDING! I will be fine mom, no worries. I really do want everyone to know I love them a lot and I do appreciate their letters and packages. It means a lot that people still think about me and care enough to send me packages and letters. Make sure they keep coming in some form… emails, letters, or whatever and however!!! Peace.

I love you all. CT Dewey

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elderdaniel said...

Dena... THe blog is awesome! I loved the poem from Mother's Day. Made me have tears. What a exciting time for these boys. I cannot wait till they are all home and sharing their missionary experiences together. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Kim