Sunday, May 4, 2008


Dear Everyone,
Waking up on the wrong side of the bed benefits no one. (In my case I only have one side to wake up on...I'll use this as my excuse.) Also, letting one get under your skin to the point where they start to really annoy you... benefits no one. Let me better explain so you can get an idea of the events that lead me to this point of aggravation. Yesterday was just one of those crazy days, a normal schedule, but for some reason there was an older elder that was annoying me more than usual. He kept doing really wried idiotic stuff like putting beef jerky in my comps pillow, kicking a box of cookies making a huge mess outside our front door, and always coming in our class to give his supposedly much needed "advice" that we all don't want or will ever need. Needless to say my annoyance with this particular elder was growing more and more intense through out the day and then... the hour of "Four Square" arrived!!! We went to the gym and I was in one square and this particular annoying elder's friend was in the other and I hit the ball at him and he hit the ball back at me but it hit the line, (lines are out...everyone remembers how to play this very elementary school game...right???) But guess who just so happens to be the line judge??? You got it...this annoying elder!! He calls it out on me! Everyone got upset at him because of his crazy wrong call. I kept my cool, although I was letting the earlier events of the day fester. A few minutes later when I got to class I vented my frustrations to Sister Watt, who certainly put me in my place. She expressed her disappointed in me for letting things get me aggravated. Sister Watt later went on to talk about how we need the spirit to teach that night at TRC. By now I was already racked with intolerance and annoyance for this particular elder and now I was racked with GUILT as well!! I was feeling pretty low. What a miserable person I became in a matter of a few short hours. I knew if I continued feeling frustrated there would be no way I would have the spirit with me to teach that evening. I had one hour left before we had to leave for TRC. I took the next hour and prayed, reflected on the events that took place that day. I realized I was the one that made the choice to let people and situations get to me. I read the scriptures and I apologized to my district and teacher for feeling so frustrated earlier. After I did all this I felt calm and at peace and was able to think and concentrate on what I was supposed to teach. The lesson we taught went AWESOME!! We were able to say what we wanted and the spirit was so strong! After the lesson we went back to the room where the teachers watch and listen to the lessons. I also found out the native Russians were listening to us as well. There is one paticular Russian who speaks a little English and he said he loved our lesson and he really felt the spirit as I explained our purpose on earth and the importance of baptism. This experience made my day and made the events earlier in the day seem so unimportant. Having the ability to remain focused, learning how to teach and having the Spirit as a constant companion is what it's all about!! I need to remain focused and not lose sight. I recognized how easy it is to get off track in a matter of a few short hours and how hard it is to regain balance. I understand more than ever that you can't have the spirit with you if your mind and heart are the least bitter. So, the lesson for me here is... I need to always have the spirit to be a good missionary. I also need to stay focused and not lose sight and... when I fail I need to turn it around and repent and seek forgiveness. ...LESSON WELL LEARNED.

Now, on to other matters of business...thank you for those who have written!!! Please keep the letters coming...and yes, even you that may be strangers your letters are also welcomed. Yes, it has come to the point of begging and pleading!! Letters is what keeps an elder sane (like not losing your mind during a game of 4-square...haha!). So, my friends that have already forgotten me, I would love to hear that you are still alive and breathing!! We even get a little competitive around here with who receives the most mail. I believe I am somewhere in the lead and need to keep my competitive edge so please keep the letters coming my way...PLEASE!!!

Also, Elder V and I came up with this MONSTER IDEA...we are starting a new tradition here in District D called "THE DISTRICT GIRLFRIEND". Here is how it works... If a girl wants to have this great opportunity and privilege to be a "DISTRICT GIRLFRIEND" she must write a letter addressed to me along with a picture of herself to be hung on "THE WALL OF THE DISTRICT GIRLFRIEND". We currently only have one and need many more!!! I am hoping by posting this to my blog we can get this moven...We don't have much time left to fill our wall!! Also, we enjoy tapes of people talking because it gives us a taste of our old lives. Please , don't get me wrong...I love being a missionary and love everything about Russia ( language and all) and can't wait to get there!! It's just this helps to keep us sane. By the way, my Russian language is coming along. I never knew how much I would love this language.
Love, Elder Dewey

P.S. Everyone calls me "HAPPY MEAL" in 4-square because I have two moves...move #1 - called the "SMALL FRY", this is when I tap the ball ever so lightly and I have just the right placement and...move #2 - called the "BIG MAC ATTACK", this is when I SMASH it and get someone OUT!!! (remember my serve in Tennis?...kind of like that...YEAH!!) I am trying not to be too competitive, after all it's just the game of 4-square...yes, that dumb elementary school game with the big red rubber ball!!! It has become THE fierce game here at the MTC! Yes, I know you are asking yourself...4- square??? Peace, Elder Dewey


Lindsey Worthen said...

I LOVE this entry... love his honesty about his feelings toward the older elder. I love his humor, as usual. I love that he is still playing four square! AND... I LOVE the nicknames for his sweet moves. Can the pictures for the Girlfriend wall be underage and married girls?

Brittney Burton said...

It sounds like Chad will have his paitence tested a ton. I am glad to hear that he was able to get over it. I don't think I would want to play 4 square with hime, he would kill me!