Monday, November 10, 2008

"Великая работа Старший Дьюи"

~~Latest Pic's from Russia.~~
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He's been spotted! (you can run but you can't hide)
Hello Everyone,
This "Big Ole" email will have to suffice for this week. It will be a short one with pictures attached, in effort to try and keep a few people back home happy. So for you whiners back home, (mom...haha) suggesting that it's been a while since I've sent pics home...THESE PIC'S ARE FOR YOU! Sending the few pictures I have will most likely take up most of my Internet time, given the fact the equipment in the local Internet Cafe here in Kurgan is not the fastest or easiest to work with. So for you whiners this short email will be in exchange for a few pics. Fair enough...
Monday, was somewhat uneventful, the usual grocery shopping and then back to the apartment. We had been going back and forth between the bokzal or train station and were just tired out of our minds.
Wednesday, I received a surprising call form the Zone Leaders and President Allen, they decided to make me the District leader here in Kurgon. I was a little surprised, being that I am a super duper young elder, but it's cool though and I'm so grateful for the opportunity. It's not a big area by all means so everything should go smooth. I call the Zone Leaders and Sisters every night for statistics and all that jazz.
Thursday, we had a pretty good turn out for English, which always makes it fun and interesting.
Friday we had a meeting with a former investigator who said, he wants to meet more often. He has a daughter that is a member and just moved to Ekat. We are really excited that he seems to be on board. He is really cool, but just kind of not wanting to do anything, complacent I guess is a better description of him. We are trying to help him all we can to find a desire and reason to search for the truth. It's interesting to see so many people too content living their lives with out a real sense of purpose or meaning. I don't know how anyone could be content or happy living their lives that way. I wish they could see the other aspect called "Eternal True Happiness" and growth. Its just hard sometimes to see these great people that really need the Gospel in their lives choose to live with out any religion at all.
Saturday we had a branch activity, which was a lot of fun. We made Russian pancakes... very tasty. I was so tired that I could hardly eat. I 'm not sure why I was so tired, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.
Sunday, Elder Otis and I went on an adventure looking for some less actives and former investigators. We walked all around, in the boonies, out of the boonies, we walked for miles...haha, seriously it was a ton of fun though! Elder Otis is a really awesome guy we are going to be a Power House here in Kurgon, just what it needs!

Enjoy the pics. I love you all, but I gotta run!

Elder Dewey
До тех пор, пока на следующей неделе ... находиться рядом с Господом и помнить его на все, что вам делать.


Brittney Burton said...

Thanks for the pictures!!!! It's good to see you're alive! You look really good. I miss you! Stay warm.

grandma said...

Chad, what a cool elder you are, the very best in Russia I bet, at least your grandparents think so. Keep up the good work. We love you and you're in our prayers

Judd said...

Elder Dewey thanks for sending your Mom pictures. I love getting them from Chase so I know how she feels. You look so cute, love your letter's. Your a great missionary, keep up the good work..