Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Botanichesky Ekat Branch enjoyed a picnic in the forest of Ekat...

This picture came from the McEvoy's blog. The first week in Botanichesky Yekaterinberg Elder Dewey enjoyed a wonderful zone conference with an opportunity to meet, and interview with Elder Larry H. Gibbons of the Seventy. In addition, Elder Dewey enjoyed a great picnic with the members of his new branch in Botanichesky Ekat. The branch celebrated the holiday March 8th (a holiday celebrating women) with a picnic in the forest of Ekat. They feasted on hot dogs and homemade sauerkraut, tossed the football, and went sledding. Looks soooo cold, but soooo FUN! You can go to the McEvoy's blog to read more and view additional pictures. Thanks McEvoys for making your mission come alive through your blog! We love all your wonderful pictures and descriptions of your mission life there in Yekaterinburg Russia!

(Elder Dewey is that tall guy in the very back on the end with the hood.)

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