Thursday, May 22, 2008


I owe more than these two years.
I give up my useless life,
I say "Bye" to those I love,
But He deserves more than that.

My Lord, who gave me a chance
for happiness throughout eternity.
He gave me His message and my purpose,
to share with our brothers and sisters.

We have a chance to return to God,
Our father in Heaven, who loves us.
Even if I can help one soul,
My life will be worthwhile.

I will give all I have
to share His message with all I can.
It wont be easy, but it shouldn't be.
My faith should be tested, to gain strength,

I owe Him all I have
I wish I could give more.
All He wants is our return to God.
I owe Him, to live my life worthy.

I will owe more than I will ever have,
to my Father in Heaven and to His Son,
Jesus Christ, who paid for my sins.

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