Monday, April 6, 2009

The Forgotten Elder...

Hey Fam & Friends,

Quick summary for the week.

Monday - Trip to the Border of Asia and Europe!

Tuesday– Wednesday - Meetings, contacting, district meeting, coordinating meeting with Zhenya. Zhenya is really cool and a return missionary. Zhenya understands how difficult this mission can be. Splits began Wednesday evening, and I went with Elder Shreeve. It was cool reminiscing about the good ole days of Mountain View and spending time with someone from the same stomping grounds. We also talked about becoming pediatricians and opening a practice together.

Thursday – Friday – We had a great meeting with Nataliva, a great new and promising investigator. We ended splits Friday morning and finished out the day with only one meeting and more contacting. It has been pretty warm and mild here lately, but then Mother Nature decided to hit us with some freezing temperatures and wind on Friday.

Saturday – Sunday - We had a great meeting with the Droshkovi family. They are the coolest family and both are RM’s, and have two little kids that are way tight.

Today –UGH!!! ONLY TWO EMAILS!!! One from my dad and one from Sister K!!!! What happened to the rest of my family and my great pals Stephan and Chanel?

We are off to play soccer.

I hope you all have a great week!

Until nest week,
The Forgotten Elder Dewey


Bart said...

Chad, you can always count on your dad! Thanks for the great weekly emails. Your one and only dad.

Dena Dewey said...

Sorry Chad. The week flew by this past week. I'll do better. I did send a box off to you though.