Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LAST AND FINAL CALL TO MOM...until Christmas..that sounds like forever!

After staying up all night ..."WIDE EYED" tracking Chad's flight across the Atlantic, the phone rings this morning around 6:30, I answer and hear on the other end...the sound of a very tired young man, who still has another few hours until he boards his next flight to Yekaterinburg Russia. He sounded great, a little exhausted, but determined to remain excited and enthusiastic for what awaits. I knew he wasn't at the point of breaking yet... a few more hours at the Frankfurt airport and another four hours in the air, he would soon arrive at his final destination...stained tie and all! On this last flight to Frankfurt, Elder Dewey was able to keep from hurling...so there was no need for the vomit bag and he still had a happy companion nearby. We talked for about 30 minutes. I brought him up to date on the happenings of home, and he shared a few interesting facts about the MTC. He mentioned that the last few days at the MTC the BYU security was in full force because the first Presidency happened to be conducting a seminar for all the new Mission Presidents. A few of the Quorum of the twelve was scheduled to speak Monday evening, and he was disappointed he was going to miss it. He was hoping to see a glimpse of one of them before leaving, but no such luck. Well, it's almost time for his FINAL FLIGHT to take off...he will soon be airborne and that much closer to his new and unfamiliar home that he will grow to love over the next 21 months. СТАРШИЙ УДАЧИ DEWEY! (GOOD LUCK ELDER DEWEY!) *** I no longer have Chad in sight...The Lord will take over from here...He is in GOOD HANDS..
***miss you, love you, hug you...mom.

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