Monday, March 30, 2009

Elder Chad Dewey's New Sister- In Law...Brittney Dewey

BJ and Brit Dewey
married March 27th 2009

We miss you Chad!We had a few visitor's from the past drop by for pictures!
Britt's adorable brother's
Grandpa Beus with Skylar and Samantha

Grandma Beus with Braydn, Taryn and Skylar

These two were looking pretty good until...

these two came along...Grant (Brit's brother) and Samantha (BJ's cousin) danced the night away!

Bribed by her mother, Samantha danced her first dance with Grant and ended up on the dance floor the entire night! These two showed off some pretty amazing dance moves! By the end of the night Samantha forgot all about the hamster bribe...or did she?


Hilarious! (great job cousins!)

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The Wells Family said...

What a cute picture of the new couple. I miss your blog, but glad to see some pictures popped up here.