Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Caroling in Kurgan...

Hey Everyone,

Time for the weekly email. Well, let’s get started…
Monday- We got back from Ekat and from my visa trip. We took time out to email our families, and then decided to unpack and set up the week. I was really out of it to be honest.
Tuesday- was a great day. We had a few meetings, and then I had to register. We kind of cruised around Kurgon on buses all day and I just soaked it in again! It is good to be home again!
Wednesday- We had a great district meeting and at the end of the meeting, we had a very tasty cake that I made. We shared our favorite Christmas memories. Mine was last Christmas. Even though it was a bit miserable, not being able to eat because I just had my tonsils removed. However, I realized it was my last Christmas at home and it really helped me realize that my family is more important than any material gift that you receive.
Thursday- Was CHRISTMAS AND AMAZING! In the morning, Elder Otis called home and I was very antsy and wanted to call home as well, but I needed to wait until that evening. We had Zoya’s baptism in Kurgon, she is way cool. The sisters told me that if the branch president, President Adrea, didn’t show up in 5 minutes that I would baptize her. So I was feeling somewhat nervous. Just a few moments after the sisters told me that he walked in. so it was all good. The service was great! Afterwards we ran home so I could call home! The baptisim was a greeat experience! I loved talking to my family, but it didn’t make me sad or home sick, so no worries!

Friday- We had some planning time for the next week and then our Christmas party. It was way cool, because Zhenya who used to live in Kurgon was visiting and he came to the party. I had a chance to talk to him. It was funny because when I first came here I couldn’t really speak Russian… haha! AND…now I can talk to him fine.

Saturday- Was AMAZING! Elder Otis, Sister K, Sister Z, and I went caroling to all the members and Investigators! It was amazing and very very very very productive! Probably the busiest day I've had so far. We left at 11 and got home at 9. We were out all day long with only a 30-minute break when we ate at some pancake place. Haha. Russian pancakes are different they are thin and they put a lot of weird stuff in them. Honestly, I am sure time stopped for us because we went all over kurgon and still got home on time!

Sunday- Okay so it just keeps getting better and better…Sunday was crazy, because we received a call that the new member Zoya wouldn’t be at church because she was sick and so I was supposed to do the confirmation, but since she wasn’t going to be there it wouldn’t happen this week. I decided to study the blessing anyway and guess who shows up? Zoya. haha. It all was amazing! Afterwards, we went to her home to give her a blessing for her health.

Well, that was my awesome week!! I am grateful to be back in Kurgon.


Valora said...

Our son loves serving with Elder Dewey! It's so neat to see the same pic on your blog that I have on mine! Elder Dewey is his favorite companion and I can see them becoming friends for life. It's great to see our sons name mentioned in your sons letters! Brought tears to my eyes. Feel free to e-mail me, this is Elder Otis's last week in the mission field and he may want to call you when he gets home. You have an amazing missionary. It is a blessing for our son to finish up his amazing mission with him. Bless you for your efforts in supporting your son. I'm sure he'll be hearing from Matthew from Minnesota.

elderdaniel said...

I love the picture at the top of the blog. What wonderful and exciting experiences Chad is having. He is doing a great job!