Monday, August 11, 2008

SOME CONFUSSION...Unnecessary trips to the TRAIN STATION...HUMAN (that would be Elder Dewey) CONTACT WITH A CAR...

~D&C 58:64~

64 For, verily, the sound must go forth from this place into all the world, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth—the gospel must be preached unto every creature, with signs following them that believe.

CПривет из России
I hope everyone is doing well and you all had a great week. It's been a bit of a CRAZY week here in Ufa. There are a few things that are happening here that will most likely create a few changes, but I will have to explain later…No worries, nothing to be alarmed about.
This past week was transfers, which filled my week assisting other missionaries to and from Ufa. We have made several trips to the train station in the middle of the night. We also have
been assisting those that needed picked up or dropped off for visa renewals. The train stations here are crazy…they cram in as many people as possible. We actually made a few unnecessary trips as well...haha...we got one of the dates wrong when picking up the Pages, a senior missionary couple. We were misinformed of their arrival date and showed up twice at 8:00 am on the wrong days, Luckily, it all worked out and we were able to pick them up on the right day at the right time and didn't cause them any confusion. On one of the trips, I was getting out of the taxi and just as I stepped out of the taxi, I turned to start walking and a car ran into me, no worries the driver wasn’t going very fast, so it didn’t hurt too bad, I'm just a little black and blue. It was dark and kind of hard to see, so I guess I must've ran right into him. I was way embarrassed, so I turned around quickly and just kept on walking! I didn't feel the pain until later. UGH!!! I think I told you in one of my earlier emails trying to maneuver in and out of traffic here is like playing the video game Frogger”. It just so happened that the other day, this Frogger was a bit unlucky! OUCH!!! Haha!! (I guess this is one of my new "finding contacts " techniques)
Mom, you asked me if I've heard much about the conflict between Georgia and Russia...we hear a little bit here and there but not a whole lot. Some people here including a couple of our branch members had to enlist in the Army and go over to fight. Hopefully, the conflict won’t last too long. So far, it has not caused any problems here for the missionaries. Just know that we are completely safe. However, if the US gets military involved it may cause some difficulty for us to stay. I guess we just have to continue to work hard and not worry about it until it becomes a concern, if it ever does.
The weather here has been rainy for the past week and a half, and I have been getting soaked from head
to toe, so I finally bought a good rain jacket to stay dry. It works great!! Speaking of the rain, we unfortunately have not been able to do a lot of finding. People don't like to stop and talk with us when it is coming down in buckets. We were still able to get a lot of work done and talk to some cool people.

The one investigator that we are currently teaching is a seventeen year old boy, he is a grandson of a bob. (older Russian women) His bob drags him to church with her. I finally suggested that we invite him to sport on Saturday and to FHE on Friday nights so that he is doing something fun other than being harassed by his bob and that way he may get a little more excited about the Gospel. I am excited to see where this might lead him. He is a great kid and has a lot of potential. I hope things will begin to

The best experience this past week was attending another baptism of this wonderful girl. She is so impressive with her knowledge of the Gospel. She knows the Gospel forwards and backwards. I am amazed at how much she has studied and now understands. The new members here are truly amazing examples to us all. They are so dedicated to learning and understanding all they can. I have learned so much from their example, often times I feel like I am gaining more from them than they are from me. My testimony has been greatly strengthened from being here and witnessing their great strength. I truly hope I can contribute more as time goes on. I really wish I didn't have a language barrier and they could understand EVERYTHING I say. If I could just talk to them with out the language handicap I feel I could significantly accomplish a great deal more. I know I need to have patience, but I just wish I understood the language better. I am still working hard at it and lit
tle by little it is coming, I just wish I would pick up speed and fast forward to when I will actually have it some what mastered. I am on limited time to get it all figured out, and time is going fast!! I am truly hoping for a Native companion one of these days. I feel that I would gain so much by having a Native. It would be a great help with learning the language. I guess I will have to wait and see.
FHE is every Friday night, which is great because it gives the members and investigators something to do on a Friday night rather than hanging out on the streets. We have a lot of fun. We always have a spiritual thought and then play games like Mafia, duck duck goose, or do you love your neighbor. It’s a
great time.
Sport was fun this past Saturday. It was muddy so we decided to play ping-pong, duck d
uck goose and some game that you had to switch shoes, and run in someone else shoes, like a relay game. It was hilarious with my monster feet, I had some tiny shoes that I had to try to run in…pretty funny!!! My monster shoes did not make it any easier for the other person. It was a lot of fun!!

Oh, and believe it or not…I am lovin the tea!! My favorite is the Mintmmm GOOD STUFF!! I never thought I would ever say that about TEA! haha!!

Well, that’s about it for this week. This next week should be interesting. My companion has his visa renewal so I will be with Elder M and Elder A until Wednesday and then Elder l until Sunday.

Hopefully next weeks email will be more interesting and I will have more to report.

Я люблю всех вас, (I love you all)

спокойствие, покой (Peace)

Старший Чад М Дьюи (Elder Chad M Dewey

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