Friday, December 19, 2008

Elf Shoes and give thanks for Small Miracles...

Hey mom,

Thanks for the last two emails they really helped me out. It definitely has been hard here in Kazakhstan. I really miss being a missionary. Everyday I look at my missionary tag and I realize I can’t put it on. Maybe BJ will experience that same feeling when he get’s home. Honestly, it makes me feel sick not to be able to wear it.
So, I am here once again at the Internet cafĂ© to send you a quick update on what I call an “ amazing miracle ” regarding our visa trip. We just received news we will be going home tonight or Saturday!! Home…I mean Russia, haha sorry, that’s my home right now. Yeah!!! This means I WILL be CALLING HOME for Christmas!!! AND…I will be able to be in Kurgan for Zoya’s baptism!!! She is the sister’s investigator they have been working with. She is AWESOME!! Her daughter is way cool and a return missionary. The sister’s have been doing an amazing job working with her. The sister’s in Kurgan are great and are hard workers, they really are awesome, and perfect for Kurgan, just what this area needs!
Yesterday, we went to probably the worst place in the world, a huge renok, which is like a super sized outdoor super market. The one here in Kazakhstan is suppose to be the largest one in the world. The senior couple wanted to get going and didn’t want to wait around for all the other missionaries, so I went along with them to be their bodyguard/translator. It was the craziest experience. I can now say that I’ve become an expert on Kazakistanian slippers! They wanted all the details about these slippers. They are pretty cool they look like elf shoes.
Today, we are going to go to a smaller renok and then to some mountain with steep steps like those you see in Kong- fu movies, it should be a pretty cool experience.
Another funny experience from yesterday, the senior couple wanted to go home and I didn’t know the city or where anything was, so I just had to freestyle it and tell the taxi driver where to go. I sure had a prayer going so fast in my heart and didn't stop until we arrived back to the apartment… haha. Everything turned out good and we got to where we needed to be. The taxi driver and I had a good conversation about families. It was really fun. So yeah, what a crazy time! haha.
I am fine on the clothes thing, I can wear church pants but not a white shirt or jacket, so I just wear my church pants, a t-shirt, and that blue sweater you sent me. I look somewhat goofy, but my big coat covers it. By the way, if you could send me a couple more sweaters I would sure appreciate it.
I am so excited I will be able to call home on Christmas. Yall had better give some thanks for that miracle, now that everyone will get a chance to talk to me…haha, better yet, I will get the chance to talk to all of you…haha.
Well I gotta run.
Love yall. I hope everyone has an amazing day. Tell BJ congrats on his service AND…remember it has not e
nded. Keep the work moving forward!
Elder Chad M. Dewey

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