Monday, March 30, 2009

Elder Dewey Split down the middle of Asia and Europe...

(Pictures taken by Elder Holden...thanks for sharing!) Elder Dewey split down the middle of Europe and Asia

Elder Holden and Elder Dewey

Elder Holden took this picture for Sister Dewey of Elder Dewey giving the Russian fig.

Visa Trip to Helsinki Finland March 2009

Elder Dewey, Elder Holden, Elder Campbell, and Elder Stewart

Hey Everyone,
Here we go with yet another lame email. I forgot my planner at home so I am trying to remember what went on last week. After receiving your email with the wedding pictures my brain is not quite in the right frame of mind! After seeing the great pic’s its hard not to be homesick and wishing I could have been there to join in on the happy occasion and all the excitement. However, since I am on the other side of the world the pic's will have to suffice…UGH! It looks like the wedding turned out to be a great success and everyone looks happy. Congrats BJ and Brit! Job well done!! You two make a great couple!!
Well, my week will seem a bit hum -drum compared to your exciting week back at home, but here is a quick rundown - Monday, we had a really cool meeting with a man from Africa who speaks French. We watched a movie about Joseph Smith in French. I didn’t understand what was being said, but since I have seen the film so many times, it was fine. He even prayed in French…what a cool language! We answered some of his questions and from his response, he seems “golden”. He really enjoys reading the Book of Mormon and agrees that it supports the Bible. He is an amazing investigator! It is always uplifting and exciting to have the opportunity to teach a “golden” investigator! I have not quite recovered from the flu, it still seems to be hanging on a bit. I have also been trying to fight off a little homesickness. Man, those pictures really have me a bit homesick! It was great to see all the family in the pictures though. I sure wish I could have been there, I guess I've already said that...UGH! However, it was cool to talk to everyone before the "Big Day". I guess that could've added to the homesickness and being a tad trunky...haha. I'm sure I will pull myself out of it and recover quickly. haha! My comp, elder Mckenna also hit his two-year mark and we went to this place called Sundays to celebrate, it was pretty good. I had plov, which is a Russian rice dish. He will be headed for home in a few weeks. This will be my second companion I will have sent packing! Friday, we had a great meeting with a woman and her three girls. I gave the spiritual thought and then we had orange soda floats, which was great! We all had a good time. I really love the members here in my branch and I believe they like me as well, at least I hope they do! Haha! Sunday, we had our regular meetings and took sacrament to an older woman. We also met with the blind member again. He is a real nice guy and tells some pretty crazy stories. This morning we went to the Asia /Europe border…how many people can say they have been on two continents at the same time! After Internet, we are going to hit up subway. Anyway, sorry for the lame email I am just having a hard time this week. I really wish I could have been at the wedding...oh yeah, I already said that!!!

Have a great week!


Elder Dewey

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