Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long Train Rides, Great Meetings, General Conference...and only one more email home...

Well, it's hard to believe this is my second to last email home! In two weeks I will be in Ekaterinburg to begin my journey back home. Has it really been two years?
This week has been a great one.  After P-day on Monday we left for our 16 hour train ride to Surgut! It was a good time, but it also seemed long. We had a really nice cabin which seemed to be pretty new, but it was so stinkin hot. We arrived in Surgut early that morning and spent the day there. It's still really cold in Surgut about negative 16 degrees... My ears were frozen.  We got on the train early Wednesday morning and got back home to Tyumen at 2am.  We were pretty wiped out. Thursday, we spent some time in a little city to visit a member who can't really walk and unable to make it out to church.  We went with the Palmers.  it was funny because it felt like we had gone back in time to about the 1930s, everything was really old school. We had a good meeting with her as we talked about doing temple work for our relatives. By the way, that seems to be the Palmer's favorite topic this week. They talked about it on almost every meeting it was pretty funny! The Palmer's are the greatest, they help us out a lot.  We had district meeting on Friday because we were in the city on Wednesday to watch some of General Conference which was really good. Friday and Sunday we met with our awesome investigator and her member daughter. They are both doing great and progressing a ton. On Sudnay, we watched General Conference with our investigator and she loved it! Elder Ellsworth and I made some amazing mexican food for Sunday and we had a dinner at the Palmers with our investigator and her daughter. They were amazed that two guys could actually cook. We also had rootbeer, they had never tried it before ... pretty funny. Then after dinner we talked for a bit and our investigator said she is getting baptized the 24th! This is the best way to fnish a mission!  Well, I'm out of time.  I hope you all have a good week.  Next week will be my concluding email.  Take it easy and I will see you in a few weeks.

Elder Dewey

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