Monday, November 10, 2008

Привет из России

Me in front of an old church here in Surgut.

Alonia and I (she is a member in Surgut, and also helps us with learning the Russian language)
Yura a cool kid from Surgut. We taught Yura and his mom twice while I was in Surgut. They are amazing members.

Elder Dorman and I with the Nazaravi family in Kurgan.

A train in Surgut

Me, Elder Otis, Elder Dorman, and Ilya and his wife Olga - (the coolest people in kugron )

Trying to get warm by the heater to the side of me.

My Russian tie collection.

Elder Sorensen, Zhenya, Me, Aliona, Olga, and Lucia.Same group but added the other Alonia.

The Surgut Branch

English club in Surgut and our Russian/American tea party. Me, Aliona, Lucia, Elder S, and Aliona...leaving Surgut. I loved Surgut the short time I was able to serve there. Great People in a Great City...

Me and the two Alonia's...they came to see us off at the train station.

Leaving Surgut...I will miss it here.


The Wells Family said...

Aww. I am so happy you got pictures. It looks so cold....YUCK! Chad does look happy! Lets get together soon.

The Wells Family said...

Hi Elder Chad
You look awesome, a bit cold but what a glow of the gospel you bear. Congrats on being a ZL, you have always been a great leader! My boys have always admired your courage to be yourself and stand for gospel standards. This Arizona Mom misses all of her boys! I enjoy your weekly letters and of course the photos, sorry Chad but it is a Mom thing...The way to keep us happy is PICTURES! Have a great week. We love you.
Mommy Wells

Larson's said...

Ok, I am a little confused. Is chad able to see these messages or do I do the email? Anyway, I will do both. I loved the pictures and yes it will be very lonely without Chad for the Holidays. We are dwindling. But it looks like he is doing wonderfully! Chad if you get to look at the comments. You look wonderful! It looks like you are having a wonderful experience. It was so fun to look at the pictures. The girls thought that it was so cool. It looks like it is freezing. You are definately going to have a white christmas. Send some our way. Sounds like you are learning the Russian language, WOW! and ZL Wow! We are so proud of you! Brooki says I miss you and I luv U! Sammi says hi! and you are the best cousin. Take Care and have a Great Thanksgiving, you will be missed. Love Aunt Becky

Dena Dewey said...

Thank you for your comments, just to make one correction, Chad is DL in his area not ZL. The only way to make the correction is to collapse the comments, but I didn't want to do that so I thought I would add this comment for the correction.

r.shanebills said...

Randomly came upon this page– I opened Surgut in 1999 and baptized many in those pictures. So great to see that things are progressing!!!