Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Now in Kurgan

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately, I am in a Internet cafe that is not well equipped so I am having difficulty in getting all my emails out. This email will have to be short, but hopefully next week we can find a different email site we can use.

Well, my trip from Ufa to Ekat to Kurgan was fun, but extremely long and tiring. When I finally arrived to Kurgan, I was confused out of my mind. It is a very small city with many private garden style homes like you would see in fantasy movies. I guess you could compare them to something like you would see in the movie “Lord of the Rings”. The houses are attached to the sides of hills. It’s way cool.

My first day, we met with some members and one of our investigators. The lesson went well. After our lesson, we had English Club where we played some really fun games.

Friday, we planned a branch party for the youth or diskoteka, which is a dance. The planning went well, or so I thought. The diskoteka was planned for Saturday, the next day. I have to admit, it was the strangest, weirdest church event I have ever been to. It’s difficult to explain, you kind had to be there. It was fun, but just so weird. We played a bunch of games and then the missionaries went in another room while the people danced. Not many people showed up, but hey, we tried really hard.

Sunday, was good. We have a small branch and the people are really nice. The church is really growing here in Kurgan. We have a ton of investigators, and four with baptismal dates, which is awesome. It will be great to be a part of the growth here and see the Gospel making a difference. I am so excited to see the blessings those investigators will receive once they are baptized.

We live in a semi newish apartment. However, I am back at having no hot water and have no idea when it will it will be back on. We have been told, if we are lucky, maybe the end of SeptemberUGH!!! Just shoot me!!!

The funny highlight for this week, was while searching for some guys garden home in the middle of nowhere, (hiking for about ten miles)we happened to run into a scary looking dog with dreadlocks!! It was so amazingly nasty!!

Okay..that’s it for this week. Sorry, hopefully next week will be a better week and I will have something more interesting to report.

Love ya all,
Elder Dewey

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