Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When Dressed In a Tie...Speak ONLY Russian...

Hey Everyone,

MTC life continues. I've been getting into the jist of the new zone changes. It's cool though, because I know when I am in Russia there will be a lot of changes and it’s just part of being a missionary. There are some cool kids in our new zone. One is from Gilbert and another from Cali. They know some kids who went to Mountain View.

Last Wednesday we taught the first lesson in Russian, and it went pretty well, but I felt some frustration when I found myself reading most of the lesson. This week I am leaving the note cards and other material behind and going to teach the lesson relying on what I have learned and pray mighty hard for the spirit to guide me through... It’s crazy how you feel the spirit guide you when you’re in different situations. I believe I mentioned this before, I NOW SPEAK ONLY RUSSIAN ...WHEN WEARING MY TIE . (which is most of the time.) It really helps. My teacher only interviews me in Russian as well. It’s so crazy! I love the language. The more I get into it, the more I’m feelin Russian… It’s pretty cool.

Well, they have been refinishing the floors in the gym this past week, and we’ve been playing 4-square outside…kind of ghetto like…but I played anyway!! It was fun, but I miss my home court in the gym.

The letters from everyone have been (for the most part) really great at times, but not so great other times. Its funny, I will have like a week or so of drought (or no mail) and then it will rain on me. Lately, I have to say ... I've been pretty thirsty AND my box is coming up dry!! What's going on...my friends of mine and certain family members... you seem to have forgotten about me?? I love those of you who write me faithfully. (Channel you are the BEST!!!) And… for those of you who just write once in a while…that’s okay too, I will take what I can get. Please keep writing, even if you have no time, because I promise you will gain blessings if you write a missionary. BAM…there you go... there’s your reason to write me!!! Everyone is in need of blessings…right??? It's as easy as that… write a hard working and lonely missionary…such as myself, and the Lord will see that you are helping His cause…and the blessings will start to flow your way. So, if your motive for writing me is just for the blessings, I can accept that as long as you all keep my box full. As the 12 whole weeks here at the MTC drags on ever so slowly, the letters are really starting to drizzle out…I feel a little unloved and forgotten about…okay, by now your throat should be starting to choke and your eyes starting to tear...have I made you feel sorry for me... enough to get the pen and paper out and take a measly 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to jot a few lines ?? I hope so!!! I'm still trying to stay competitive with those “love struck…homesick” elders who seem to get letters from their girlfriends at least every other day, if not every day. (Ha-ha) Yes, okay I admit it, I'm feeling a little jealous. (now I'm sounding like a girl. Oh...what the mtc can do to you.) Even if you can’t think of anything to write about…just a simple “hi, how are you” will suffice…as long as I get an envelope in the box and it looks like I’m loved, and I can stay in some what of the lead around here. I’m counting on you peeps…I know you can do it!!! Remember dear elder.com? Easy, fast and free!

Last night for family home evening we were asked to write in our study journals about what we would want to say on the last day of our missions, we were to write what we accomplished and the type of missionary/person we became. It was so cool and spiritual. It’s an exercise that everyone should do …reflect and ponder on what you would like to accomplish in this life and what type of person you want to become, and how do you want others to remember you. It gives you something to think about.

Everything is good here in the mtc. Wish me luck with my entire Russian thing! Although, it is really tough, it’s the coolest language ever. Well, I love you all and keep up the good work. Make sure your not slacking on any aspect of your lives, because life is easy if you really think about it, you just need to keep everything in perspective, have faith, work hard and develop a good attitude. Oh, and practice A LOT of PATIENTS with yourself and others.

One last note, we get three Fins (elders from Finland today) and three more districts of elders and then my new comp. He will be going to Ekat with us. .. way cool. I love the elders in my district we work really hard. Well, I gotta go do some laundry. Hooray for pday. Oh and two elders in my district get to go to Wal-Mart today. That’s so lame I wish I could go. (I ‘m sounding like a little kid.) just to see what the outside world, I’ve forgotten what it looks like. I can’t believe I actually want to go to WAL- MART of all places. What is wrong with me??? I am sounding desperate.

I better go, because I've got things to do, places NOT to go, and the same old people to see. Peace out fam and friends. Sorry my emails are lame now. Mtc life makes you go crazy. ..Can you tell my mind is starting to go!! Any English or Spanish elder, who whines, has no idea about the troubles us 12 weekers go through. PEACE. Love, Elder Dewey
Elder Dewey and Elder Hansen
(taken on his last day-went home due to
medical reasons. A great Elder!)
Elder Campbel, Elder Dewey and Elder Clouse

Elder Dewey and Elder from Russia

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