Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pic's From Elder Dewey in Ufa..

Elder Dewey, Gulnaz and her mom

Hello Everyone,

Since I will be leaving earlier than anticipated, I decided to email you today. Included in my email are a few pictures, I will send more later.
It has been more difficult this week than I thought it would be. Saying goodbye to everyone is hard. I don’t want to leave Ufa, I've really grown to love this place and the people here. I have met some of the most amazing people and have made incredible friends. I know I have mentioned before how amazing the youth are here and what strong testimonies they have, but I can't emphasize it enough just how great they all are. I will never forget them and all they have taught me. I've gained so much more from being here than I've given back. It’s so difficult to explain what I am feeling. I don’t want to leave for fear that I may never see them again, which in reality, most likely will be the case. I had to say goodbye to all the amazing people in my English class as well. It really does feel like home to me, and I now have to leave. I will never forget Ufa, my first "Greenie" area.

I will give you a brief summary of this week. Monday, we went sight seeing. Tuesday, we had our English Club and then went to dinner at an older member’s home, and she fed us a wonderful meal and made this amazing homemade mint tea. Wednesday, we did our usual and had the opportunity to help carry this poor elderly women down the stairs from her apartment to the outside, she was going to her garden in the country. This poor elderly women hasn't left the inside of her apartment for nearly three years. It really made my day to help someone who really needed us. Later that day, we had District meeting. Thursday, we had dinner with the Pages, they are a new senior missionary couple here in Ufa. We also had a meeting with Gulnaz and her mother, and had another wonderful meal. Friday, we had FHE with all the youth where we played games and had a great time. It’s now Saturday, and I'm now emailing you early because I won’t have time to email on Monday.
My next email will be from my new area Kurgan. I hope everyone has a great week.

Elder Dewey

Elder Dewey and Brother and Sister Page

The best juice ever...notice my Mountain Dew...
Elder Dewey and VladimirElder Dewey , Gulnaz and Elder Taylor
Elder Dewey, Gulnaz's mom and Elder Taylor

kitchen and laundry...all in onemy bed...oh yeah...
what do elder's eat?
What's in the pot's?


John Paul & Stella Wesley said...

What a bitter-sweet time. I am sure it is hard to leave people you have come to love by serving so intensely. The pictures are wonderful. Chad is regularly remembered in our prayers.

We love the song that plays, what is the name of it and who is singing?

Taryn Beus said...

Ok, maybe this is the blog to comment on and not the other one. Aunt Dena, can you write me back sometime and let me know which of the two blogs is best to leave messages on? Thanks!
P.S.-I love you Chad!!!