Friday, December 12, 2008

Interesting Sunday at church...

Hello Everyone,

My letter for this week is a bit shorter. This week has been a rough one, but I am still working my bum off. Since some of our investigators have decided to become disinterested in meeting with us, we have stepped up the hours we spend finding. If you remember in the last few emails when I spoke of our “golden” investigator, Leonid, who actually was working towards a baptismal date and was so anxious to become a member…well, apparently he had a unusual experience with a member and got a little freaked out. We haven’t been able to get a hold of him. What a huge disappointment! We hope to talk with him and find out exactly what happened and try to help him through the doubts and or concerns he might have.
Sunday was quite the experience. It was fast and testimony meeting and we had a guy come to church who believes he is an angel sent from God and begins to give his so called revelations. This is one Sunday I wish I was still a “greenie” and didn’t understand the Russian language…ugh! He was going on about some really weird stuff.
I got a call from Elder A in the office informing that I would be leaving for my visa trip on the 15th to Prague Czech Republic and from there we will take a bus to Finberg Germany to attend the temple. I’m really excited, but he didn’t know when we will be returning, which is a little weird. Holy Cow… I’m excited to attend the temple!!

Well, that's it for this week. I apologize my short email, we just have a lot we need to get done today.

Love you,
Elder Dewey

P.S. Since I will be traveling next week, I most likely won't be emailing home.

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