Monday, February 22, 2010

Freezing Siberian winds, Great youth activity with a great turn out, and last visa trip next week...

Well, It's been a while since I have had the chance to write my letter home before I actually sit down to email so I took a little extra time today to write down a few thoughts beforehand. I will start with the beginning of last week when we spent most of last Monday with the Elders in Kurgon. It was fun to see Elder Campbell one last time before he heads for home.  Although I know that I will see him again someday, I am really going to miss the kid.  We went to a really cool mexican cafe.  It was pretty funny because it tasted like mexican food but had some weird things in it.  Who the heck would think to put broccoli in a burrito?  I know they don't do that at Filliberto's…haha!  We had a crazy bus ride home to Tyumen that evening.  The bus driver might have had a bit too much of that really strong juice if ya know what I am saying…haha!  He sure looked like it anyway, but maybe that's just his normal look... who knows. 
The rest of the week was really good, although most of our appointments that we had scheduled decided not to show up which was disappointing. It was just one of those weeks. I am sure the freezing weather had something to do with it because it's been pretty fierce lately and the good ole Siberian winds makes it even tougher. When the wind hits my face it just feels like someone is taking a pressure washer and spraying my face with ice.  Thank goodness for my fur hood.
Saturday was my birthday…the big ole 21!!  To be completely honest, I was feeling a bit homesick and missing my family and friends in the morning but was able to snap out of it during English. We had my birthday lunch at McDonalds…hahaha…pretty pathetic huh?  But it was good all the same, just not the healthiest so I didn't feel too great afterwards. 
We had an amazing English with a great turn out.  After English we had a youth night for all those who wanted to come.  We had about twenty people which included four missionaries and four members so that means we had about twelve nonmembers attend.  We played "Do you love your neighbor" and "Mafia".  It was a great time and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. We were really happy with the results because the members who came were a great help with making everyone feel welcomed.  The youth showed a lot of interest and started to ask questions about the church.  Hopefully we can work with some of them soon. I know I have mentioned many times how I love working with the youth here in Russia, but I have to say it once again…they are the best and truly have so much potential.
Sunday was also a great day. The Palmers invited us over for dinner.  It was really great as usual. We had a great discussion about parents. It made me really appreciate all the stuff my parents put up with through the years and how they always had a lot of patience with me.  
Well, time is up. I was hoping I had a little more time but I need to get going. I hope you all have a great week.  I will be on my last visa trip this next week. I look forward to seeing everyone in my group, it will be great to catch up with them.
Thanks for all your love and support.
Take Care,
Elder Dewey

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