Sunday, January 18, 2009

We found Dr. Pepper!!!

We found Dr. Pepper!

last district picture Sunset in Chely

A big hello from Chelyabinsk,

This week was pretty crazy. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Ekat with Elder Sergeev, the ap. We made a joke that I was the new aap, the assistant to the assistant of the president. It was a fun few days. I was able to attend two of their branch activities, English and institute, which was great. But the whole time all I could think about and all I really wanted to do was just get to Chillyabinsk, my new area. We finally arrived on Thursday. I had flash backs of America, there is actually a Subway!
Amazing! Friday we had a few meetings with some of the members here, which seemed to be pretty cool. Saturday we had the most amazing meeting with the best investigator, Valentin, he is seriously the coolest kid I’ve met here. We also did some English club advertising, which brought me back to the old days having to wear big ole t-shirts that says “Free English”. Sunday I had the chance to get acquainted with a few more of the members at church. We meet in a office building. We actually have two branches here, and they are a nice size. We meet at 2:00…a perfect time. Later Sunday evening we had a fireside at the Moulton’s, the senior couple here in Chilly. A member gave the spiritual thought and I had to translate for the Moulton’s. It was somewhat difficult because she kept pausing waiting for me to translate, when it is actually easier if they just keep going so it flows better. It was a great evening. Today we are going bowling as a zone so it should be a pretty fun day.
I don’t have a lot of time today so I will have to cut this one a little short and I will try and make up for it next week by sending some additional pictures.
Elder Dewey

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Judd said...

I love the pictures, what a beautiful place. It is so fun to see where Elder Dewey is actually serving. Thanks for sending your Mom pictures...