Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great to be back in Kurgan...New Comp, Elder O...

Hello Everyone,

This week was a crazy crazy week, to say the least. Now that the visa trips are out of the way for a while we can get back on track here in Kurgan and get some good missionary work done. It will be great to get back to normal. Since we have been gone for a while we will need to pick up the speed.

I spent Monday on the train... headed back to Yekaterinburg to pick up Elder M (the elder from St. Pete's). I arrived at the Mission Office in Yekaterinburg Tuesday morning. I had a great time visiting with some of the missionaries coming in and out for transfers, it was cool to see them again and catch up. I believe we have some of the best missionaries in our mission here in Yekaterinburg Russia.

Tuesday night Elder M and I headed back for Kurgon. We had a few obstacles to overcome... - The cell phone and the keys to our apartment just happen to be in Sweden with Elder D! So, the office Elders gave us some money, smiled and said, " good luck". We arrived in Kurgan at 1am. We found a nearby hotel, which was a real ghetto, but at 1:00 in the morning one can't be too picky, you just want a place to hang your head. The next day we hired a guy to pick our lock to the door. Once we got inside the door ...guess what we found... another set of keys ! So everything was all good.

The next morning Elder M asked me, "do you run in the mornings?" and I replied, "it's pretty dang cold outside right, no". And Elder M said, "well, now you do, let's go". So we ran in the freezing cold. After our "nice, brisk, refreshing, FREEZE your BUM off run," we went contacting. Elder M didn't want to work with our current investigators because they were mostly all women. He called the Sister Missionaries to schedule meetings with them, which was a disappointment, because Elder D and I have seen some true progression. It's not easy to hand them off for someone else to teach, especially since we have established their friendship and gained their trust.

Church on Sunday was AMAZING!!! We had 30 people show up!!! Wow!!! The Last Sunday, before I left for Tyuman we only had 15, so it doubled in size! Kurgon is on FIRE! (, it wasn't because I was least I don't believe it was...haha!)It's wonderful that these great members here in Kurgan have a nice church building to meet in.

Elder O, my new companion arrived this morning around 1:00. He is way cool and we are going to be a POWER HOUSE here in Kurgon!!

Oh, Halloween came and went...Haha I forgot all about it! I was the only American in Kurgon and I didn't even remember. I was bummed, because I wanted to put on an activity for the youth here, oh well ... there is always next year.

Well, that's it for this week. I love you all! Have a good week.

Elder Dewey.

P.S. The language is coming along great. I love it!

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