Friday, December 26, 2008

Elder Dewey's stylish dress attire for Kazakhstan...

While in route to Yekaterinburg for another visa trip, plans changed in mid-stream and instead of going to Prague as originally planned, the missionaries were now headed to Kazakhstan. Elder Dewey didn't receive this news until he arrived to the mission home. Since they were not authorized missionaries in Kazakhstan, they were given a list of rules to adhere by. They were not allowed to do any missionary work or wear missionary attire. Since Elder Dewey received this bit of information a little too late, he didn't pack any casual clothes except for his ugly sweatpants and gym shorts. Even in the most awkward situations Elder Dewey is always able to pull it off to work in his favor...just look at this picture! While in Kazakhstan Elder Dewey sported around this fashionable getup of gym shorts over sweatpants. The dress shoes and hat add a little extra style to this new great new look! lol.
Way to go Elder Dewey...finding a little humor in an awkward situation, and making due with what you have.

(another picture from the McEvoy's blog! Thanks McEvoy's!!!)

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