Tuesday, February 10, 2009

While contacting...icescles are forming on my noise and eyelashes...

Late Greetings from Chelyabinsk,

This past week was another one of those crazy weeks! I will give you a brief recap. We had a birthday party for Elder A at the church last Monday. We had a successful day of contacting on Tuesday where we actually got a few great numbers. We met up with Elders C and A for lunch for Elder A’s real birthday. We met at a place called Petesburg. It is a pizza place where they serve the BEST Hawaiian pizza EVER! Maybe it tasted so good, because everything we eat here is so bland.
English class turned out pretty great. Everyone that participated really enjoyed it. The sisters came and were a great help. I have to say, I believe we have the BEST English class in Chely. After English, we had a meeting scheduled with an investigator, but he ended up being a “no show”, which was a bummer.
My companion, Elder A, left for his visa trip so I was with Elder L from Miass. Thursday Elder L made us some amazing sweet and sour chicken for lunch, I believe it was the best I ever tasted! We went out contacting in the -20ish below weather, when we were started to feel our insides start to freeze we made it back to our apartment to make some phone calls and schedule some meetings.
Friday Elder C and I met up with the sisters to practice singing for an upcoming baptism. After our singing practice, we met with a less active family. They are the most amazing family. I am excited for when we can return to talk with them again. I know we can help them get back active again. They were the nicest family.
The baptism on Saturday went amazing. It was held in a spa type of a place. It had a pool, hot tub, a room with a couch, pool table, and TV. It was somewhat weird. However, it does not matter where a baptism is held, the spirit can still be felt, which was the case was this past Saturday. Following the baptism, we had another English class.
On Sunday, we had the opportunity to attend a fireside where President and Sister Allen spoke to the young adults. I really enjoyed their talks.
Yesterday was zone conference, which was the cause for the email delay. I had a great interview with President Allen.

Over the past few days, I have been thinking a lot about different situations that have played out in my life. I would like to thank every one of my friends who helped and inspired me to go on a mission. Friends are so important, and in my opinion, my family members are my best friends. I am a lucky kid to have many amazing friends in my life. Even when I was being stupid or childish, my friends kept me on track. My friends are AMAZING!
I hope you all have a great week. Remember to pray for the people here in Russia and for our Mission. Remember to always be studying the scriptures and constantly have a prayer in your heart.

I love and miss you all,
Elder Chad M. Dewey

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The Wells Family said...

Awww, he must be so cold for a Arizona boy....So glad you heard from him... I know what it is like to wonder and wonder some more. So happy he is finding joy in his journey, that is what life is about.