Monday, June 23, 2008

ANOTHER CALL FOR MOM...what we learned...

The Russian word for "Belly Button" is pronounced "Poop".

The One Thing He Will Miss Most about the MTC is his BED. He heard that Elders sleep on sofa' they make sofa's longer than Six Four?...

The One Thing He IS Most Excited To Try when he arrives in Russia is ...BORSCH soup. (isn't that made out of red beets...EWWWW!) He hears from all the natives that it is delicious...okay, whatever you say.

His favorite MTC devotional was when he heard President Monson's daughter, Sister Dibb's speak.

What he Misses Most about Home is his...Mom. (I've paid him well for that answer!)

He speaks a language that none of us can understand, but...SOUNDS SO COOL!!!

He gets air sick...ruined his favorite tie know what!!! (He did make it to the restroom, but his tie got in the line of fire...ewww again! Poor people who have to sit next to him!!)

He is going to have a difficult time pulling his companion away from the phone long enough to grab something to eat before catching their next flight..his companion was talking with his girlfriend of three years and was in tears.

Still worrying...How he was going to get his newly stained tie ( know what!) dry cleaned.

Flip flops are a shower must...with out, unusual looking warts will start growing from your feet...another ewww!!
Here are a few more Russian words;
priyanniki - small sweet breads
volksal - train
stationrenick - market
babushka - older women
limondad - cream soda
Dom – small apartment
Elder Dewey is ...ready for Russia! Russia ready for Elder Dewey??? Stay Tuned.. for the rest of the story...

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