Monday, October 5, 2009

Photo of Tanya's Baptism, New Greenie with visa problems.

The photo above is of Tanya's Baptism.  She is doing awesome as a new member.

First, I would like to start this email similar to last week, sharing with you something from the soul instead of the boring brief weekly overview. Here goes another lingering thought from the past week -
A few days’ ago in district meeting we were contemplating how we could become better and more effective missionaries (the typical weekly discussion). We shared with one another all the reasons why we went on missions and what we desired and expected to gain from our missionary experience. Many thoughts were shared and most of us agreed we desired to receive the blessings of spiritual enlightenment, a stronger testimony, and all the other many blessings that most missionaries gain while serving. We expect and hope for a great deal of self improvement...You know, the kind that will land a nice young return missionary a “good looking” wife once he returns home and when the time is right. Haha!  We all agreed that we were looking to receive blessings that will give us an even more grounded and firmer foundation than what we came out with. We all expect that while serving a mission it will enable us to make necessary changes within ourselves that will lead to a better future. Many of these spiritual blessings can only come from serving a mission. The bottom line, or the thought that occurred to me, is that while we all desire these blessings that will enable us to evolve into becoming a better human being, I couldn't help but feel that this sounded to me somewhat a selfish way of thinking. I questioned the selfless service we as missionaries are to provide and what that truly means. I guess, I just want to make sure the reasons I serve others would always be for the right reasons, and not because I expect to be blessed with certain blessings because of my service.  I would like to think that I will always serve no matter what the outcome would be. I want to serve because I know others are in need and not because of the blessings that are gained. I want to serve others because I care and want the very best for them. I want them to have what I have, the truthfulness of the Gospel and a love for the Savior. I believe this is how we all feel. We just focused a little more on what we are looking to change within ourselves a little too much. Then I had this thought, which makes sense to me… "The best way to be selfish is to be selfless and serve others.” In the end this is what will lead us to true happiness and contentment, and isn't this what selfish people are truly searching for? It can only be found in loving and serving others.

Okay, a brief quick summary of this past week. -
Monday, Still waiting for my new "greenie" to arrive. He was sent back home from the MTC due to visa problems.  He should be arriving any day now, I hope.  Elder Matthews and the other missionaries leaving Ufa caught the midnight train to Ekat and all their other designations.
Wednesday, was Elder Shreeve and Holden’s first day. Once they arrived, we went to district meeting. Later, we found an amazing new apartment that we now live in! It’s amazing! It has three huge rooms with nice comfortable beds, finally!! I've been sleeping on broken down sofa's most of my mission...haha! It also has been recently remodeled, which is a huge plus. The shower is the best part it has side shoots that shoots out water like a waterfall..haha. Thursday, We had to move some stuff over to the apartment and had a meeting or two. Friday, we had to move everything else to our apartment and then had a meeting in the evening. Once we arrived home for the night, we played Settlers. It’s great living with Elder Shreeve and Holden. They both are really cool and a lot of fun. Saturday, we played sport, but not many people showed up until lessons got out. A bunch of little kids showed up and started swearing and trying to be cool so we just left.
Sunday, we had district conference and a special meeting for the new members. We went with Tanya and she seemed to really enjoy it.
Well I have to run love you all bye!
Elder Dewey

Elder Dewey, Tanya, and Elder Matthews

Elder Dewey making Snicker Doodle Cookies...yum!

Elder Dewey bowling in style! Ha! There must be a good reason for the rolled up pants...hmmm?

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