Monday, July 7, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Well, it’s been another week here in Ufa. I am finally used to the time difference and living conditions. To be completely honest, my first impressions were… "holy crap!" But I knew I had to suck it up and realize it’s just how it is going to be for the next two years and I better get used to it. So, I am totally fine with it and getting used to it. So, for a quick run down of what we have going on in the apartment. The couch I sleep on is uncomfy for a big guy like me, but I’ll live. We have a routine down already…my comp does all the cooking, (thank goodness, because I suck at it…I know mom, you tried!) and I do all the dishes…BY HAND! Yes...I said by... HAND!! Haha!! Yeah, you might say I’m getting “dishwasher hands…smooth and silky!" haha!

Our bathroom is pretty nasty, but we buy toilet paper that smells like peaches, so at least we have that going for us! Oh, we have a washing machine, but no dryer. It will be interesting to see how clothes dry in the winter when it is so cold outside…I guess I’ll soon find out. Our neighbors are pretty entertaining. They love to PARTY every night. They rock out to techno music!! It’s pretty funny and amusing.

My comp, “trainer” is way cool. We get along very well. I am learning a lot from him. Church seems so much longer here, especially when half of the time you don’t know what is being said. I catch a lot of it, but sometimes when they speak really fast it’s difficult, but I’m doing better than what I thought I would. The other thing that makes me laugh are the MULLET'S...Russians are stylin here in UFA! It’s crazy!!

I remember in AZ, whenever I saw someone with a MULLET, I would crack up!! I would say probably 70% of all the men are…”ROCKIN WITH THE MULLET’S here in Russia!!" Oh,…and Russians LOVE to look at family pictures or anything to do with America. The Russian people may seem distant at first, but if you try to break the ice by showing them your family pictures that seems to be a way to soften them up. So, if you could send me some more family pictures I would appreciate it. There are just a few more items I need you to send me if possible, a camelpack and a converter outlet for traveling. Also, dad if you don’t mind and check on the status of the ATM card I would appreciate it. I’m having a hard time getting it to work here. Maybe, just contact the bank and let them know I am in Russia. The weather here is WILD & CRAZY!!! It has been soooo HOTTTT!!! I feel like I’m in stinkin SOUTH AMERICA!!! I thought I’m supposed to be in Russia where it snow’s year round!! Haha!! I know…come a few months from now, I’m going to be wishing for the sun to shine to add a little warmth to our shivering bodies that will be frozen to the core. So, although it's a bit uncomfortably warm, I’m trying to appreciate the hot spell we have going on at the moment. The funny thing is on the fourth, we wanted to do our own small celebration, so we stopped by at the store to buy some Mountain Dew, and just as we were walking out it started to DOWN POUR!!! We got SOAKED, from HEAD to TOE… my shoes are still drying out. It must have been because I bought caffeine. It must be a sign…I better give it up!! The other thing that is pretty funny, but I’ve caught on to as well, is the concept of the ‘KETCHUP & MAYO MEAL” …It goes on EVERYTHING…no matter what it is!! It’s not too bad!! Haha!! Oh, and by the way, my comp and I are going out sometime soon in search for a new belt or figure out how to make new holes. Yep,,, losing weightnot gaining, like some people said I would, because of all the bread and potatoes I supposedly would be eating. Haha!!

We do a lot of work with the youth here in Russia. The youth here are great and are extremely strong in the church and have strong testimonies. We have a great time in FHE. We played "Who Did It", Russian Style. It was a lot of fun and a great experience. We did a lot of tracking this past week, which was awesome, but extremely hard with all the rejections. The younger people are much easier to speak with, but the older people just seem set in their ways. However, for the most part the Russian people are very nice and I am really loving it here and grateful to have the opportunity to be working with a great people who are in so much need of the gospel. Oh, and no problems with any devchunk’s (girls) this week. Haha!

Well, I am really running short on time this week. I love you all and remember the harder we work, the more we apply the big guy rules, and the happier we areTRUST ME!! I LOVE THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE. I LOVE TO SEE THE YOUTH SO STRONG!! WE ALL NEED TO STAY STRONG, WORK HARD AND BE HAPPY!! PEACE OUT ! ПАКА ПАКА Bye Bye!
Elder Dewey

P.S. Tell everyone to email me and I will try and email them back, time permitting. I appreciate everyone’s support!! I love you and have a great week.


Brittney Burton said...

It sounds like you are doing good Chad. I have or should I say Dillon has been washing our dishes by hand for the past 4 1/2 years! haha

Brandi Lemire said...

hey this is brittany lemire!!!! im so excited for chad and miss him.. but he is becoming a great guy!!! i was also wondering where you can get a life size picture?

Brad's Mom said...

Chad is a good writer!!! I love reading about his Russian experiences.

grandma said...

Chad, you are just tooooooo cool. Just think of your learning experience with washing dishes, what a great husband you'll make. Grandma