Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Another week in the MTC. Here are the happenings for this week…
I got a new companion on Wednesday, his name is Elder R from Sacramento Ca. He seems pretty cool. He knows some Russian (meaning exactly that). He learned from Rosetta Stone, (the program that doesn't teach the grammar principles) and some guy he knew who spoke Russian. He is catching on quickly to the grammar, so that’s great. I have made a lot of new friends with the weee younger elders who just came in. There are three elders from Finland who are WAY cool that I love to hang out with when we have time ( haha ). We are planning a party back in Finland when the mish is all said and done. They said, "we are going to sit in the sauna and then do snow angles naked in the freezing cold snow." Sounds rejuvenating...right??? After surviving in Russia for two years I'm sure I can handle it. ...something to look forward to!!(haha) Their names are Elder Huttenen, Koivisto, and Jotiunos…not too sure about their correct spelling. Then there is elder Traasdall from Gilbert in our zone. The thing that sucks is none of the younger elders in my zone are going to Ekat. Oh well. I have the new task of teaching these weee younger elders the ways of four square etiquette. Yes, there is such a thing of four square etiquette. They need to be taught a little class and a few principles when they play. They are coming along but need much improvement... I’m just the guy to teach them. (haha)

A funny situation happened with a sister missionary the other day. She asked me how my mother was, it was way awkward, and I’m not sure why she asked me that. I’m still wondering…huh??? That’s a sister missionary for ya. (JK) Sister missionaries are cool.... they are very strict sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I keep every little rule in the book, but there is a point where some go over board and make up their own little rules. There is still room to have fun while you’re on the mish.

I am going to tell you about an experience I had yesterday, or I should say…ANOTHER LEARNING EXPERIENCE...a particular elder and I were notified about five minutes before we were to teach a lesson. This was frustrating, because it’s important you go into these lessons extremely prepared. Our lesson still needed work because Elder (no mention of names) wanted more time for his personal study. I got somewhat frustrated because we made a goal to have our lesson done by Saturday evening and it wasn't finished until Monday morning. So, here I go again!! I made the choice of letting my frustrations and impatience’s take over and get to me, instead of turning to the Lord for help and relying on the spirit for direction and guidance I let the situation get to me. Later that evening my teacher took me out of the room to apologize for scheduling us to teach and not telling us. I explained I wasn't frustrated at him just at this particular elder. I felt he didn't take the instructions and goals I discussed with him serious enough and he wasn't prepared going into the lesson. My instructor said, I need to me more firm with him. After my one on one with my instructor I was feeling like you know what________!!! I was feeling like doing something to take my mind off it all, like maybe going to see a movie, or maybe playing a video game or two, or going out with some my friends and grabbing some good grub and just hanging out for a few hours…OH WAIT!!!...I forgot where I was for a minute! Okay…since I couldn't do any of the above, I resorted to my residency on bended knee, in prayer, having a conversation with the one who cared, who would listen and understand, the one who would give me direction if I go to Him humbly and ask, I just hoped I could still my mind long enough to listen. I prayed for what seemed to be a long time, asking for help with the frustration and anger I was feeling because I knew I needed to let it go in order to feel the spirit. It’s somewhat tricking to constantly live and think the way you need to in order to have the spirit as a constant companion. Although I prayed for what seemed to be forever, pleading with the Lord for a change of heart and to let my anger and frustration go I still went to bed with my head in the wrong place, but I know my prayer was answered because when I woke this morning my mind was clear and I felt at peace. I didn't care anymore and I was back to my positive attitude. I spoke to this particular elder and explained the importance of striving to keep the goals we set. He agreed and it’s been a great day. I think this all happened because I prayed that we could work together and have the spirit. Having the spirit is crucial on a mission and every second you don’t is... a waste of time. I didn't have the spirit last night until I prayed and asked for help and talked things over with this particular elder…ANOTHER LESSON WELL LEARNED. (I know the Lord is testing my patients by giving me different situations, because He knows I really need it in order to become a better missionary…kind of like going through a refinery process. Not fun, but necessary.)

I just want everyone to know I love them and to make good choices. And for those serving missions or preparing to serve...REMEMBER it’s important to have the spirit with you at all times, it will make your time more productive and worthwhile. I love you all. Take care and be safe. Sorry my story was kind long and boring.

CT Dewey.


The Worthens said...

awylpFYI Elder... Your Mom's b-day is this month... DON"T FORGET!! Major package points for a birthday well remembered!

Dena Dewey said...

Birthday??? I stopped having those years ago...I've been holding at 29.haha!! Too bad wrinkles, sagging skin and old lady reading glasses have to be such a dead give-away!!