Monday, September 8, 2008

A great week in Krugan...A Trip to Madrid Spain coming up...Great Investigators...

Hello Family and Friends,

This past week was AMAZING! Here is a quick run down-

After we finished our emails to our families last Monday we walked across the street to the missions most famous tie store (according to all the Elders) called Oscars. Two very nice ladies that worked there fed us some tasty apple cake. They are way cool!! Elder D and I bought matching ties to wear to our zone conference on Wednesday (yes, we are a couple of dorks…haha).
Tuesday, we left for Zone Conference in Tyumen, which was a four hour bus ride from Krugan.
Wednesday, we had a great, uplifting, and very spiritual Zone Conference. President Allen stressed to us the importance of seeking out and finding potential priesthood holders. The church is in need of good strong priesthood holders that can stabilize the wards and branches here in Russia, and be able to carry out priesthood duties and responsibilities. Russian men are a little more difficult and more resistant to accepting the gospel, and therefore, there are more women members.
I had a great interview with President Allen. He is such a great mission president. He put my mind at rest on few things I seemed to be struggling with and he helped me feel more at ease. Later that night, on the bus ride home, Elder D and I talked at great length about ways we could help our current investigators in becoming great priesthood holders. We felt excited about the ideas we came up with, and felt rejuvenated from Zone Conference. We were ready to finish up the great week we were having with a bang!
Another miracle happened Wednesday night when we returned home around 11:00. My companion went over to feel the pipes in the bathroom. He just sat there for a while and I asked him what he was doing,and then he gave me a hug – okay… if that wasn’t creepy. He said, “we finally have HOT WATER!" YES!!!!! ANOTHER small little miracle - actually, this was HUGE to us. No matter how icy cold showers are suppose to help wake you up and be refreshing, it’s definitely something I can live with out! When it is cold and rainy outside a cold shower is not something I look forward to. I know, I have nothing to complain about, at least, not until it hits -50 below.
Thursday, when we were planning, I had some ideas that I’ve been thinking over for a few days that I suggested. One idea was that we stop by or call our progressing investigators just to say hi, and check up on them everyday for the next week. We made some cookies for them and they love it! I felt like a sister missionary, but whatever, it seemed to work. They were happy to see us, and it opened them up a lot more, and created a better sense of friendship and trust, which these people need.
Friday and Saturday, we had some great meetings and a youth activity where we played some fun games.
Sunday, I bore my testimony in Sacrament Meeting. I talked about the Book of Mormon and was surprised how easily my Russian came to me. After the meeting, Ira, a very nice member said, “Your Russian was perfect, but you need to work on your accent just a little.…hahathat’s a given!!! So yeah, it felt great to hear that my Russian is coming along. I believe it helps that Elder D and I try and speak 100% Russian once we leave our apartment. Elder D is also great with including me in the lessons and letting me join in, instead of just taking over. I’m working on getting all the discussions down so I can teach them perfectly 100% in Russian...I just about have it.
It’s funny, because the people I’ve come to know here have given me nicknames. They call me teddy bear or fishy (I guess something to do with my eyes…what ever. You know me, I love it and I play along with it!!! The more the humor the better…bring it on!!! I know I need a haircut and the eye thing…well, that's in the genes, and not much I can do about that. Hahaha!
Today, I just received an AMAZING piece of information from the Mission Office. In ten days, I will be going to MADRID SPAIN to renew my visa!!! How cool is that!!! I will be gone for four days. AND…we will be able to go to the Temple. WOW! Honestly, my week has been pretty incredible!
The investigators we are currently teaching are the best! When we show up and look like a couple of real dorks for stopping by just to say hi, they are so happy to see us, and to see the look on their faces makes every bit of frustration I might be experiencing worth it. Teaching these great people and getting to know them and their culture has been nothing but amazing! They make us feel so welcomed and right at home. I love Krugon. Just little things are starting to add up to some pretty big miracles.
Oh, and Saturday night we met with some new investigators. We met these great people and we were straight up with them and introduced ourselves. It was kind of late so we didn’t’ have time to teach a lesson. They really liked us and invited us to have dinner with them. When I saw they were having raw fish - I said, no, no,no... we are not allowed to eat fish. I was getting a little nervous, they said, “but it’s fresh fish from the ocean. I wasn’t sure what to do, because I had only eaten raw fish once before and it made me gag. I thought to myself hmmm…how do I get out of this situation in a way I wont offend them. I decided I better get over it and just go with it and pretend to like it even if it was nasty tasting. I just didn’t want to start gagging and cause a scene. To my amazement, it was great, and it wasn't becasue I was extremely hungry. So yeah, I've acquired a new taste for raw fish. It was unbelievably tasty! We even had raw fish on the side with some bread. After dinner, they wanted to make sure we made it home safe, so they rode the bus home with us and walked us to our apartment. These people are the nicest and most sincere people.
Well, that’s it for this week. Thank you all for your emails and support it means a lot to me. Keep living right …life is better that way.

Until next week,
Elder Dewey
P.S. I will email pictures next week.

Peace out.

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Raenada Judd said...

I love Chads letter, He is so upbeat and ready to serve. I'm gald he has a great companion it makes serving so much easier with someone you like to be with.. Keep up the good work Elder Dewey!!