Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey Everyone,

Well, things in the MTC are great as usual. We started 100% SYL (speak your language) yesterday which will be really hard, but I’m determined. Our teachers speak only Russian in class, which makes my brain hurt and want to explode, but I know it will help. A lot of the Elders in my district are getting upset about it, but they just need to relax, it’s in our best interest and will help prepare us for what’s ahead. It’s funny how quiet it's gotten around here now, because we all have a very limited vocabulary. It's interesting having to be silent, especially for someone like myself.

Nothing much is new, just a lot of studying. I can’t wait to get to Russia. We get our flight plans on Friday! I am so excited just to look at the flight plans and know I’m actually leaving here soon!!

Thanks for the letters and packages everyone. It really helps.

Yesterday was kind of a hard day with starting SYL and we taught the first lesson in Russian to my teacher, and my comp talked a lot, which isn’t bad, but he likes to talk really slow. Not a big deal it just drove me nuts, especially because I had to go to the bathroom. After the lesson he kept asking me, " Chto C Bami" meaning what’s with you? So …I got right back at him in my new limited Russian vocabulary, but I guess it was okay because I knew the right words to say and the spirit didn’t constrain me. Haha!! It was all good, I think he was just trying to get to me and he didn’t expect me to respond like I did in Russian. It was pretty funny.

Our district is excited to get to Ekat and Elder R to the Baltic. We all tease Elder R that he is the only one going to the Baltic and too bad it’s not Russia. Our teacher joined in on it a little and he got really upset, so we are going to need to stop and not tease him as much.

I’m a little bummed that I can’t talk to the younger elders anymore. I’ve made some really good friends with some of them. Whenever I try to talk to them in Russian it’s hard because they don’t know what I am saying, ( half the time... I don’t know what I’m saying) but the more I speak Russian the better my speaking skills will become.

The native Russians practiced contacting with our district and one of the sisters told me I had a dog and then complimented me on how cute my dog was, it was funny. Two of the native sisters were talking extremely fast just to confuse me and their teacher (Sister G the Ukrainian who now loves me for some reason) got mad at them and told them it wasn’t nice. It’s funny because Sister G hated me for a while for saying "Ukraine Ploha", ( remember back in one of my letters) but she loves me now because she’s gotten to know me and understands how I like to joke around and have a little fun.. I always talk to her in Russian, even though she corrects me all the time…it’s totally cool!! A lot of missionaries get upset when people correct their Russian, I think it’s great, it's the way you learn and the grammar will stick.

So, for your four square update- it’s useless...the new English elders don’t have any class when they play. (meaning smash on the first hit)

Thanks for all your support. I love everyone and I hope everyone is having a good time back in AZ or wherever you are.

Love Elder Dewey

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